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  1. You mean a bass was stupid enough to actually bite that ugly thing? You have got to have some really stupid Bass in the lakes your fishing in...….LOL...……...
  2. Ok, this is a one time offer and runs through November 30th. I will pay the shipping on any bait orders of 200 baits or more through November 30th 2019. Here is an opportunity for all the new comers that have never used my baits to get to try them out and save some money and for my old customers that have been thinking about placing another order to also save some money. For more information or questions send me a PM here on the site!! Softy aka Softbaitmaker aka Doug
  3. I don't clean my rods but as one member mentioned using cotton ball to check the guides is a smart move. I don't use a cotton ball but do use a Q-tip and run it around inside all the guides to make sure there is no issues with cracked or nicks in the porcelain!!!!
  4. softbaitmaker

    New Boat

    Congrads on the new ride Justin. They do build a great boat. Now all you need is to put some of my baits in it and you will have a complete fish catching package...……..
  5. Well I just shipped my first order from the new bait room today. Now I am ready to begin getting orders from all you guys that said you will be placing one soon.....LOL. I need something to do during these cold gloomy winter days so lets go. I'm ready......LOL!!! Softy aka Doug
  6. Thanks Steve, enjoy the trip and see you when you get back.
  7. Ok so I know there was about 1/2 dozen folks that told me they had bait orders ready when I was back up and running. I am working on one of those now and should be done soon. Now if ya'll are still planning on placing the orders I would appreciate it if you placed them so I know if I have enough material on hand to complete them or do I need to order some to complete the orders. The earlier the better so come on and get them orders in. Just PM me here or send me an email. drichards.sr@gmail.com Thanks Softy aka Doug
  8. Yea, I figured I would get those ugly color baits out of the way first plus your order was the first one I got so far...…….LOL.
  9. Well, it's been a little challenge but I finally got the bait room ready and began pouring a few baits and working on a bait order I have. I know a few folks here have said they have orders ready. You can send them to my email here drichards.sr@gmail.com or send them in a PM here. Thanks for being so patient while I put the bait room together. Now due to the change in my living area I will be driving about 44 miles round trip to the post office to ship the packages so I am being forced to increase my bait prices to account for the fuel so instead of $25.00 per 50 count it will now be $26.00 per 50 count. Look forward to hearing from ya'll Softbaitmaker, Softy, Doug
  10. Had a friend of mine here yesterday that is going to be installing the ventilation system to look and see what he is going to need to do to getit up and operational. Slowly working on getting it put together.
  11. Your best bet to wet a line in that area would be to get a map of the TWRA lakes in that area and see what lakes are nearby. I think there is several lakes to choose from and they are kept well stocked for some good fishing. You can even rent boats at some of their lakes............JMHO
  12. Thanks for the offer Rusty. I was just about to come here and post that my friend had a company in Texarcana Texas send him a replacment part to repair his Motorguide for $19.95. Motor guiide quit making these parts for them and this company bought out all of their back stock and still had about 10 left so my buddy bought 3 of them. They guy even told him step by step how to replace the part into his trolling motor.
  13. I have a buddy that is looking to buy a used 24 volt trolling motor for his pontoon boat. Hand operated with a very long shaft. If you have one you may want to sell send me a PM. Thanks Softy aka Doug
  14. Well since Tommy bought a MinnKota T/M for the Skeeter I have no need for these extra Momentary Pedal switches for a motor guide trolling motor. They will fit any pedal controlled unit. They were notorious for going out so when I stil had the Motorguide I bought about 5 of them and kept them in the boat. I have 2 left still in the original packages. I paid about $15.00 each for them and I will sell both of these for 15.00 + shipping. If interested PM me. Softy
  15. I prefer to fish them on a T-Rig with a 3/16th tungston bullet weight. Once it touches down I will lower the rod tip to give it just about 5 or so inches of slack and allow the bait to float up away from the weight. Then pull it back down and repeat that same process. It looks to a bass like it is something feeding against something on the bottom and bass can't resists an easy meal...........
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