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  1. Looking for Bagley Plugs...

    DB3 collection DB3 and others
  2. Looking for Bagley Plugs...

    brwnbass I have a pretty hefty collection of Bagleys... 180 some different colors of DB3, 140 colors of KB2, 90 colors of DB2, and about 75 colors of DB1.... have several other plugs also in different styles that are real tuff finds!!!!! I basically am looking for colors I don't have....
  3. hey guys I started collecting older Bagley plugs like DB1,2,3 and KB2..... if you have any you would like to get rid of or if you have some and would like to know the values of them please feel free to just give me a yell.... I started collecting them about 10 months ago and really enjoy collecting them....give me a yell if you have any you wanna get rid of!!! thanks!!!!!!!!
  4. 2017 TNBF Tournament Trail Schedule

    looks good to me.. hopefully I will get to fish some...
  5. Todays Reels

    i usually take all my reels off through the winter and take a couple of nights to clean and lube all my reels if i have used them or not through the year.... and let me tell ya it will take at least 6-8 hrs a night and sometimes 3 or 4 nights to get them all cleaned and lubed.......and of course i like taking them apart and tinkering on them......
  6. TNBF Tx #10 Watauga Results

    cold tournament fer sure!!!! the big fish i had was a smallmouth and not a largemouth.... but it dont matter anyways.... we still got it handed to us last night!!!! lol...
  7. TNBF #10 Watauga Weight Predictions

    well guys from my experiance up there last night i am gonna back off on my prediction and say 19lbs.... with a 5.5 lm big fish.....pretty slow up there!!!!
  8. TNBF #10 Watauga Sign Up

    need to get some of those cherokee and douglas boys to come on up and play!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. TNBF #10 Watauga Weight Predictions

    im gonna say 21lbs 5 oz and a 6.5lb LM for big fish!!!
  10. TNBF #10 Watauga Sign Up

    include flipperjig and tha bird...i think his name is 200 pro or something...lol
  11. Moonlites

    just a lil FYI for u guys i know that mr, moonlight is making some lights now that go in the rubrails of your boats....its in the beginning stages but he is working on it...actually think it has been installed on a couple boats around here,..... guess there will be more to come!!! just FYI
  12. Stren Microfuse Glacier Blue

    might find it on EBAY... they dont make it anymore
  13. Detailed boat

    vinegar and water will take those stains off.... dont know if i would use sandpaper on it...
  14. TNBF Tx#1 Cherokee Sign Up Page

    well boys after my partner 200ProXL (Bird) won the BFL sat on cherokee i guess we will have to throw our money in the pot and come on down.....
  15. TNBF Tx#1 Cherokee Sign Up Page

    i may have to work on this day now boys....so its questionable if me and tha bird will be there........ did i mention work sucks!!!!!!!