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  1. I have seen the face of God.

    Back years ago I saw some spinner baits at fishing shows that had as many as 5 blades on them beginning with a small blade on the bottom of the wire and the sizes increased as they went up with the largest blade on top. I never bought one but had several buddies bought them and like Airborne said, They had fits trying to through them in the wind and most of the guys put them in the tackle compartment and never caught fish on them..........
  2. Order and pricing changes

    Well I just received notice that my bait material it going to face a price increase on January 1st 2018 so I have going to be forced to take my prices back to the original prices. I will still let folks order in 25 bait numbers of any color but they will cost $12.50 + shipping and 5o count orders will cost $25.00 + Shippng. They said the price increase is due to the cost of petroleumused in making the material going up. I hope this does not stop folks from using my baits. Thanks Softy
  3. 3 Stainless steel Props??

    Stainless Steel OMC prop prices dropped. See new prices in Classifieds. Thanks
  4. Stainless Steel OMC Props

    Ok, heres the bottom dollar on the props Any prop will sell for $150.00+ Shipping. This price will be good through October 10th and then they will be removed and be placed in a yard sale which is planned for 2nd and 3rd weekend in October to sell off all of BT's stuff.
  5. Soft baits

    Well, I thought I would share a little information I learned recently and it does make total sense after I let some of it sink in. I got a small bait order from a meterologist (weatherman) about 2 weeks ago that lives here locally but works for weather channel for this area. We have had several nice talks about fishing and the weather. Now he is not one of these crazies that is running around screaming "The Sky is Falling" but is a firm believer in climate change but says that the change is far more of a natural Phanomina(spelling) than a man made problem. He said the earth naturally goes through different cycles about every 1000 years and that right now it is going through one of those changes and he said man might be having about a 2% effect is all. He said during this time everything in Nature gets turned on its ear from the smallest creature to the largest and fish are no exception. He said fishing techniques that worked for many anglers for many years are not working now and anglers are not producing the numbers or sizes of fish they did say 2 or 3 years ago. He said that anglers are going to have to make adjustments just as the fish are making adjustments. He said the fish have not stopped eating and won't. They will just not be found in the old places that they were back 2 or 3 years ago because of water conditions that are changing. His first suggestion is to look at water temperatures verses time of year. He said he has been fishing on Kentucky lake a lot and he has seen water in areas he use to fish that are totally wrong for that time of year and he does not catch the fish he use to catch there. He has learned to move around on the lake and locate water temps that do match that time of year and he does catch some fish. He also said that anglers are probably not finding as much of the warmer waters that they normally find in mid summer in the past. He said even though the daytime temps may be hot the high waters that most areas experienced late into the Spring and early Summer have delayed the warming of the lake waters plus the lakes that are controlled by Corps and TVA have been fluctuating lake levels more to control high water issues which also changes lake temperatures. He said anglers will have to begin making adjustments according to what the lake is telling them to find the fish that they use to find a lot easier. He did say that the newer electronics will be very helpful in the near future to assist anglers. I wanted to pass this along to folks and hope it helps some folks in finding and catching more fish......
  6. Stainless Steel OMC Props

    Open to any reasonable offer + shipping. Need to move these!!
  7. I have 3 Stainless Steel Props for sale. the 2 three blades are Raker II's. 4 blade is a Shooter Prop Picture #1 is a 14.5 X 26 pitch. This prop was strapped down in back of his boat as back up prop. Picture number #2 (4) blade is 13.5 X 27 Picture # 3 is 14.5 X 28. These are all Props that B.T. ran on his boat at 1 time or another. The price is $200.00 + shipping via UPS per prop. If interested Pm me. Thanks Softy aka Doug
  8. 26 Raker 2 Prop For Sale

    Ok thanks Spook!!
  9. Ned Rig

    I bet these baits would be a killer on that Ned Rig. Where does it read that a small creature bait would not work on them? For those of ya'll that don't know it the Scalpins on the left in the picture are native is every lake in Tennessee and if you don't believe me you can research it. My Son In Law has been catching smallmouths on Percy Priest lake since I began making them and some Spotted bass also. He is fishing them on a 1/8th football head with a bait keeper on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mottled_sculpin
  10. 3 Stainless steel Props??

    Thanks Andy, I will clean and look at them next time I go over there. I have no clue what to ask for them but you can bet they will be priced to move cause I'm beginning to get burned out trying to sell all the tackle he had. I am looking at holding a few Weekend Yard sales and selling the stuff for nickles on the dollar just to get it gone. I am aware that the fishing has been slow this year for everyone and so had my bait business and that is probably why I am having so much trouble selling all his jig making materials and even his completed jigs. I still have all those Finesse jigs he made and would be willing to almost accept any reasonable offer on them just to move them.
  11. 3 Stainless steel Props??

    Thanks basskicker. I will clean them and look next time I go over to BT's house and see if I can get any numbers.
  12. 3 Stainless steel Props??

    Ok so I am lost on these because I thought every prop had the pitch and size of the prop stamped into the prop. I have inspected all of these and canot find anything related to size??? 2 of them are Raker II and the 4 blade is a Shooter but no clue on pitch or size. I do know that B.T. ran all of them on his Stratos with the 225 Bombadier OMC motor and had one strapped in back compartment for a spare if he had a problem with one on the motor. I want to sell them but have no clue about size. Is there any way to find out what size and pitch of these props are? They are not damaged, just dirty from being stored in shed.
  13. Ned Rig

    Basically a fancy one but about the same thing. A small football head jig will stand up about as good probably with a good soft floating bait...............JMHO
  14. Ned Rig

    Thanks Ross, by the way folks were talking I was guessing it was nothing more than a fancy Spot Remover Jig head and or Shakey Head rig and I was pretty close in my thoughts. Most of my smaller baits will work great with that jig head as they do on Shakey Heads and Spot Removers. Thanks again for posting the bait heads& hooks.... Thanks Wes, I guess it is like I mentioned in post to Ross's picture. It's not something I would fish but I guess a lot of folks are using it. I do use my Stick baits on Spot Removers or Football heads which do produce well but my approach to bass fishing is not like most folks. I am a firm believer that a baits action is about 80% of what catches fish and baits such as worms with great tail actions catch a great many fish. My idol Paul Elias told me one day while we were fishing on Old Hickory while he was practicing for up coming event that more "Bass fall prey to a soft plastic worm each day than any other bait on the market" and I have proven that a lot of times.................
  15. Ned Rig

    I wish someone would post a picture of a Ned Rig so I can get some kind of idea what folks are talking about? ...................