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  1. Dang, that sounds like a case of Alcohol Abuse to me.
  2. cb76

    To net or not to net?

    I have a net in the boat but about 90% of the time I am fishing by myself and don't bother to try to use it. Yeah, I have lost a few that way but it is hard to use a net with one hand and hold the rod with the other.
  3. cb76

    Dicks Sporting Goods

    Hey Bandit, when you get ready to go and try out that fly rod just give me a hollar. We can go and break it in right.
  4. cb76

    2011 Fishing Resolutions

    Dang, don't know how this got posted twice????
  5. cb76

    2011 Fishing Resolutions

    I am with you on some of your habits. I am bad to go to the same lake when I go out by myself and fish the same old spots. Lately without much luck. One thing that I will say that I don't do is run the trolling motor alot. I hit my spots and fish them it alot. I guess one thing that attributes to that is I am just too lazy to tie something else on and go elsewhere. Maybe during the new year I will hit some different lakes, boone being one of them seing that I am about 8 miles from the tva ramp. Patrick Nenry is just so easy for me to put in by myself and get parked that that is where I always go. That has got change, am tired of catching "NOTHING". Maybe this year will be a change for us all. I hope to see posts of boat loads of fish, keepers, and everyone having a great time on the water. Best of luck ot everyone and a Happy New Year to all. Load em up.
  6. Can't even make it to the truck for the ice in the driveway. The road going down hill is a solid sheet of ice. Looks like I will be here for a while.

  7. Gonna be time to switch to trout fishing on the fly rod for the winter months.

  8. cb76


  9. cb76

    tackle boxes

    I use one of those large Plano plastic tackle boxes with about 5 slide outs, an area to store spinner baits, and a big storage space on top. The bad thing is the place on top is so full that I don't really know what is in it with out dumping most of the stuff out.
  10. cb76

    Battery update

    Just an update on the batteries that I reconditioned back in June. As my earlier post stated I poured out the old acid/water mix and put in some epsom salt and distilled water and let it sit over night and added new acid. The batteries came back from the "dead" and took and held a charge. One of the batteries was better than the other one from day one when I bought them. This is still the case but they still take a full charge and hold it for a days worth of fishing on the lake. I keep them plugged up to the onboard charger and about once a week I go and unplug them to keep them from boiling dry (which I have heard that isn't supposed to happen but it does). After about 3 days I go back and plug them back up for another round to keep them from going "dead" like they did before. So far so good so I will continue to keep up the cycle and hope for the best.
  11. Congratulations to all who placed and to all that fished. That sounds like my kind of day of fishing anywhere lately.
  12. cb76

    Ethanol in gas

    There is a station down about 3 miles from my house that says "No Ethanol". I get my gas there for the boat and the lawn mower and I still add marine sta-bil just to be on the safe side. Will have to change my plugs to NGK's though. I think that I have champions right now.
  13. cb76

    SF Big Dog's New Ride

    Nice, very nice looking boat.
  14. Ready to get back to the good ole USA even if I have o go back to work.

  15. Well, let me be the first one to break the ice in this forum. I have never been in a kayak but a friend of mine bought one and uses it to fish the river. He has been using it mostly in the North Fork of the Holston. According to him this is a blast and I was wander if anyone on here has done this. I might be interested in trying this but like I said I have never been one. The closest that I have been to one was in a canoe many years ago when I was in the scouts. I am considering one but don't give a hoot about any fancy white water adventures or rolling one or anything like that. What I am looking for is one that is stable (I would hate to take a plunge with an insulin pump on as that would be the end of that) and not too outragously expensive. Just wandering if anyone has had any experience with them.