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  1. Congrats on the new ride, I got a 179trx last fall. Nothing like a new boat!
  2. Works fine, Thanks guys! Y’all got here just in time I was sending it back tomorrow
  3. The one I had was too big for the slot, I know I’m probably a millinial, but I’m god awful at tech
  4. Thanks I’ll check that one out
  5. Looking for a breakdown net, anyone know a good brand to look at that stores at less than 3’?
  6. I ordered the hot maps platinum that I had on my gen2 touch and found it doesn’t work on the carbons, anyone know a navionics chip that works with carbon?
  7. Only fished one day with my uktrex but it’s amazing! Awesome when your launching/loading solo
  8. A relationship with bob is how a relationship with alcohol should be, it’s GREAT!!! ( on occasions) by the way I think ultrex is gonna change my life
  9. #1 I absolutely love mine, a little cheaper than the 100 mph and the leg zippers are nice to have, buy the 100 mph liner and you’ll be good in cold weather
  10. I just ordered a tr179 I looked at nitro and the model I would want there was only 17’ as opposed to the 179 being 18 1/2, I ordered the triton with everything I wanted included a spotlock TM(that I’m totally stoked for) and if I put all that on the nitro the slightly bigger boat probably wouldn’t be much more. That being said I really liked the z20, but I couldn’t do it because it’s important to me to store my boat in my garage and only have a 9’ door. I am trading in a 17’ nitro that I got great use out of and really enjoyed. I can’t wait for the new ride to come in in late august
  11. I’m in the exact same boat, I’m interested in any tips and techniques
  12. Anybody know any other website than eBay that may have some good buys on a HDS 9 or 12 with the head unit only? Would like a gen 2 touch to match my 7, thanks for any info
  13. Oh yeah the trx 20 had more than enough room on the front deck I'm looking at a 179 in the near future and I think two people up front shouldn't be a problem on it even. I've got a 17' nitro and don't have much of an issue parallel cranking with two people up front on it
  14. Anybody got an open seat, I've never fished this lake
  15. Put me in for now solo, I won't know for sure if I'm off till tomorrow evening
  16. Thanks for that info guys, got a raise at work and I'm eyeing a 179
  17. So on my lake Fork trip I was chatting with the guide about possibly buying a new triton soon, he told me that he heard that after bass pro bought the company, and was planning to eventually do away with Triton boats and he recommended going on another direction saying that a triton would lose a lot of resale value because of the brand being discontinued. Anybody heard these rumors and does anyone agree with what he said about resale value? Just curious
  18. Fuses are good, and tried the unit at the back and it worked so it's no that I'm peobably gonna try reworking the whole thing next week
  19. thanks just cleaned them and still nothing...😩
  20. Can't get power to my unit up front, checked all connections and everything is good, could the power cord have gone bad? Anyone ever hear of this happening?
  21. I'm out. Gotta work Saturday, good luck to everybody
  22. Put pitchin pigs in for now with partner, won't know till late next week I think I'd make a good seat filler in that thing
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