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  1. Our next tournament is fast approaching. It will be our second night tournament of the season. I hope to see you guys out there. We will be blasting from Ob Knob at 7:00pm. Please try to be signed up and in the water by 6:45 so we can blast on time. I will be handling the sign up so look for the white Tundra and the grey and orange Skeeter. 1. MtCarmelVolBug & Alumacraft09 2. trackertxw175 & spinflip 3. HDHOPPY & tnsmallmouth 4. Buckeye83 & Hatfield75 5. Rodknocker & triton173 6. Astro180 & JDV 7. 97astro 8. Bronzebackhuntr & wbc3 9.
  2. Our first night tournament proved to be a little tough to find a good bite. Even though it was a nice night to fish the pleasure boaters were out in full force. We almost got ran over by a boat that finally slowed down then decided to go between us and the bank we were fishing. All in all it was a good night fishing with some great guys. Here is how it shook out. 1. TNsmallmouth & HDhoppy………………..5 fish...…….11lbs 1.5oz...…….4lb 2.7oz BF 2. MtCarmelVolBug & Alumacraft09......4 fish...……..8lbs 14.4oz 3. RDThomas & Tim Tipton(g)……………...3 fish...……...8lbs 10.3oz 4. Jaybo2728 & RipnlipsTV…………………...3 fish...……..7lbs 14.3oz 5. TrackerTXW175 & Spinflip………………...3 fish...……..4lbs 15.8oz 6. Buckeye83 & Hatfield75...………………….3 fish...……...4lbs 10.7oz 7. Astro180 & JDV...………………………………..DNW 7. Triton196 & StratosRocket………………..DNW
  3. Sorry for the delay in posting. This was an interesting blast off to say the least. Between all the different tournaments and the guys that crashed on the ramp and blocking 2 of the 3 lanes blast off was crazy. We only ended up with 6 boats but there were plenty of boats on the lake. here is the run down. 1. 294Stratos & TritonJoe……………………....5 fish...…….14lbs 7.3oz 2. Jroller & Jwilliams69...………………………...5 fish...…….13lbs 2.8oz...…….4lb 2,5oz BF 3. MtCarmelVolBug & Alumacraft09...…..5 fish...……..9lbs 8.6oz 4. TNsmallmouth & HDHoppy………………...5 fish...……...6lbs 0oz 5. Stratosfaction & Jamie...…………………....DNW 5. Peck...…………………………………………………….DNW
  4. We are going to try to blast at 6:15. I will stop registration at 5:50. Please be there early and get your boats in the water. It will be crowded on Douglas tomorrow and I would like to try to get out before the rush. Look for my black F350 dually and grey and orange Skeeter🦟. I will have a tall work light on the front deck so you can spot me easily. Safe travels and I hope to see you all out there.
  5. After considering all the variables we have decided to move the blast off to the ramp at the dam. There were a lot of things we had to consider rain and rising water being one of those. It will also blast at safe light and end at 4 as scheduled. A night tournament this time of year in my opinion would be irresponsible on the tournament committee’s part. With the amount of trash floating we would be placing an extreme amount of risk on our members. It is hard enough to avoid some of the floating trash in the daytime, it would be virtually impossible in the dark. I hope everyone understands our decision and we hope to see you at the ramp Saturday morning. I will be there early to sign everyone up. Look for the grey and orange Skeeter 🦟. Thanks.
  6. Stop #2 for the TNBF trail is quickly approaching. We will be fishing Cherokee Lake for the second stop. We will be blasting from Boat Launch Road and fishing from safe light until 4pm. The long range forecast looks like the temps will be back up all next week which should make for some good spring fishing. We would love to see all you guys come out and fish with us. The pre-tournament banter and trash talkilng session begins early so make plans to be there early enough to enjoy and participate. I will post a sign up cut off time closer to the 16th so we have a somewhat accurate time to expect to blast. We want to make sure we have enough light to keep everyone safe as these lakes have acquired a lot of floating debris due to the flood waters coming down the rivers. Simply sign up on this thread before midnight on Friday March 15 to be eligible to draw for a blast off number. If you sign up you don't sign up on the thread you will automatically be placed at the end of the field. We Hope to see you all out there. It should be a good tournament. 1. MtCarmelTriton & Alumacraft09 2. HDHOPPY & tnsmallmouth 3. Trackertxw175 & spinflip 4. whj812 & Fishyjoe 5. Basskicker & Eric 6. Buckeye83 & Hatfield75 7. 354v & krk 8. 21triton & Skeeterboy 9. Tobybol & donnieshvac 10. Jigheadworm & Ktimbs 11. Xpressjet & jason16 12. beveret3 & TCBullet 13. Jamie & guest 14. Rodknocker & triton173 15. ramsey & Tonybull 16. Bassaddict92 & Randy Lane 17. Peck 18.
  7. The first tournament is in the books and I will have to say BassKicker and JigFlipper kicked more than just bass. We had 12 boats show up to brave the constant changing water levels and muddy water. out of the 12 boats only 3 came in with limits. BassKicker and JigFlipper topped the field with an impressive sack of fish. The scale lock in at 21lbs and 3.9oz. They also captured the big fish money with an incredible 7lb 2.0oz large mouth. Congratulations to those guys for one of the best bags I have seen on that lake. The rest of the line up is as follows: 1. BassKicker & JigFlipper……………..….5 fish...…….21lbs 3.9oz...…….7lbs 2.0ozBF 2. Xpressjet & Danny King(g)…..………..5 fish...…….12lbs 15.9oz 3. Stratosfaction & Jamie........…………..5 fish...…….11lbs 3.6oz 4. MtCarmelTriton & Mountainman…..3 fish...……. 8lbs 9.5oz 5. bstatum22 & Pheonix719...…………….3 fish...……. 5lbs 15.7oz 6. WHJ812 & FishyJoe………………………...2 fish...……. 5lbs 2.1oz 7. Buckeye83 & Hatfield75...……………….2 fish...……. 4lbs 15.7oz 8. HDhoppy & TNSmallmouth……………..2 fish...……. 4lbs 2.9oz 9. BulletDeuce & Promax...………………….1 fish...……. 3lbs 12.1oz 10. Astro180 & SmallieCrusher…………..1 fish...……. 2lbs 3.1oz 11. Peck...……………………………………………...1 fish...……. 1lbs 9.9oz 12. 294Stratos...…………………………………...DNW Thank You to everyone for coming out. We hope to see you at the next one.
  8. What was the the results on Boone today !

    sorry I missed it was sick Friday and today !!

    1. MtCarmelVolBug


      Results are posted now!!

  9. Sign up will cut off at 6:45am and we will blast at 7:00. Please try to arrive and sign up early enough for all of us to get in the water in order to blast on time. Thanks again for your support of TNBassfishing.com.
  10. Well it is that time of year again and time to start the 2019 tournament trail. Our first tournament will be held on Boone Lake at the TVA ramp on March 2nd. We hope you can all make it out. The first tournament is usually pretty exciting with everyone eager to get the year started. Sign up on this thread with your screen name and partner's name so we can add it to the list. Please don't forget to download the liability waiver and have it ready at sign in. We will draw for blast positions as we have done in the past. Before the event I will post what time we will close sign up's so that we can blast in a timely manner. Thank you all for supporting TNBF and we look forward to another fun year. Sign-up closing at 6:45am Blast at 7:00am (visibility permitting) 1. MtCarmelTriton & MountainMan 2. BulletDeuce & PromaX 3. Astro180 & Smalliecrusher 4. HDHOPPY & tnsmallmouth 5. Rodknocker & triton173 6. Buckeye83 & Hatfield75 7. whj812 & fishyjoe 8. 97astro & mcdaniel3332 9. bstatum22 & phoenix719 10. 294stratos & guest 11. Bowler300 12. Basskicker & jigflipper 13. Stratosfaction & Jamie 14. Ckgolf and smitty2516 15. XPRESSJET & partner 16.
  11. 2009 Triton 21 HP Pro Elite with a Mercury 250 Pro XS. Boat has been garage kept since I purchased it. It has a Lowrance HDS-10 at the bow, HDS-10 & 8 at the console, Fortex 101lb trolling motor, sonic hub, Sirius radio and weather, tandem axle trailer, break away tongue, surge brakes, and a Triton trailerable cover. Asking $30,000 OBO Contact Shannon at 423-817-1781
  12. There are no changes to the points system that was in place for the 2018 season. 1. Only members in good standing are eligible to receive points for the trail. 2. Points will be awarded as individual points. If two members fish an event as a team, both anglers will receive the points earned for that event. 3. Members will be drop their lowest two(2) tournament scores. This includes missed tournaments. 4. If 2 teams have the same total weight, points totals will be determined by who has the biggest fish. 5. At the end of the year, an "Angler Of The Year" list will be determined by points totals. Awards will be given to the top 6 individual places, or 3 teams. 6. In the event of a tie for "AOY", the tie-breaker will be determined by the biggest fish weighed in from the tied members throughout the year. If the tied members are teammates, no distinction will be made. The points system looks like this: Winner = 20points 2nd = 17 points 3rd = 16 points 4th = 15 points.......each place will drop one point until: 18th = 1 point....all finishers 18th or farther will be awarded 1 point. **Anglers are only eligible for these points if you weigh a fish in the tournament** Additionally, points will be awarded as follows: 10 points for participation will be added for every contestant who fishes the tournament. 2 bonus points will be awarded for Big Fish 1 bonus point will be awarded for each fish weighed in(if you have 5 fish, you get 5 bonus points. 3 fish, 3 bonus points, etc.) There will be a total of 10 points tournaments, 1 non-points tourney and 1 trail Classic in 2018.
  13. This completed form will be a required of all anglers and co-anglers, that participate in any TNBassFishing.com tournament. Please download, print, sign, and returned to a TNBF Tournament Official at Tournament Registration. Only one form per calendar year needs to be completed. By signing the form, you also agree that you have read and understand the 2017 TNBF Tournament Rules. If you do not have the means to download and print, a form can be obtained from a TNBF Tournament Official when registering and paying tournament dues. Thanks! 2019ReleaseForm.docx
  14. The following rules are in place and will apply for the entire 2019 tournament season. PLEASE NOTE: By participating in any TNBF event, participant assumes all liabilities. TNBF.com will NOT be held responsible for any damages, losses or other violations incurred during an event. A liability release form is required by all participants prior to competing in any TNBF event. 1. Coast Guard approved PFD's must be worn at all times the boat is on plane. 2. Kill switches must be attached to driver at all times the boat is on plane. 3. No more than a 6 fish limit can be in possession anytime there are 2 participants in one boat. If fishing alone, state possession limits apply & only 5 fish may be in possession at any time. Only 5 fish shall be transported back to the weigh in site. NO culling at the ramp. All culling must be done on the lake before your boat is loaded onto the trailer 4. All participants MUST be at the ramp PRIOR to the tournament start time to check in & draw a blast off number; no late starts will be allowed. If you do not sign up for the tournament on the web site prior to tourney day, you will be added to the blast off order on a first come, first serve basis. Trailering from the tournament launch site to any other ramp/launch after check in is not permitted. 5. At least 1 angler per boat MUST be a member in good standing on TNBassFishing.com and MUST have been a registered member with the web site PRIOR to tournament day. 6. TNBassFishing.Com reserves the right to deny entry into any tournament. 7. Lake size limits will be enforced with a minimum size limit of 12" on spotted bass. If no limit on largemouth and smallmouth are noted then a minimum of 12" will be the minimum size requirement of each species. 8. No dead fish or short fish will be allowed to be weighed in. 9. Consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, prior to and during tournament hours, is prohibited. 10. Live wells will be inspected in the parking lot at registration by tournament committee members prior to blast off. The blast off boat(s) will be the highest drawing tournament committee member's boat. During blast off, all competitor boats will IDLE SLOWLY past the blast off boat. The area immediately surrounding the blast off boat is considered a NO WAKE ZONE! 11. Any protests need to be made to a tournament committee member within 30 minutes of weigh-in completion. Protestors will be asked to sign a written statement presenting their claim. 12. A tournament committee will consist of one or more current members of the TNBF Tournament Committee and/or present TNBF Administrators and/or Moderators; any decisions made by the Tournament Committee are final. 13. A minimum of 5 tournaments fished will qualify a member for the Classic event in December 2019. Participants who have fished 4 events will have the option to "buy in" to the Classic. Only those qualified may fish in the classic. You do not have to stay through weigh in however you must begin the tournament in order to be classified as a participant. 14. All participants shall observe high standards of ethics, sportsmanship and personal conduct. They shall obey all of the laws, and the authorities having jurisdiction in the tournament area. Any contestant caught cheating will be immediately & permanently disqualified from any and all TNBassFishing.com events. 15. All competitors must check in with tournament officials at the official check-in site by the announced finish time. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of .50 pounds per minute. Tardiness of 15 minutes or more will result in disqualification and total loss of weight. No Exceptions. 16. All ties will be determined first by the number of fish weighed, then the biggest fish weighed in, and then by the flip of a coin. 17. Tournament entry fee for 2018 will be $40. $5 goes to Big Fish pot & $5 goes toward Classic pot. Payout will be based on participation and we will pay out 1 place for every 7 boats. 18. In the interest of safety, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to delay or cancel blast off due to weather. 19. Only artificial lures with the exception of pork trailers may be used. All bass must be caught in a legal sporting manner, NO SNAGGING. Only one (1) rod may be used at any time. No trolling is allowed. 20. All participants MUST have a functional weigh bag. All fish must be carried in this weigh bag from participants livewell to the weigh table & from weigh table to release the fish. Fish not in weigh bags will NOT be weighed. Fish care is very important to us. After weighing your fish they are to be released in a humane and ethical fashion. Anyone caught mishandling fish could be disqualified and asked not to fish in other events.
  15. After trying to schedule around other events and tournaments we finally have a schedule for the trail. We tried to spread them around the area and over the calendar. I think we managed to get a good variety. As each event is posted we will post the cut off time to pay, draw a boat number, and launch the boats to make sure we have an on-time blast off. Thank you to everyone that participated last year and we hope this year is even bigger. If you enjoyed the trail please help us spread the word. The entry fees will remain the same as last year($40) with $30 going to places, $5 going to the big fish pot, and $5 going to the classic. The angler of the year points will remain the same for 2019. A new waiver will need to be signed and presented at the first tournament you attend. It will be available on the website shortly and we will also have some at sign-in. Below is the schedule with the green tournaments being day time, blue being night time, and the red is a non-points tournament that will count toward classic qualification. 3/2/19 Boone Lake TVA Ramp SL-4 3/16/19 Cherokee Lake Boat Launch Road SL-4 4/13/19 South Holston Ob Knob SL-4 5/4/19 Ft. Patrick Henry Warriors Park SL-4 5/18/19 Douglas Lake Dandrige SL-4 6/15/19 Cherokee Lake Quarryville 7-3 Night 7/20/19 South Holston ObKnob 7-3 Night 9/7/19 Douglas Lake Dandrige 7-3 Night 10/5/19 Boone Lake TVA Ramp 7-3 Night 11/2/19 Cherokee Lake Boat Launch SL-4 11/29/19 CherokeeLake 25E SL-4 Black Friday non-points 12/7/19 TNBF Classic TBD SL-4 The rules and regulations will for the most part remain the same as previous years, however, there will be a few changes this year based off suggestions from the participants. We try our best to listen and make changes that we feel have validity. 1. You will have to fish 5 tournaments to qualify for the classic or 4 tournaments and buy in one tournament. You must show up and start the tournament to get credit for fishing it. You will not be allowed to sign up and send money by another angler. 2. Fish care is very important to us. It has always been a rule that you are not allowed to cull at the ramp. To help clarify this all culling must be done on the lake before your boat is loaded onto the trailer. After weighing your fish they are to be released in a humane and ethical fashion. Anyone caught mishandling fish could be disqualified and asked not to fish in other events. We are responsible for protecting the sport we all enjoy and should be held accountable. 3. Anglers will not be allowed to participate in more than one tournament at a time. If there are any questions please PM me and I will respond as soon as possible. Thanks again for your support of TNBassfishing.com and we look forward to seeing you on the water.
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