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  1. softbaitmaker

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Smart Move!!! Weather lady here is talking some white stuff late Saturday Night in Sunday and Monsoon all day Saturday with Temps dropping all day.
  2. softbaitmaker

    Fox squirrel tail

    I have not paid much attention so did'nt know if they were still doing it or not.
  3. softbaitmaker

    New Rods and Advertised Rating

    I wanted to see what ya'll are talking about so I took 3 of my custom built rods made by Earl Deal on the same exact blanks as G Loomis made their rods with back in the day and went and matched the actions of 3 of Tommys rods he bought on Black Friday this year. He got 3 new rods that were on sale that day. He bought a Shimano Teramar in MH, a St. Croix Mojo and a St Croix Bass X rod and for the most part they may be a little lighter blanks the my rods but not enough to make me want to buy new rods. If I needed a new rod I would go with the Shimano Teramar before the others he bought..........JMHO
  4. softbaitmaker

    Fox squirrel tail

    The Mepps Inline spinner bait has Red Fox Squirrel hair on their baits along with the Grey Squirrel tails hairs. Back many years ago when I was just a youngster Mepps use to advertise for Squirrel Tails and they would buy them from you if you made sure you salted and preserved them properly. They would pay 25 cents each for them and me and my buddy Dave would send them 200+ a year for about 3 years and then all at once they quit the program. I don't know if they found an alternative artificial material or what. I would fish both of their colors but seemed to catch more fish on the Grey tail baits than the Brown Fox tails. Might have just been an area thing since it was up north before I moved south.
  5. softbaitmaker

    mercury switchbox 7778a12

    Thats a far stretch from Out Board motor parts to our Country's defense systems MOON........LOL. I hardly believe we use any electronic parts from any foreign nation in out defense systems. Most of our defense electronics are designed and made by NASA I am guessing...........JMHO
  6. softbaitmaker

    My Soft Baits

    Thanks Phil and Happy New Year to you and yours!!!!
  7. softbaitmaker

    My Soft Baits

    Well I guess I better update folks on my future move. As of now it is on hold until further notice or at least till late Spring early Summer. Landlord can't make up his mind if he is even going to remodel my cottage at all and last week he said I may just be able to remain here. He may want me to stay here but since my son in law has spent a lot of funds remodeling my cottage behind their house and was busting every spare minute to get it ready for me I will be moving but landlord will find out when I give him a 30 day notice sometime between January and May. I gave my Tommy some breathing room and he can now take his time on my new home. I don't appreciate the landlord telling me to make plans to move and then just changing his mind on a whim after I make plans and Tommy begins busting butt to get me a place to move. So I will still be making baits here till I move. I only need one thing from folks here. If you plan on ordering any baits from me I would appreciate it if you could kind of go through your tackle and see what you are going to order if anything and get with me as soon as you can so I know if I need to order any more material to fill the orders. I know of 2 folks here that have already contacted me here and I have 5 locals that have called me to tell me that they will be getting with me in January to place orders. I have some material on hand but probably not enough so any help from ya'll would be greatly appreciated on how much material I may need to order. Thanks and have a Happy New Year Doug aka Softy
  8. softbaitmaker

    Fuel treatment/additives

    I went through all of this with a Yamaha Rep at the Yamaha factory when I got my 130 Yamaha on my 1998 Skeeter. The man was very polite and spent about 35 to 40 minutes with me on the phone. My first question to him was is my 1998 Yamaha ethanol safe and he said let me pull up your motor and he pulled it up so he could be sure to answer my questions. His answer was yes, your 1998 130 Yamaha is ethanol approved and it has all the ethanol approved fuel lines. My next question to him was what octane is recomended for my motor and he said I would get the best performance if I ran the 87 octane fuel as that onboard computer is sent to run 87 octane and running anything higher would not hurt the motor but I would be actually wasting money paying for the higher octane because I would not get as good a performance because the motor was programed for 87. I have been running 87 since 1998 and I also use Blue Sta-bil with every tank of fuel and I have not had any issues at all fuel related and the Skeeter is now 20 years old with a 20 year old motor. Before we put it up for Winter this year we took it out and ran it till we could fill the tank with fresh 87 fuel and the blue Sta-bil. Took it back the lake, ran it about 10 minutes till the Sta-bil and new fuel would be in the entire fuel system and put her up for the winter. I have been doing that same routine for the last 15+ years and when I bring her out in Spring I put muffs on her and start her here at the house and it will turn over about 8 to 10 times and fire right up and go on high idle like normal. I will say this. I knock on wood every Spring before I turn the key the first time.................
  9. softbaitmaker

    2018 Skeeter FX21 LE

    No guessing about that!! You were and only difference now is your a big mean ****..............
  10. softbaitmaker

    My Soft Baits

    Thanks Brian.
  11. softbaitmaker

    My Soft Baits

    Well time is getting closer and son I will be packing up my bait pouring room for the big move. I think I told most of ya'll that after being here 19 years this month I will be packing things up and going to a knew home. My home should be ready to move into the 1st week of November so I have slowly began packing. A guy can sure accumulate a lot of junk in 19 years. Especially a Pack rat like me. As I have began my slow motion packing For every one piece of something I pack I throw a couple pieces of junk out. I have began finding things I have been looking for that I lost at least a couple years ago and bought another one of what ever it was so now I have two of what ever it was. Anyway just want to let ya'll know that I will be packing up the bait pouring room the 1st week in October so if anyone needs baits you need to order them now. It will probably be mid to late spring of next year before I have another bait room set up and ready to pour again. If there is something you can't live without get it ordered, other wise it will be next Spring before you can get any again. Softy
  12. softbaitmaker

    Shimano Curado CU100B Reels for sale SOLD

    I will be pulling the reels off if no offers by Monday the 10th If anyone will buy both at $50.00 each I will pay shipping. Last bump!!!
  13. softbaitmaker

    Shimano Curado CU100B Reels for sale SOLD

    I will bump these reels 1 time and discount them to $50.00 each plus shipping. If interest and wold like to make an offer make it. I will look at all reasonable offers.
  14. I have 2 Curado CU100B Bait casting reels for sale. Both in like new condition. Zero boat rash. Used very little. $65.00 each + shipping. If you buy both $110.00+ Shipping: If interested send PM or email to drichards.sr@gmail.com
  15. softbaitmaker

    New Floater

    I knew that ole Astro would have a replacement sooner or later so I guess it was Yesterday. Congrads on the boat. It's a beauty!!!!