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  1. jrnyldo

    Tshirts for Sale

    When I click the link, it shows the picture. Anyone know how to actually put the picture in the body of the message?
  2. I have Tshirts for sale. Great gift idea for your fishing or relative. I have Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and 2 XL. All shirts are $16.95except the 2XL. The are $19.95. Paypal only. Shipping is free. PM Me with any questions or if you are interested in ordering. arminacastshirt.bmp
  3. Got my partner so we'll be there. What time should we be there to pay and get in the water by blastoff?
  4. Sign me up, +1. I should be able to make it no problem, I just need to see if I can get a partner to fish.
  5. jrnyldo

    Tournament #2 Douglas 4/13 sign-up

    Topwater and I will be there. He messaged me last week and will be fishing out of the back of my baot. I look forward to meeting all of you.
  6. jrnyldo

    Tournament #2 Douglas 4/13 sign-up

    I'd like to fish it and Topwater, if you still don't have a partner, I have a backseat available. Send me a message if you are still interested.
  7. My name is Bob Payne. My wife and I recently purchased a house on Douglas Lake and are in the process of moving from Ohio to Tennessee. We should be moved completely by the end of June. I love to Fish and Bass is my illness. There is no cure. I am trying to put together a club around Dandridge and need at least 6 members. More would be desireable.