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  1. softbaitmaker

    Protect your fish in Hot Weather

    Glad to see my Fish saving post brought back up. My formula worked for me for over 20 years and will still work today. If you don't trust freezing tab water you can buy a couple galons of spring water at Walmart or any grocery store for 69 cents. I will post a picture that has nothing to do with fishing but I will explain why I posted it. As you can see that is my Kasey before I had to have her put down last October. All those gallon jugs in the picture are full of tap water. From the time Kasey was a puppy she would not drink fresh tap water. She could smell the chlorine and other chemcals in it and would not drink it. I began filling gallon jugs and leaving the lids off of them all of the chemicals wold evaporate out of them and when she needed water in her bowl I would dump some out of a jug and she would drink it right away. Took about 3 days for the water to suit her. You can do the same thing. Fill about 5 gallon jugs with tap water. When you want blocks of ice for your live wells just dump it into a few bowls and freeze them and either put them in your live wells or a cooler till you are ready to add the chemicals for the fish and dump the blocks into the live wells. I did this for 18 successful years of not losing fish in hot weather. Hope everyone has a great year on the water. Softy!!!
  2. softbaitmaker

    Pencil popper

    I knew someone would speak up and remember that thread...... We had some real fun with that thread for about a month or more. That one and the Pickle Egg thread was another one that was almost a book by the time it went away. I want you to know I have an old man that lives next to me and ever so often he will show up at my door with a gallon jar of those darn things even today. When eggs are on slae is when I will get a jar. I know a couple guys that do eat them and love them so I give them the eggs and they bring the jar back for me to give him when he shows up with a new jar of them. The guys I give them to say they are the best they have ever had and I just say, "glad you like them..............
  3. softbaitmaker

    Pencil popper

    Gosh!! In a fishing site far far away I remember another post similar to this one that had over 1000 posts in it and went on for like three months. Don't know how many folks here can remember it but it began about the time Broke Back Mountain the movie came out. There was talks of camp outs up in the mountains by site members and Skunk Apes and Walmart visits late at night!!! I can only remember bits and pieces of it now but back when is was HOT!! and it began with a post very similar to this one......... I can't remember all the folks that are here from that far away fishing site but I think Andy, Jamie, Dwayne and myself to name a few where there on the site? Anyone remember that of is it all but forgotten Oh yea I think pickled eggs was a part of the thread and a green glow on the lake off in the distances at night.... It was very funny for sure and reading posts in it had me laughing till my guts where hurting every night.
  4. softbaitmaker

    Mercury Motors

    Well I am not really into the horses cause I run a 130 Yamaha but back years ago they told me a 130 4 Stroke would weigh to much for my boat so I could not get one put on it. I'm just curious if Yamaha has got the 130 four strokes down in weight so if I should need a new motor I can get a 4 stroke put on my boat.
  5. softbaitmaker

    Mercury Motors

    Ok so I have not been keeping up with motors cause my Yamaha 130 has been bullet proof since 1998 when I got it brand new. Mostly just maintenance and minor issues. I know back about 10 years ago I did look at putting a 4 stroke on my SR18 Skeeter and I was told they could not put one on because the baot would not flat one cause they are to heavy for my boat. Have they figured out how to make them lighter so when time comes I can put a 4 stroke on my Skeeter?
  6. softbaitmaker

    KVD only man alive with 25

    I got to see the Skeeter Pit crew in action at a Skeeter Owners Event a few years back and it was like watching a pit crew at NASCAR or a well oiled machine working. My hats off to those crews.
  7. softbaitmaker

    Cherokee Results

    Congrads to all the winners and to all those brave anglers willing to challenge Mother Nature on another find Spring morning...........
  8. softbaitmaker

    Tracker Heritage

    If people keep trying to place orders for the boat Tracker may make the decision to put it back on the market once they get the back orders caught up. Right now they are doing something similar to what Harbor Freight is doing to the used tool business. They are killing it!! I had a guy come over to BT's to look at some table saws we have for sale and when he ask what we were asking for them and I priced them he laughed and said he can go buy a brand new one at Harbor Freight for 25 dollars less than I was asking for Bt's. Later that day I went and got a flyer of Harbor Freight and the guy was telling the truth. BT had a ton wood working tools and other tools and looking at the prices at Harbor Freight If we get rid of BT's stuff we are going to have to damn near give it away. Tracker is doing the same thing to the used boat business...........JMHO
  9. Depends on if boat was wired for 24 volt TM or just a 12 volt. I will post a picture of a 24 volt system. It should tell you if your boat is wired fro 24 volt or not. If not it will help you redo the wiring so you can go 24 volt. Hope this helps!
  10. softbaitmaker

    Switching Brands of Oil

    When I got my 1998 Skeeter with the 130 on it they told me to run Yamalube in it. I did for break in and then switched to Pennzoil Sythetic/Plus and that is all that has been used in it since 1998 and is still used in it today. The boat is 20 years old, the motor is also 20 years old and it has been in the shop twice. 1st time under warranty to have a brand new complete lower unit installed in 2000 and the 2nd time in 2015 to have the intake pans replaced in the motor which oil had nothing to do with that. Ethanol Fuel caused that after 16 years. The only other times it has been in the shop is for routine maintainence, Lower Unit service, water pumps and tune-ups and Carb choke adjustments.
  11. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    Well, I guess you got your answer on my baits. Let me know if I can be of any service to you in the future. Thanks Doug aka Softy
  12. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    I would answer the question for you but better to let anglers that have been using them for years answer it instead. It's always better to hear it from folks that have used them first. I know what products your talking about and I can say with a clear mind. My baits to do not do that! Thanks Doug
  13. softbaitmaker

    Pegged weights?

    There are a couple different ways to peg a bait-weight combo and i know most folks use a toothpick, some use the rubber inserts and then there is the Florida weights which is my choice if and when I decide to peg a weight. I have never been much of a fan of the toothpick cause it puts added pressure to the line at that union. The Rubber is better but it but does not hold as well. I know the Florida weight systems cost a little more but no more than I use them I find it worth the difference..............JMHO
  14. softbaitmaker

    Stator replacement??

    I don't think it's much of a deal if they just chatged him about that much to patch it up last time and it went right back out. I think they should offer a better deal since he just paid them big bucks for almost nothing...........JMHO
  15. softbaitmaker

    Stator replacement??

    I would go back where I paid my hard earned money out to get my boat fixed and tell the to fix in right this time...........JMHO