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  1. BumbleBee180

    skeet rods

    The abu garcia vendetta and veritas rods are pretty nice for the price too plus they look good. Lol I'm thinking about trying a 7' medium heavy vendetta for a jig rod myself for $79.
  2. BumbleBee180

    skeet rods

    I've got some. I like them and for the price it's not a bad deal. Tackle warehouse had the A-rig rod on sale once for like $50. I got it and I really like it. No problems outta it yet. I also like the 7'6" swimbait/Carolina rig rod. The thing about the skeet rods is you need to actually hold em and see what ya think, don't just order one because you may not agree with the technique each rod is for. For example I use my swimbait/c-rig rod for 5&6 xds and it works great. And one of my buddies throws them on it too and he really likes it. Haven't thrown a spinnerbait on it but I have a friend who really a likes that rod for them. The 6'11" shakey head/senko spinning rod is nice too. Anyways I've had my skeet reese rods since last fall and love em. No complaints yet. I live in Kentucky and there's a tackle shop nearby that sales em for $59. Oh I don't care much for the actual skeet cranking rods.
  3. BumbleBee180

    Bps or Blue water?

    Thanks to everyone who has relpied to my question. That bps kit looks great on your boat! I'm glad I now know the bps looks good. I may go that route now. Whatever I buy I will try to get pics put on here when I get the lights on.
  4. BumbleBee180

    Bps or Blue water?

    Thanks guys. Blue water was what I had in mind just saw the bps and got curious. I also agree you get what ya pay for. I'd rather buy lights that will hold up and look good. I'll probably order the blue water deck lights plus some compartment lights in the next couple of days.
  5. BumbleBee180

    Bps or Blue water?

    I'm about to order some LEDs. I'm looking at the blue water Night Blaster Deck system ($89.99) and the bps boat LED kit which is on sale for $59.97. Does anyone have either or know which would be the brightest or really any thoughts on either of them or another brand? Lol. I'll be getting the lights in blue. Thanks in advance for the help
  6. BumbleBee180

    TNBF Tx#1 Cherokee Sign Up Page

    Add BumbleBee180 and partner Jared
  7. BumbleBee180

    TNBF TX#9 Cherokee Sign Up

    I'm in with Tim
  8. BumbleBee180

    Bumble Bee Boat carpet

  9. BumbleBee180

    Looking for a new rod

    Thanks for the help guys. I ended up ordering the lews American hero today. Hope it's a good one. Seems to be.
  10. BumbleBee180

    Looking for a new rod

    Nice. Lol. Lews should hire me as a salesman. Just kidding but I'm ordering one also. Now to decide 6'6" or 7'. I'm stuck on the 6'6"s unless I'm crankin or something.
  11. BumbleBee180

    Looking for a new rod

    Just got a new lews reel. Looking for a decent rod for jig fishing within the $100 range. Thought about trying the new Lews American Hero rod. Haven't heard anything about it though. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  12. BumbleBee180

    Bumble Bee Boat carpet

    Does anyone know what color the really dark grey Capet Bumble Bee boats used? Charcoal or ash? If anyone can answer this thank you. Lol
  13. BumbleBee180

    1st Tourney of 2014

    There is a church tourney but it is on Norris tomorrow. Pump springs church I think is the name. They're expecting 100 boats plus.
  14. BumbleBee180

    1st Tourney of 2014

    I'm pretty sure Tom's marine is putting in at boat launch rd. though. Other side of the bridge.