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  1. Saturday March 7 starts the new season of the TNBassfishing Trail. Come out and fish with us!!

  2. Don't forget TX#9 on Boone Saturday. It is our last night tournament of the year.

  3. Even though I love my children more than anything, sometimes I find myself envious of animals that eat their young!!!! The last month has not been enjoyable.


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    2. trackertxw175
    3. GlitterRocket


      yep, sometimes ya just want to pinch their little heads off....

    4. trackertxw175


      You pay them back by waiting for them to have kids lol

  4. Sign up for the tournament should start around 5:15 and will be cut off at 6:15. We will blast no later than 6:30 so try to make plans to be there early enough to sign in and get in the water. Look for the black ford dually pulling the black and gold Triton.

  5. The next site tournament is fast approaching! Don't forget to sign up in the tournament forum. We hope to see you all out there! Douglas Lake at the Dandridge ramp SL to 3pm. Get there early to sign up the ramps are always crowded this time of year.

  6. Please Keep in mind TVA ramp in the spring is a busy place. We will be blasting off at safe light. Sign up will stop at 6:30am with blast off at 6:40 to 6:45 based on todays sunrise. Please make sure you arrive in time to get in the water. Sign-up should begin around 5:30am.

  7. Tomorrow is suppose to be mid 60's with scattered clouds. The weather should be perfect for spring fishing. Good luck to all fishing the classic. I hope you guys slay the fish. Make sure someone takes some pics.

  8. Feb 15 SOHO TX is CANCELLED due to weather.

  9. Guys don't forget the site tournament on SoHo February 15th. I hope a bunch of you all can make it out. That lake gives up some big smallies this time of year. Sign up in the 2014 tornament forum!!!

  10. Anybody going fishing in the morning?

    1. trackertxw175


      tried to go today but couldn't get cover off boat.back to work tomorrow

  11. The last TNBF tournament of the year is next weekend!!!! Be sure to signup and come out and fish with us!!! Hope to see you all there!!

  12. I think if you shoot a spammer you should get an award instead of jail time.

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    2. BulletDeuce


      +1 why the heck do we have moderators who haven't been on the site in years?

    3. SJK


      I agree BD, changes are coming soon!

    4. Mountainman


      Way to go SJK! Your spam blocking abilities are outstanding!

  13. The Turtle Lives and should be back in a month or so!!!! YEEEHAWW!!!

    1. BulletDeuce


      Please censor yourself while on pain meds.....we might end up with some rather interesting posts.

    2. Mountainman
    3. tnsmallmouth



  14. Tomorrow is tx #2 on the TNBassfishing Trail!!!! Let the smack talking begin!!

    1. BulletDeuce


      Talk is cheap!!!

    2. alumacraft09


      we dont have douglas pros with us.

  15. Only 5 more days till the douglas tournament. Hope to see you fellas out there. It should be a fun tournament with the warmer temps we are getting this week.

  16. Don't forget to sign up for the first site tournament of the year!!March 23 on Boone Lake

  17. Tomorrow is the day!! See you fellas at Fall Creek. I should be there no later than 6. Going to try to blast at 6:45!!!

  18. Ready for thr tournament trail to kick off!!!!Only 11 days till the TNBF classic!!

    1. BulletDeuce


      Only 11 days until someone gets Crowned Classic Champs or Chumps! It's all about the banner.

    2. trackertxw175


      calling for 35mph winds 3-2-13 according to accuweather. should be interesting

    3. alumacraft09


      I will really be able to throw that bobber that day

  19. Anyone seen the water at Boone? How muddy is it?

    1. BulletDeuce


      You can cut the mud with a knife.

  20. Happy New year to all you guys!

  21. Tomorrow is the site tx on Cherokee. We hope to see you guys out there. We are blasting at SL frome 25E. This is our final tx for the year.

  22. Final Site TX is Dec. 15 on Cherokee. Hope you guys can join us!!!!

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    2. trackertxw175


      a bird-dog like you need gps coordinates? lol

    3. BulletDeuce


      Good Luck to everyone! Gotta attend wifes graduation.

    4. blind hawg

      blind hawg

      Hope everybody has some good bags .

  23. SoHo Site tx tomorrow!!! SL to 3:00pm at Ob Knob. Hope you guys can make it!!!!

    1. trackertxw175


      see you at the ramp. everyone have a safe trip

  24. October 20th is the next site tournament on Cherokee. We would love to have you all come out and fish with us!!!

  25. See you all at the Dandridge ramp for the site tx Saturday night. It will be good to put a face with some of the names!

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