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  1. I have an older shimano curado for sale, not sure what retrieve speed is but reel is smooth as cast good, $60 OBO, pm me or text 423 863 6296
  2. I have a g loomis crankbait rod for sale, CBR 783 6'6" medium, works good with small cranks suck as lil john, bandit, rod looks new, $150, pm me or text 423 863 6296
  3. Black Lights.......

    moonlite for me
  4. Shelley's Rods

    I have everything from XH A Rig rods to spinning rods, ol shelley builds some really good stuff, I had one slide under the boat cleat and picked it up, it scored it and broke! Called him and few days later brand new rod no questions asked but I was straight up honest and told him what happened, he is tough to beat and he has so many options, check him out guys he is the real deal
  5. 12V Parallel

    series two batteries you get 24V, parallel two batteries you get 12V
  6. Onboard Charger

    I agree with MM on this one, I also have the noco and I am pretty sure they have a 5 yr warranty now
  7. Spinnerbait rod

    FWIW I never cast a spinnerbait as far as I am capable of, slow rolling a nite blade I throw a little farther because I want it on bottom
  8. Spinnerbait rod

    I had a shimano 6 10 extra fast MH that I used for daytime but now she is on the bottom of Watauga, I use a 6 6 mh or 7 mh

    I have a couple of 4600 c3 but not 4601 c3, not sure what difference is, if you would like a pic of one shoot me a text 423 863 6296
  10. Rub Rail Leds

    I would definitely talk to moonlite , he is the man when it comes to led and blacklights
  11. Rub Rail Leds

    I would ask moonlite about this he has an exceptional product and history with LEDs , I have seen a few boats that if I were in market to buy I would simply walk away because of install, I personally don't want the pimped look, good luck with the install
  12. Drift socks

    I would think they would help in our lakes when the wind really rips but moving from one spot to another would be a PIA
  13. only use 1 unit while fishing the damaki, put the dash unit in standby, as far as settings go I know what I use on lowrance but HBird might need to talk with someone that uses them
  14. with all the stuff you have already done to the boat it would be cheap insurance to replace the water pump IMO
  15. Surge brakes

    I think the disc brakes would be a positive thing