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    River fishing

    I fished holston Under that bridge yesterday evening (stayed literally under it for a while because of the downpour. ) we caught some tiny smallmouth and sunfish on crankbait, hair jig, and inline spinner. it’s pretty tough sledding right there this year. I did get a sauger and a drum trolling after my buddies left right before dark. There are big fish in the area, but they are pretty smart I guess. Maybe try Fishing as deep as you can out in the middle of the deep holes, there are some humps and sharp ledges here and there. Do you have a depth finder on the kayak? Also just remembered if you were fishing the holston in the morning, I’m guessing the water was raging so that makes it a lot tougher. Spinnerbaits jerkbaits and loud topwater seems better during generation
  2. rusty50576

    Berkley max scent

    Hahah! It is foul
  3. rusty50576


    I’ve never been there but they typically gather under the grass mats midday where I fish down south. Frog or heavy sinker seems to be the trick
  4. rusty50576

    Berkley max scent

    Gulp will get me bites in the dead of winter when nothing else seems to. I miss winter already......
  5. rusty50576

    Ned rig

    I havent tried the elaztech material but I have been known to rip a worm to shreds and throw it into orbit from frustration after 15-20 attempts to get them to hang straight! A lot of the videos I have seen of people fishing the ned, the worm isn’t straight when they show the bait but they just fish it anyway. I just use small portions of a variety of floating soft plastics on cheaper jigheads. Even still I try to rig them weedless, hard to fish bottom with exposed hooks in the crazy current near me.
  6. rusty50576

    Pencil popper

  7. rusty50576

    Mercury Motors

    My Merc 4 stroke is a pain but it's mostly bevsuse there aren't any parts available. It's a 2008 50 hp 4 stroke and apparently they didn't make many. Powerhead is fine but people have a hard time doing any work on it. Mechanics mostly say they have never seen them except in salt water
  8. rusty50576

    Bladed jigs

    I'm still 0fer lifetime with a chatterbait
  9. rusty50576

    Weight Prediction

    1729.00 currently
  10. rusty50576

    Weight Prediction

    Ha! Maybe took a shot of jj’s magic
  11. rusty50576

    Weight Prediction

    Hahahaha. I've still never been there but you always hear about 20+ bags but everyone you talk after coming back from soho is talking about 1-2 small fish or blanking
  12. rusty50576


    Thanks again guys, I always use either 8-10 lb mono. Might get out for another experiment after work tomorrow
  13. rusty50576


    Went again last night and caught 2! With a crank! Heck of it was they both bit with 2 ft of line out after the bait had already come off the bottom and was about to hit the boat. Also I ran up the holston thinking I could crank up smallmouth on some flats. The two I caught were a walleye and largemouth, that's what I get for thinking!!!
  14. rusty50576


    Thanks for all the advice guys, probably going again today to try after work. Had to jig up some white bass yesterday just to feel a fish
  15. rusty50576


    Went cranking last night with this thread in mind. Kept my boat on the bank and banged the lure off every log rock and rip rap in the TN river, 3 hrs no fish. Picked up a Shakey head and got a bite immediately. I wish I could say this was the first time this has happened. I was quite frustrated until Johnny paycheck "Colorado Kool aid" came on my Bluetooth speaker
  16. rusty50576


    Doesn’t sound crazy to me, I’m in the same boat. I catch some with them but not many. I have a lot more luck with lipless
  17. rusty50576

    Football jigs

    If you ever want to break the curse, try swimming one through that eel grass type stuff that grows in the holston river in the late summer/early fall. Or of course flip them under docks!
  18. rusty50576

    Football jigs

    Surely you jest. They work in clear water too. And everything in between
  19. rusty50576

    New boat

    Now that's my kind of boat! Congrats! Take that baby up above rankin bridge mid/late summer and throw some big lures and hang on
  20. rusty50576

    Football jigs

    You probably need to have me test those out for you ..........
  21. rusty50576

    Damiki Technique

    A tiny tube jig works for me sometimes when I mark one or two on the bow graph
  22. rusty50576

    Damiki Technique

    I'm guessing the fish are just getting used to it like every other tactic. Good news is they still eat rattle traps spinnerbaits and plastic worms and they have for 50+ yrs
  23. rusty50576


    Doug makes swimbaits that catch the crap out of them. I have to reload frequently. The key to me is the paddle tail and how well it thumps especially at slow speeds. The old sassy shads still work too
  24. rusty50576

    New “boat”. LOL

    Sweet! Congrats. Those things get great gas mileage and the trailer wheel bearings rarely go out
  25. rusty50576

    Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Sweet ride. 4 stroke is also never cold