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  1. Had a friend of mine here yesterday that is going to be installing the ventilation system to look and see what he is going to need to do to getit up and operational. Slowly working on getting it put together.
  2. Your best bet to wet a line in that area would be to get a map of the TWRA lakes in that area and see what lakes are nearby. I think there is several lakes to choose from and they are kept well stocked for some good fishing. You can even rent boats at some of their lakes............JMHO
  3. Thanks for the offer Rusty. I was just about to come here and post that my friend had a company in Texarcana Texas send him a replacment part to repair his Motorguide for $19.95. Motor guiide quit making these parts for them and this company bought out all of their back stock and still had about 10 left so my buddy bought 3 of them. They guy even told him step by step how to replace the part into his trolling motor.
  4. I have a buddy that is looking to buy a used 24 volt trolling motor for his pontoon boat. Hand operated with a very long shaft. If you have one you may want to sell send me a PM. Thanks Softy aka Doug
  5. Well since Tommy bought a MinnKota T/M for the Skeeter I have no need for these extra Momentary Pedal switches for a motor guide trolling motor. They will fit any pedal controlled unit. They were notorious for going out so when I stil had the Motorguide I bought about 5 of them and kept them in the boat. I have 2 left still in the original packages. I paid about $15.00 each for them and I will sell both of these for 15.00 + shipping. If interested PM me. Softy
  6. I prefer to fish them on a T-Rig with a 3/16th tungston bullet weight. Once it touches down I will lower the rod tip to give it just about 5 or so inches of slack and allow the bait to float up away from the weight. Then pull it back down and repeat that same process. It looks to a bass like it is something feeding against something on the bottom and bass can't resists an easy meal...........
  7. That is really a great looking boat for sure. It should give you plenty of great days on the water.......
  8. You will never see anything posted by me on FAKEBOOK. I am not even a member and never will be. It's like Trumps fake news..........
  9. If you ever eat a dinner of Shell Cracker filets you will never look at crappie filets the same again!!! Shell crackers beats crappie by a mile when it comes to good eating..........JMHO Thats a nice big female Shell cracker for sure. If they are spawning and you find a bed of them the big mature males will be almost black and their ears will be a really bright orange. When ever I find a big bed of them I only keep the big black males and release all the females and young males so they will still make a good spawn to keep the population of them in the lake. The young males will service many beds of the females to keep the gene pool strong..............JMHO
  10. You gonna post a few pictures of your new ride??
  11. Thanks Whopper!!! I know several boat dealers that have other lines of products they sell to help their bottom lines at the end of the year. S & R Marine in Cookville is a Triton dealer but they also sell ATVs and have both in their showroom so I don't see any problem with Andy having a second line of products to sell. Wish him all the luck in thw world in his new business!!!
  12. Well I don't know personally what their inventory is. I just know I'm a Skeeter person and I thought Andy and his wife bought a Skeeter boat dealership so just trying to steer folks in his direction. Thanks for the input of the camper inventory and maybe I need to begin sending folks looking for a camper to them too.
  13. If I was in the market for a great new boat I would head on up to Morristown Marine and park my butt in a new Skeeter. It won't make a difference what kind of truck you drive it will look a lot better with a Skeeter behind it on the way to the lake......JMHO
  14. Back about 14 years ago BT had a pontoon boat he converted into work boat for putting structure down and I spent 1 entire winter making the structure we planned to put down. Because I had about 70 five gallon pails from buying bait material over the years we went to Lowes and bought 50 bags of quikcrete and 300 feet of 3/4 inch PVC and all the different couplers on different angles and I built about 60+artificial trees and we put the trees in the buckets and pour in quikcrete. Once they were set up we put 25 to 30 of them on the pontoon boat and at night we would go put them down. Had a winch on the boat with a swing arm and BT had cut trap doors in the center of the front deck and put them on hinges. We had an underwater camera and light and once we put the trees down we would look at them with the camera and position them how we wanted them to look with the winch. I have bought enough Plastic spray paint in brown and green to paint them like trees before putting them down. When we were done we had we had a few in one place and a few in another place and in some places we would build a small forest and have maybe 10 down in that area. We would mark it on a GPS unit and a topo map. It was funny at times if another boat located it and we saw them fishing it and catching fish on it we would got out with the toon that night and moved the structure about 50 feet and put it back down. Next time the boat showed up to fish the structure they had marked on GPS it was gone. It was good for a long time till the side view units came out and then moving it was a waste of time and BT had passed away and he had sold the toon about a year before he passed away. Last time I was on Old Hickory I went to see how much of the structure was still there and was surprised to see most of it was still there and the flood of 2010 didn't move much of it. But to said will fish atttract to it. Yes they will in large numbers depending on how big the structure was.
  15. Glad to see folks are still catching fish with all the rain and glad you got into some nice ones on my baits. Those can be a lot of fun when you find a school of them..........LOL.
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