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  1. It’s vastly different fishing than Florida, I can say that for sure. Not much grass here and 8 feet is shallow water
  2. The water is not terribly clear in Farragut . Loudon is typically a greenish/brown in summer and fairly murky in winter. You also will find almost no grass in Farragut, although there’s some way up river and back in a few coves. People use all three types of line here, I like mono
  3. I fish up in the rivers full of grass a lot, that plug doesn’t like floating veg. my buddies do ok with the tiny models for smallmouth
  4. Well you can have mine then! Haha I prefer a buzzbait. I’ve wasted more than enough time with the whopper plopper
  5. I’ve thrown one on Loudon for 1.5 years and zeroed. Actually haven’t even gotten a hit
  6. I’ve got enough to last a few years! Thanks for everything Doug
  7. I mostly fish rivers and Loudon/tellico which never turns over so I have no good advice other than what @Tubejig said, keep the lure wet as long as possible
  8. I had an inflatable kayak that I enjoyed but I left it in the shed to long and the critters got to it
  9. Loudoun is solid milfoil above and below downtown a ways
  10. rusty50576


    There must be some reason. Maybe they could have grabbed onto a logjam that was stuck on the barrier
  11. rusty50576


    This is the second year in a row a boat has went over the dam and drowned multiple people. They should try a barrier like this....
  12. rusty50576

    Line age

    Kept inside the spools should be fine. UV seems to be what gets them
  13. Got my order last night. Excellent work as always. Pretend you never saw the bait on the bottom.......
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