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  1. I have a few old reels that we reels I first began fishing with back many years ago that are just laying around collecting dust and there might be someone out there that could put them to good use. The 2 Abu Bait casters are left handed but the rest of them are right handed. There are a few Shimano Bantams in the mix and a couple ABU 5500's that would make great Catfish or Muskie reels and all are in working order. I would take $50.00 + shipping for all of them if anyone is interested just PM me. See pictures below. Softy
  2. I know there are some guys that fish for Muskies up that way with some success so I have some Muskie lures I would like to sell. These are oldies but goodies and they have caught a lot of those Toofy critters over the years. I'm asking $100.00 +plus shipping priority mail. If interest please PM me. Thanks Softy SOLD PENDING FUNDS
  3. I think it would make someone a great boat with a great ride. Might want to upgrade to a 24 volt trolling motor but other that that just go fishing and enjoy the boats ride. I know a couple guys that had those boats and owned them for many years...…..JMHO
  4. I have a Garmin 172 C Garmin GPS unit I want to sell. It was used 1 year before SIL decided we needed a new unit that does everything but wipe his Butt so we took off an Eagle 320 and the Garmin 172c and now have a television size unit on a ram mount and I sold the 320 and now need to sell the Garmin. The nice thing about the Garmin is it does not require a puck or any chips and will work on any lake in the United States. It is a self contained built in antenna and like I said will work on any lake in the USA and Canada. It is a color unit and has well defined graphics. It is a great unit for a Kayak also. I'm asking $100.00+ shipping. If it is picked up at the house I will sell it for $80.00. PM me if interested. SOLD !!!! Thanks Softy
  5. Well the bait business went to it's new home in West Tennessee yesterday and the guy that bought it is a great guy for sure and I think before long he will be making great baits. I will be helping him all through the process so he will be producing some great baits. I just want to thank all of you for your loyalty over the last 20+ years and hope that you can show Chuck the same once he is ready to go public. Softy
  6. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to see Chucktshoes posting here. I guess I will introduce him. Chuck is the person that purchased my bait business and very soon he will be pouring baits once he has the concept down and is ready to make baits for the public. Like me back when I first began it took me about 3 months and a lot of practice and trials and errors to get it down before I could feel comfortable selling to the public. Once I did the rest is history that many of you here are familiar with since many of you have been using my baits for years. I'm sure that once Chuck gets in the swing of making baits he will probably be looking to folks here to use his baits. Please show him the same appreciation and courtesy you did me and get some baits from him like you did me. He is a great guy and loves fishing and firearms and I think he will fit right in here. Softy Doug aka softbaitmaker
  7. Well some of ya'll knew I had the bait business up for sale and I was shocked when I received an email and the business sold Last Friday and it is all packed up and will be leaving here this Friday. I want to thank everyone for the many years of buying and using my baits but it had to go. I stopped getting any orders and when I finally got one from a local guy for 300 baits, I should have been able to do that order in one day. It took me 3 days and I could not get in a rhythm to pour them. That told me it needed to go so it's gone. Mountain man needs to close that post he has pinned and delete it. Again thanks to all of you for a great 20 years of using my baits. Doug aka softbaitmaker
  8. In all honesty I don't think BRP ever got their head above water when they bought out OMC after their bankruptcy. They quit making Johnson motors in 2007 and threw everything into the E-Tech's which were junk from day 1 and they could never get the bugs out of it. I think if they would have junked the E-Techs and focused on the Bombardier motors they may have not gone belly up.....JMHO
  9. You should have some good luck with the tubes and smallmouths in the whole area.
  10. Vivrett Creek is a good place to launch a Yak but if I was going to launch there I would go a little farther out into Suggs Creek and launch at Seven Points. Upon launching begin fishing down that right bank towards the mouth of Suggs as that bank wall is fairly deep and holds some nice bigger Spots. After you have fished that bank you need to move out the Cable Island and stay out in 15 foot water and fish towards the Island. You should feel some rock piles in about 10 foot water and pick up some nice smallmouths off the piles. I fish them with a Green Pumpkin 2.5 inch Tube with tail tips dipped in either Red or blue. That whole area is good for Tube fishing or Stick bait fishing.
  11. It would be easier to help you if I knew where your launching from. I have a lot of places I can recommend for Yak fishing once I know where you have been fishing. Another thing about Priest is it's not the best lake to fish when it's muddy or stained really a lot. Cold water does make them somewhat sluggish but they will still bite. Especially the smallmouths and the Spotted Bass.
  12. You mean a bass was stupid enough to actually bite that ugly thing? You have got to have some really stupid Bass in the lakes your fishing in...….LOL...……...
  13. Ok, this is a one time offer and runs through November 30th. I will pay the shipping on any bait orders of 200 baits or more through November 30th 2019. Here is an opportunity for all the new comers that have never used my baits to get to try them out and save some money and for my old customers that have been thinking about placing another order to also save some money. For more information or questions send me a PM here on the site!! Softy aka Softbaitmaker aka Doug
  14. I don't clean my rods but as one member mentioned using cotton ball to check the guides is a smart move. I don't use a cotton ball but do use a Q-tip and run it around inside all the guides to make sure there is no issues with cracked or nicks in the porcelain!!!!
  15. softbaitmaker

    New Boat

    Congrads on the new ride Justin. They do build a great boat. Now all you need is to put some of my baits in it and you will have a complete fish catching package...……..
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