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  1. Trolling motor

    I've got a 12v tracker 50 tm 48lbs. Thrust. If anyone is interested make an offer. Really need to get it out of my basement local to jonesborough area
  2. TNBF #11 Douglas Lake

    I would have liked to give you my back seat, but I was able to pry my friend away from his wife today, haven't fished with him in a long time. We're headed to Cherokee. Good luck guys
  3. Gloves

    Bronzebackhunter put me on some Simms Gloves that are fingerless with the mitten flap, I can cast In them and they've also been good on cold days delivering the mail. The have some at Mahoneys, but I bought mine on amazon for about 30 bucks
  4. First Trip to Beech Creek

    Good day, I only fished there one time and zeroed, but it's a fun place to fish
  5. Beech creek help

    Holy crap! That's stuff of legends! Insane. I'm supposed to be off on Thursday and hope to go down there.
  6. Beech creek help

    I've Only fished it once and zeroed, but it's a cool place and I'll try it again. Glass boat is fine just be careful until you know the waterway. I'm sure someone with more experience will chime in with some help.
  7. TNBF Event #6 Douglas Night

    Anyone have an open seat tomorrow?
  8. Looking for larger baitcaster

    Back to live trout again.......
  9. Shelley's Rods

    That'll make a dang fine trout minnow rod.
  10. Skeeter

    #1 on ruining your night vision, I'm sick of getting blinded by people running them constantly while on plane, I personally am against them unless used very sparingly. Just my two cents
  11. Bomber long A

    Best bet would be the biggest mono that you can still cast it well with, but I throw jointed thunder sticks with braid and mono leader. You do have to bring it in very slowly though. I always got them to wake better by replacing the back treble with a bigger hook size
  12. Bomber long A

    My best luck has been in late fall early winter, slowly waking them in clear water lakes over points
  13. 2016 Classic

    Hey Ross, if it's slow and you get bored tomorrow, ask bob about his thoughts on Dolly Parton......you won't be disappointed! Good luck to everyone
  14. Fishing Line

    + 1 on your rod guides, that sounds weird having your spooled line break
  15. Fishing Line

    Sounds like you're looking for toughness, in my experience the toughest line with abrasion resistance and knot strength is straight mono P line, that being said I've gone to braid with floro leader for most situations.....,