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  1. Swimbaits

    I am adding the small flukes back in my molds and can now begin pouring the 2 inch Flukes! Going to be practicing pouring them cause they are a challenge right now.........
  2. New “boat”. LOL

    I know you call that a Yak but it looks more like a canoe to me. I thought you sat down in a Yak like a tub with a hole in it. Hope you have fun with it anyway...........
  3. on-board charging

    I plug my boat up when I come home and it stays plugged up until we go fishing again but I also do keep an eye on my water levels in the batteries and about 3 times a year I have a battery bottle made for servicing batteries and it has a mixture of water and acid in it for topping off each battery the 3 times a year. It does seem to extend battery life.
  4. BT's secret hiding place

    I just edited the post and removed all the boxes of jigs that got sold and what it still up there is what I have left so when you ask me how many you think I have are you asking about soft baits or Jigs?
  5. BT's secret hiding place

    Back about 10 years ago BT developed a desire to learn how to pour soft baits. I told him to just let me know what he wanted poured and I would pour it for him. He said, I have some secret color ideas and I want to make them so teach me how to pour baits. So i did and he spent about 10 days in a row watching me pour baits and mixing colors to fill bait orders. He would ask me at times to borrow molds and when I got ready to order materials he would have me order somethings for him. He would pay for all the shipping so I would order what ever he wanted along in my order. It was only a short time before he was not asking me to pour any baits for him. Now I know why. While digging my way into his bait room yesterday I discovered a closet I had not been in yet so I opened it up. Below is what I found. I told his wife that I would buy all the plastic stuff he had which I thought was some colors and glitters and about 6 molds and paid her. When I told her what i had found she said well it's plastic so it's yours and told me to take it all cause she had no use for it. A buddy and I loaded it up and brought it home and now I need to figure out what to do with it cause I don't need it either. With as many jigs and he made over the years I have no clue where he found the time to make this many soft baits. I still have a 1000+ of his jigs I need to sell not counting all of his jig making molds and all the other stuff needed to make jigs. He has drawers of Mustad Needle Point jig hooks with 100's of hooks in each of them. I think I am seeing a very large all Fishing Equipment Yard Sale in my future just to get rid of this stuff. Oh yea, I found these in the closet also::::Last 4 pictures
  6. Jon boats

    The only way to find out would be to buy 1 and then catch a limit of keeper fish to put in it. It says the live well had aeration and with a little C&R or PRM and some ice it should work.......
  7. BT's secret hiding place

    Update: I just have to figure out how to sell the soft baits and some Finesse Jigs and hair jigs and Flys. See pictures below. Looking for Offers on the Hair jigs and Flies but not sold seperately. The small box is one offer(last 2 ) pictures and the streamer jigs is another offer or can make one offer for all. Softy
  8. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    I think you will like your new Skeeter a lot Andy. I have been in a Skeeters since the early 90's and stil in one today. Oh Yea, love the color scheme.
  9. Jon boats

    I have fished in a lot of local small tournaments and there was always 3 or 4 Jon boat anglers in them and quite a few times they ended up winning it and they had cooler type homemade live well systems and I don't think I every saw one of those boats have a dead fish.
  10. New to me!!!

    Congrads on the ride and the opportunity to become part of the FLW. Back years ago when they came to Old Hickory Lake I was one of the drivers that took the top anglers back and forth to the lake from local Walmart and my buddy BT was one of the film boats that ran film for them while the were here. Great organization to be connected to for sure. Enjoy the boat and the opportunity to be part of the organization!!!!!!
  11. 2017 Classic Results

    Congrads to the winners and all of the folks that braved the weather to fish the classic. I am glad everyone made it unscaved with the weather conditions.............
  12. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    I hope very much that everyone made it through the Classic unscaved and all caught some fish. I'm guessing it was really tough weather to deal with..........
  13. Classic weight prediction

    I don't think avoiding those weather reports is going to change what you have to deal with on Saturday Jamie. It is colder out side today right now than any day this year and they are talking about another cold front worse than this one coming in Friday night with possible dusting of snow here on Saturday. I am going to say 12.50 weight with 3.5 big fish kicker. Good luck to all!!!
  14. Took the plunge!!!

    Well I went ahead and took the plunge and purchased more plastisol before the price increase this January. I sure hope that this coming year the fishing is better and I can get a few more bait orders this year if the lakes are in better shape than they were last year. Happy Thanksgiving to all !!! Doug aka Softy
  15. Took the plunge!!!

    Glad to hear you got your baits and that they are what you wanted. Now all I want is fishing reports on how they work when you try them out......
  16. 1998 Johnson Venom

    Might try replacing the Primer bulb if the boat is equipt with one. I have had that same issue a couple times and new bulb fixed it about every time.
  17. Took the plunge!!!

    So what your saying is you and the bank own it instead of you, a partner and the bank????
  18. Took the plunge!!!

    Yea I know about you..............lol How is that new truck doing? Like it as well as the old one? Thanks for the order Buddy!!! Will begin working on it Friday
  19. Took the plunge!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving back at you and your Phil and thanks for the good luck too. I am hoping that things turn around for my baits. It was a terrible year this past year. Only had about 5 or 6 folks that ordered baits. They made fairly large orders and did re order a couple times. I know it was a tough Spring and Summer with tough water conditions so I'm hoping Mother Nature is nicer this year...............
  20. Ned Rig

    I remember that junk they made. If you took it off the hook and pitched it on the boat carpet it would melt into the carpet!!! I know a couple guys that had that happen to them.
  21. Gloves

    I take a pair of plain cotton gloves and cut the fingers off about 1/2 way down and the thumb almost all the way down. Then put hands warmers inside the gloves on the back side of your hands and it will keep your finger tips warm and you can cast fairly well with the exposed fingers. It has worked for me but may not work for everyone.
  22. I have seen the face of God.

    Back years ago I saw some spinner baits at fishing shows that had as many as 5 blades on them beginning with a small blade on the bottom of the wire and the sizes increased as they went up with the largest blade on top. I never bought one but had several buddies bought them and like Airborne said, They had fits trying to through them in the wind and most of the guys put them in the tackle compartment and never caught fish on them..........
  23. Over the years anglers have always wished they could order 25 baits and I have have a 50 bait limit on any one bait. I am now changing that and making it 25 bait quota per order. Anglers will no longer be required to order 50 but can order 25 baits in what ever baits they want. So now 25 baits will be $12.00 + Shipping priority mail. (example) 25 green pumpkin Pepper craws will cost $12.00 + shipping. I figure that way if an angler would like to have craws in more than 1 color they can order 25 Black blue flake and 25 Green pumpkin giving them more options on bait selections. They can also be able to order craws and worms or any other baits and not have to buy 50. Would like to hear back on what folks think about the change? Thanks Softy
  24. Order and pricing changes

    Well I just received notice that my bait material it going to face a price increase on January 1st 2018 so I have going to be forced to take my prices back to the original prices. I will still let folks order in 25 bait numbers of any color but they will cost $12.50 + shipping and 5o count orders will cost $25.00 + Shippng. They said the price increase is due to the cost of petroleumused in making the material going up. I hope this does not stop folks from using my baits. Thanks Softy