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  1. rusty50576

    Terminator shudder bait

    It's awesome right up until you get to the cash register
  2. rusty50576

    Loose connector Bird 1198

    Sounds like a job for my favorite thing ever..... Black tape!!! Don't do that unless you want to look extra redneck like me. I would say maybe replace the cables but that may not improve things if the female receptor is the problem
  3. rusty50576

    Drop shot for trout

    Like tracker said I have always heard missed dropshot bites are usually because of the knot. I will also throw out there that a trout is a nibbling bait stealing sum b
  4. rusty50576

    Fuel treatment/additives

    Forgot to add mine is 50 hp 4 stroke
  5. rusty50576

    Fuel treatment/additives

    “Straight gas (cash) homie “ - randy moss haha
  6. rusty50576

    Bladed jigs

    I have finally been doing some damage with a bladed jig fishing the milfoil in downtown Knoxville. I got one about 3 lb LM with the OG z man black and blue with craw trailer . Then I got some handmade baits that work even better! I have pictures of the fish and baits but it says I have posted too many pics to this website
  7. rusty50576

    2010 Basscat Sabre FTD

    Wow. That looks sharp! (And fast)
  8. rusty50576

    Tennessee Tickets

    I have a silly wedding to attend, otherwise I would jump on it like a duck on a jubebug. Weather will be perfect
  9. rusty50576

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    I figure if I get it in america at least an American is getting paid to hang it on the pegboard
  10. rusty50576

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    I’ve heard they are but I would rather patronize a store in America
  11. rusty50576

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    I’ll give it a whirl! Thanks fellas. Anyone tried the strike king rage blade???
  12. rusty50576

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    Aw man! No wonder I suck with them. I suck with spinner bait almost as bad
  13. rusty50576

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    Do you throw them in open water? Steady retrieve? I have been fishing grass with them and it’s not working. Everyone seems to say throw them into vegetation and keep them away from logs
  14. rusty50576

    Jack hammer bladed jig

    I’m still 0fer lifetime on bladed jigs, I’ll have to learn a lot more before I pay 10-15 bucks for one .
  15. rusty50576

    How to get fall schoolies fired up

    Tough question, maybe back off and shut off the sonar, make some long casts?