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  1. softbaitmaker

    Ranger rt198p

    Thanks Whopper!!! I know several boat dealers that have other lines of products they sell to help their bottom lines at the end of the year. S & R Marine in Cookville is a Triton dealer but they also sell ATVs and have both in their showroom so I don't see any problem with Andy having a second line of products to sell. Wish him all the luck in thw world in his new business!!!
  2. softbaitmaker

    Ranger rt198p

    Well I don't know personally what their inventory is. I just know I'm a Skeeter person and I thought Andy and his wife bought a Skeeter boat dealership so just trying to steer folks in his direction. Thanks for the input of the camper inventory and maybe I need to begin sending folks looking for a camper to them too.
  3. softbaitmaker

    Ranger rt198p

    If I was in the market for a great new boat I would head on up to Morristown Marine and park my butt in a new Skeeter. It won't make a difference what kind of truck you drive it will look a lot better with a Skeeter behind it on the way to the lake......JMHO
  4. softbaitmaker

    Artificial cover

    Back about 14 years ago BT had a pontoon boat he converted into work boat for putting structure down and I spent 1 entire winter making the structure we planned to put down. Because I had about 70 five gallon pails from buying bait material over the years we went to Lowes and bought 50 bags of quikcrete and 300 feet of 3/4 inch PVC and all the different couplers on different angles and I built about 60+artificial trees and we put the trees in the buckets and pour in quikcrete. Once they were set up we put 25 to 30 of them on the pontoon boat and at night we would go put them down. Had a winch on the boat with a swing arm and BT had cut trap doors in the center of the front deck and put them on hinges. We had an underwater camera and light and once we put the trees down we would look at them with the camera and position them how we wanted them to look with the winch. I have bought enough Plastic spray paint in brown and green to paint them like trees before putting them down. When we were done we had we had a few in one place and a few in another place and in some places we would build a small forest and have maybe 10 down in that area. We would mark it on a GPS unit and a topo map. It was funny at times if another boat located it and we saw them fishing it and catching fish on it we would got out with the toon that night and moved the structure about 50 feet and put it back down. Next time the boat showed up to fish the structure they had marked on GPS it was gone. It was good for a long time till the side view units came out and then moving it was a waste of time and BT had passed away and he had sold the toon about a year before he passed away. Last time I was on Old Hickory I went to see how much of the structure was still there and was surprised to see most of it was still there and the flood of 2010 didn't move much of it. But to said will fish atttract to it. Yes they will in large numbers depending on how big the structure was.
  5. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    Glad to see folks are still catching fish with all the rain and glad you got into some nice ones on my baits. Those can be a lot of fun when you find a school of them..........LOL.
  6. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    Thanks for letting me know you got it. Do me a favor and let me know when you have mailed the check so I know when to start watching my mail. I don't walk down to the mail box evey day unless I know I have checks coming. Thanks buddy
  7. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    Your package just got delivered to your front door/porch at 12:35 according to tracking information Hoss
  8. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    Just seeing if your paying attention...............
  9. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    I don't think I sent you any of them............... That is sure a pretty boat....................
  10. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    Is that the Blue I introduced you to and you said don't share it with anyone else?.................... ..................
  11. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    Thanks for the Bump Ross. I don't bump them my self to often cause don't want to feel like I'm pushing folks to order but bumps from users of my baits is always welcome...............
  12. softbaitmaker

    SUV for sale

    I have a friend that has an SUV for sale up in ya'lls neck of the woods and he is almost giving it away. If I had a need for this truck I would already own it. When he first posted this ad on another site I hang out in he was asking $2,500.00. He has dropped it down now to $1,800.00 and needs to sell it. If anyone is interested PM me and I will get you in touch with him. He lives in Talbott and is now willing to taking any reasonable cash offers. I can post more pictures if anyone is interested. Up for sale is my 1997 Chevy Suburban. It's a decent suv for it's age and runs good. It has 240,000 miles roughly. It's a vortec 350 v8, auto trans, and 4 wheel drive. It isn't a new vehicle, it has its character but it runs great and is mechanically a great SUV. It does have a crack in the windshield but it wouldn't photo good and doesn't leak at all. asking $2500 OBO. Clean clear title in hand. No trades please.
  13. softbaitmaker

    Terminator shudder bait

    Yea and I had that video also. I had all 4 videos he made and I loaned them to a guy to watch that was on another site I was a member of and never got them back. He also was never back on the site. I thought he could be trusted since he had over 3000 posts but evidently not. Oh well, live and learn.
  14. softbaitmaker

    Terminator shudder bait

    I guess ya'll do have a point. Paul told me a bunch of stuff the 3 days I spent in his boat while he was practicing Old Hickory Lake back many years ago. Only certain things stuck with me. He was a trip to fish with and kept me laughing alot. When he started fishing a worm and caught several fish pretty quickly he said "do you know more bass are caught on plastic worms than any other bait every year"? Now this was back in my beginning of my bass fishing years and after fishing with him a few years later I was able to buy a few of his videos on Bass fishing and I learned a lot from them. I also just was in the beginning stages of my interest in pouring soft baits and his worm fishing video was what pushed me over the edge to begin pouring baits. Paul was sponsored by Manns Bait company and they supplied him with all his baits and in the video he was fishing with some soft baits and catching some really big fish. He had two baits in particular that stood out and I began searching for them in stores and could not find them any where. I finally called Manns bait company and I found out that those particular baits were never made and sold in stores and he was fishing with proto type baits that they decided not to market and sell in stores. I thought that was kind of stupid because Paul is catching a ton of fish in his video on a Ribbon Snake and a Big Wag worm and they would have sold a ton of both from his video. I did finally find some Big Wags at a Walmart store in some really ugly colors but I bought 1 bag so I could send some to my mold people and get molds made only to be told they could not make them because Manns Bait company had a patent on all their baits, even their proto-types.
  15. softbaitmaker

    Terminator shudder bait

    Paul Elias once told me that any bait on any given day will catch a fish but the baits you want to be fishing with are the baits that catch numbers of fish and not just one once in a while. I kind of believed that and quit buying every gadget that was new in stores. Stayed with what I knew caught numbers of fish and saved a bunch of money over the years.......JMHO..........