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  1. Paul Krew custom baits

  2. Paul Krew custom baits

    https://www.facebook.com/109695125902939/photos/?tab=albums they seem a little pricey but they look good; thoughts?? most of the time if I want to put a twist on my soft plastic; I go with green pumpkin and a spike-it dye pen from Wal Mart. I can get all kinds of cool colors out of that four pack of pens
  3. whopper plopper

    Mountainman and trackertxw175 I think I might just keep it and try it out, even if I get tired of cranking it....oh well I could always just stop it on a pause.
  4. whopper plopper

    Has anybody used them? I bought one to try to find out what all the fuss was about, just don't know when I will get to throw it. Working a lot of OT and now deer season is coming on. What do I do with my time off; fish or hunt? Then there is that whole family time thing......joke.
  5. Wacky Neko Rig

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/25ea-1-8oz-Gr-Pumpkin-Screw-Lock-Shakey-Head-Jigs-/272336213769?hash=item3f6880d709:g:ANkAAOxygj5SjPcY you can get 25 shakey heads here for a reasonable price.
  6. Wacky Neko Rig

  7. Just ordered from tackle warehouse

    Well took my 12 year old Tuesday afternoon to try the zman stuff on Patrick Henry; only day I had to go this week. It was hotter than blue blazes! He had a hulastickz on a Nichols Screwball Shakey Head and managed to catch a 17 1/2" smallie. He had a few more hits but never hooked up again. I hooked up on a largemouth in the 5-6lb range in about 2' of water he got wrapped up in a tree and well...... you know what they say about the big ones! LOL. Two bluegills, red eye, and a few dinks. As far as the hulastickz goes; I didn't have any trouble getting them on the corkscrew. I pinched them up before I put it on the corkscrew. Same for the hook point, I would leave it barely under the skin. We both used one hulastickz all day and they both where no worse for ware. I'm going to try to go back Monday night. Going to try some of the other stuff. One thing about the popping shad, I wished I would have got the 5" instead of the 3" just think it would be better......you know what they say about size.......oh well I've made a short shad work for nearly fourty years now LOL So far; I have little complaint about the zman stuff.......but we will just say it's under further review!
  8. Just ordered from tackle warehouse

    Yeah for sure a low move by zman but that chatterbait sure gets slammed by bucket mouths. I fish with them a lot and have bought other bladed jigs and that fixed head seems to just bulldog through anything leading to reaction strikes off the defection. I am hopeful that the popping shad will do good. To be able to throw that thing anywhere and basically fish it like a scum frog and a popper combined really gets me excited.
  9. Just ordered from tackle warehouse

    GlitterRocket is that the deal where they took the chatterbait? Brozeback and tracker I guess I'll try them. I know that pop'n shad has a hook slot on top. They're scheduled to be here Monday so I hope to have a report.
  10. Just ordered from tackle warehouse

    restocking the Beavers as well as some spinnerbaits. but what I'm most excited about is trying the popping shad from zman. Anyone used it yet? also ordered the hulastickz to try a modified version of the ned rig. one more thing the lizardz and the streakz from zman to try C-rigging. love the fact that zman stuff is so buoyant. again anybody using this stuff or have I wasted my money?