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  1. Welcome. I met him yesterday getting off the lake at douglas and he is a real nice guy. enjoy that new boat.
  2. I was reading over on BBC about onboard chargers and if I have to replace mine I will probably go with one like this one here. the brand is NOCO and they are small, cheap and everyone that has one talks great about them and that is the brand that Phoenix bass boats put on their boat. they also have a 3 bank charger.
  3. I love it I was thinking the same thing.
  4. what is a dinger? is it like a fluke? if it is like a fluke then i run my hook completely out of it and then pinch some of the plastic back over the tip of the hook. I have a buddy who runs the hook completely out of the fluke and makes sure the hook is laying right against the back of the fluke. and what is a sooie?
  5. me and a buddy was fishing Norris and he had just set the hook and broke off in a fish right as I cast my shakey head out and before he could get another jig out of his box i set the hook and reeled in a little 12" spot and I held it up and said you are not going to believe this that hungry little fish had his jig in it's mouth. I bet 30 seconds had not passed in between hook sets. that fish did not get spooked he was just hungry and that jig stuck in his mouth did not deter him from hitting the next thing that swam in front of him. So i would think that whether they are actively feeding has alot to do with how soon they are willing to take another chance on dinner. I agree that fish have very small brains and do not respond the same way to pain.
  6. Tobias

    Red Line???

    I read an article that actually said red is the first color to disappear in the water it becomes invisible in just a few feet can't remember the actual depth.
  7. this is not cleaning but wipe down the inside of your guide seats with a cotton ball and see if you have any rough edges or burrs that could damage your line.
  8. I agree I was thinking the same thing when I saw it. It looks very sharp!!
  9. Tobias


    I remember reading that thread. he definately has strong opinions.
  10. I normally use red/clear/red glass combo for no other reason then that is what my dad always used. You get a large supply of beads for cheap at a hobby store or dollar tree. my daughter got a little kit to make bracelets and things and that thing has enough beads to last me for 10-15 years.
  11. Hey everybody. I usually fish douglas for LM and SM(recently I have caught more SM than LM there) but I fish most of the lakes here in east tn throughout the year. I want to do some more crappie and walleye fishing this year. I have some friends from work that have boats but I usually take my 12 year old son. He is getting better and better and will probably be out fishing me before too long. Looking forward to contributing to this site.
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