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  1. Finally boated some on this water, caught 3 today, one punching and 2 on a senko. All small though, had 5 blow ups on a frog only hooked 2 and lost them both. Temps 70-72 and pretty stained. Only fished there twice without much success but this place is a blast to fish.
  2. Got one for ya pm me your number I’m in jonesborough
  3. Congrats on the new ride, I got a 179trx last fall. Nothing like a new boat!
  4. Works fine, Thanks guys! Y’all got here just in time I was sending it back tomorrow
  5. The one I had was too big for the slot, I know I’m probably a millinial, but I’m god awful at tech
  6. Thanks I’ll check that one out
  7. Looking for a breakdown net, anyone know a good brand to look at that stores at less than 3’?
  8. I ordered the hot maps platinum that I had on my gen2 touch and found it doesn’t work on the carbons, anyone know a navionics chip that works with carbon?
  9. Only fished one day with my uktrex but it’s amazing! Awesome when your launching/loading solo
  10. A relationship with bob is how a relationship with alcohol should be, it’s GREAT!!! ( on occasions) by the way I think ultrex is gonna change my life
  11. #1 I absolutely love mine, a little cheaper than the 100 mph and the leg zippers are nice to have, buy the 100 mph liner and you’ll be good in cold weather
  12. I just ordered a tr179 I looked at nitro and the model I would want there was only 17’ as opposed to the 179 being 18 1/2, I ordered the triton with everything I wanted included a spotlock TM(that I’m totally stoked for) and if I put all that on the nitro the slightly bigger boat probably wouldn’t be much more. That being said I really liked the z20, but I couldn’t do it because it’s important to me to store my boat in my garage and only have a 9’ door. I am trading in a 17’ nitro that I got great use out of and really enjoyed. I can’t wait for the new ride to come in in late august
  13. I’m in the exact same boat, I’m interested in any tips and techniques
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