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  1. Plus if you fish solo a lot like me it makes launching, tying on lures, fighting fish etc. so much easier
  2. I’d love to hit this one but my off days got changed to Friday, at least I get to fish on less crowded days
  3. Finally boated some on this water, caught 3 today, one punching and 2 on a senko. All small though, had 5 blow ups on a frog only hooked 2 and lost them both. Temps 70-72 and pretty stained. Only fished there twice without much success but this place is a blast to fish.
  4. Got one for ya pm me your number I’m in jonesborough
  5. Congrats on the new ride, I got a 179trx last fall. Nothing like a new boat!
  6. Works fine, Thanks guys! Y’all got here just in time I was sending it back tomorrow
  7. The one I had was too big for the slot, I know I’m probably a millinial, but I’m god awful at tech
  8. Thanks I’ll check that one out
  9. Looking for a breakdown net, anyone know a good brand to look at that stores at less than 3’?
  10. I ordered the hot maps platinum that I had on my gen2 touch and found it doesn’t work on the carbons, anyone know a navionics chip that works with carbon?
  11. Only fished one day with my uktrex but it’s amazing! Awesome when your launching/loading solo
  12. A relationship with bob is how a relationship with alcohol should be, it’s GREAT!!! ( on occasions) by the way I think ultrex is gonna change my life
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