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  1. It acts like a slinky on spinning gear for me. I much prefer mono
  2. Number one: I would never be able to afford it number two: I can already see tons of fish on down imaging. I don’t think I need to see them in real time for any reason I seem to think Walters could have found those fish, realized they weren’t eating the swimbait, and then switched to a jerkbait with any electronics (especially side imaging). Might have taken a little longer but if you aren’t getting bit, might as well try another lure
  3. It’s vastly different fishing than Florida, I can say that for sure. Not much grass here and 8 feet is shallow water
  4. The water is not terribly clear in Farragut . Loudon is typically a greenish/brown in summer and fairly murky in winter. You also will find almost no grass in Farragut, although there’s some way up river and back in a few coves. People use all three types of line here, I like mono
  5. I fish up in the rivers full of grass a lot, that plug doesn’t like floating veg. my buddies do ok with the tiny models for smallmouth
  6. Well you can have mine then! Haha I prefer a buzzbait. I’ve wasted more than enough time with the whopper plopper
  7. I’ve thrown one on Loudon for 1.5 years and zeroed. Actually haven’t even gotten a hit
  8. I’ve got enough to last a few years! Thanks for everything Doug
  9. I mostly fish rivers and Loudon/tellico which never turns over so I have no good advice other than what @Tubejig said, keep the lure wet as long as possible
  10. I had an inflatable kayak that I enjoyed but I left it in the shed to long and the critters got to it
  11. Loudoun is solid milfoil above and below downtown a ways
  12. rusty50576


    There must be some reason. Maybe they could have grabbed onto a logjam that was stuck on the barrier
  13. rusty50576


    This is the second year in a row a boat has went over the dam and drowned multiple people. They should try a barrier like this....
  14. rusty50576

    Line age

    Kept inside the spools should be fine. UV seems to be what gets them
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