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  1. catchemall

    River kayaking??

    Thanks for all the replies I'd like To go with someone the first time if anyone would like to go I'm not too sure of the area. Let me know Thanks again
  2. catchemall

    River kayaking??

    Man I've just been dying to get on this river it dont matter Kingsport or wherever I just haven't fished the north fork in so long and I've heard most of the old place I used to put in and out got blocked off because of trouble. So I'd like to go with someone who has done this area lately since its been so long
  3. catchemall

    River kayaking??

    Does anyone know of any good places to put in at and take out on the north fork? Mendoza or Kingsport or wherever nowhere do you guys go I'm dying to float this river and do some smallie fishing. It's why I bought my kayak but I don't know where I can put in at Thanks
  4. catchemall

    cherokee 5-18 weight predictions

    I think it'll take 11.91 to win and mayle will win big fish. Lol
  5. catchemall


    hello all, its good to find another new site to check out. if anyone has any questions just holler. later