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    It there anyone here that has a Helix 9si mounted on a Skeeter or any Helix side imaging transducer mounted on the transome of a Skeeter Boat that can take a picture of where it is mounted on your boat? My Son In law's boss bought him one as a bonus and I am trying to figure out where the Transducer mounts. My Eagle Transducer mounts much lower then any pictures I can find on this big Transducer. Any help would be greatly appreciated..........
  2. softbaitmaker

    Cherokee Results

    Congrads to all the winners and to all those brave anglers willing to challenge Mother Nature on another find Spring morning...........
  3. softbaitmaker

    Tracker Heritage

    If people keep trying to place orders for the boat Tracker may make the decision to put it back on the market once they get the back orders caught up. Right now they are doing something similar to what Harbor Freight is doing to the used tool business. They are killing it!! I had a guy come over to BT's to look at some table saws we have for sale and when he ask what we were asking for them and I priced them he laughed and said he can go buy a brand new one at Harbor Freight for 25 dollars less than I was asking for Bt's. Later that day I went and got a flyer of Harbor Freight and the guy was telling the truth. BT had a ton wood working tools and other tools and looking at the prices at Harbor Freight If we get rid of BT's stuff we are going to have to damn near give it away. Tracker is doing the same thing to the used boat business...........JMHO
  4. Depends on if boat was wired for 24 volt TM or just a 12 volt. I will post a picture of a 24 volt system. It should tell you if your boat is wired fro 24 volt or not. If not it will help you redo the wiring so you can go 24 volt. Hope this helps!
  5. softbaitmaker

    Switching Brands of Oil

    When I got my 1998 Skeeter with the 130 on it they told me to run Yamalube in it. I did for break in and then switched to Pennzoil Sythetic/Plus and that is all that has been used in it since 1998 and is still used in it today. The boat is 20 years old, the motor is also 20 years old and it has been in the shop twice. 1st time under warranty to have a brand new complete lower unit installed in 2000 and the 2nd time in 2015 to have the intake pans replaced in the motor which oil had nothing to do with that. Ethanol Fuel caused that after 16 years. The only other times it has been in the shop is for routine maintainence, Lower Unit service, water pumps and tune-ups and Carb choke adjustments.
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    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    Well, I guess you got your answer on my baits. Let me know if I can be of any service to you in the future. Thanks Doug aka Softy
  7. softbaitmaker

    Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    I would answer the question for you but better to let anglers that have been using them for years answer it instead. It's always better to hear it from folks that have used them first. I know what products your talking about and I can say with a clear mind. My baits to do not do that! Thanks Doug
  8. softbaitmaker

    Pegged weights?

    There are a couple different ways to peg a bait-weight combo and i know most folks use a toothpick, some use the rubber inserts and then there is the Florida weights which is my choice if and when I decide to peg a weight. I have never been much of a fan of the toothpick cause it puts added pressure to the line at that union. The Rubber is better but it but does not hold as well. I know the Florida weight systems cost a little more but no more than I use them I find it worth the difference..............JMHO
  9. softbaitmaker

    Stator replacement??

    I don't think it's much of a deal if they just chatged him about that much to patch it up last time and it went right back out. I think they should offer a better deal since he just paid them big bucks for almost nothing...........JMHO
  10. softbaitmaker

    Stator replacement??

    I would go back where I paid my hard earned money out to get my boat fixed and tell the to fix in right this time...........JMHO
  11. softbaitmaker

    Used ranger

    Who ever put the 250 on that boat broke the law to begin with. It gives your insurance company loop hole to not pay a claim if you were to have one. If it were me and I was going to shell out money on a boat it would be a brand new boat with all kinds of warranties and legal to insure.........JMHO
  12. softbaitmaker

    Damiki Technique

    That was exactly why I mentioned the spawn as a time in the year that color is vital but to a point. One of the besr bass anglers I have ever met passed away several years back but he and his partner won more tournaments than anyone I know and he shared his secrets with me because I was the one responsible for making the baits he used during the spawn along with the rest of the year. I don't mind sharing Rays secret now since he is gone and I don't think his partner is fishing any longer. He would have me make him a smoke bait that was so clear you could read a newspaper through it. No Glittler at all. Just a very transparent bait. He would throw the bait in the bed and shake it. The bass could not see anything except the profile of the bait but not the actual bait. The bass would become inferated with knowing something was in her bed and she could not tell what it was so she would strike it viciously to kill it and he would catch her. It was mostly lizards, craws and stick baits. In the Spring of the year they were the team to be and they seldom lost.
  13. softbaitmaker

    Damiki Technique

    This article and thread is exactly what I have been saying for the last 20+ years and some anglers understand what I am saying and many don't! everyone like to order baits from me and many times they will tell me to pick what ever color I think will work on such and such a lake which in most cases I have never fished on. In many of those cases I make what I think the angler would like more than the fish even though the baits will catch fish. I have been bass fishing most of my life but really got into it in about 1987 and began making my own baits in 1990. During the first 3 years of using store bought soft baits I realized that it was always the most bland colors that caught the most and biggest fish if I was fishing below the surface and not a top water bait. When I began making my own baits I went with the most band colors I could find beginning with Green Pumpkin Pepper. I would add red glitter to it or blue glitter to it to break up the color a little but Green Pumpkin became my staple base color to fish with and had great success with it pretty much regardless of what bait style I was making. About the only time I would change to another color was to go to t swim bait or Fluke. Now why Green Pumpkin your wondering? It is a very deceiving clor to a bass. The fish can tell there is something alive in front of him because his lateral line is telling him it is plus he is close enough he can see the outline of the bait or Silohette of it. The action of the bait will created the strike. Not the color but the action. Remember a Bass is a predator and depennds on eating things that live in his water in his lake. If the bait imitates a Craw the fish will bite it, if it imitates a worm the bass will hit it. It is the action much more than the color. In most cases a bass will strike anything that attracts it to it with it's action because in most cases it is some type of food. Now with that said, There are certain times of the year that colors can work in your favor but they are limited and you need to know when they are and every lake is different. The Spawn is the main one! Just food for thought!!!!!
  14. softbaitmaker

    Damiki Technique

    Black becomes dark gray, white becomes light gray and depending on the shade of blue if could be light or dark gray depending on blue color.
  15. softbaitmaker

    Damiki Technique

    Purple, Orange and Green are the only 3 colors that hold their colors below 5 feet of water depth. Everything else is dark gray of light gray according to fish eyeysight. If you really want to make sure your bait is seen in waters beyond 5 feet use Purple of any florescent color such as Orange, Pink, lime green, or any type of glimmer color that puts off a flash. The action of a bait attracts the fish to the bait through it's lateral line and the color keeps it's attention and will cause it to strike or not strike the bait.
  16. softbaitmaker


    I am adding the small flukes back in my molds and can now begin pouring the 2 inch Flukes! Going to be practicing pouring them cause they are a challenge right now.........
  17. softbaitmaker

    New “boat”. LOL

    I know you call that a Yak but it looks more like a canoe to me. I thought you sat down in a Yak like a tub with a hole in it. Hope you have fun with it anyway...........
  18. softbaitmaker

    on-board charging

    I plug my boat up when I come home and it stays plugged up until we go fishing again but I also do keep an eye on my water levels in the batteries and about 3 times a year I have a battery bottle made for servicing batteries and it has a mixture of water and acid in it for topping off each battery the 3 times a year. It does seem to extend battery life.
  19. softbaitmaker

    BT's secret hiding place

    Back about 10 years ago BT developed a desire to learn how to pour soft baits. I told him to just let me know what he wanted poured and I would pour it for him. He said, I have some secret color ideas and I want to make them so teach me how to pour baits. So i did and he spent about 10 days in a row watching me pour baits and mixing colors to fill bait orders. He would ask me at times to borrow molds and when I got ready to order materials he would have me order somethings for him. He would pay for all the shipping so I would order what ever he wanted along in my order. It was only a short time before he was not asking me to pour any baits for him. Now I know why. While digging my way into his bait room yesterday I discovered a closet I had not been in yet so I opened it up. Below is what I found. I told his wife that I would buy all the plastic stuff he had which I thought was some colors and glitters and about 6 molds and paid her. When I told her what i had found she said well it's plastic so it's yours and told me to take it all cause she had no use for it. A buddy and I loaded it up and brought it home and now I need to figure out what to do with it cause I don't need it either. With as many jigs and he made over the years I have no clue where he found the time to make this many soft baits. I still have a 1000+ of his jigs I need to sell not counting all of his jig making molds and all the other stuff needed to make jigs. He has drawers of Mustad Needle Point jig hooks with 100's of hooks in each of them. I think I am seeing a very large all Fishing Equipment Yard Sale in my future just to get rid of this stuff. Oh yea, I found these in the closet also::::Last 4 pictures
  20. softbaitmaker

    BT's secret hiding place

    I just edited the post and removed all the boxes of jigs that got sold and what it still up there is what I have left so when you ask me how many you think I have are you asking about soft baits or Jigs?
  21. softbaitmaker

    Jon boats

    The only way to find out would be to buy 1 and then catch a limit of keeper fish to put in it. It says the live well had aeration and with a little C&R or PRM and some ice it should work.......
  22. softbaitmaker

    BT's secret hiding place

    Update: I just have to figure out how to sell the soft baits and some Finesse Jigs and hair jigs and Flys. See pictures below. Looking for Offers on the Hair jigs and Flies but not sold seperately. The small box is one offer(last 2 ) pictures and the streamer jigs is another offer or can make one offer for all. Softy
  23. softbaitmaker

    Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    I think you will like your new Skeeter a lot Andy. I have been in a Skeeters since the early 90's and stil in one today. Oh Yea, love the color scheme.
  24. softbaitmaker

    Jon boats

    I have fished in a lot of local small tournaments and there was always 3 or 4 Jon boat anglers in them and quite a few times they ended up winning it and they had cooler type homemade live well systems and I don't think I every saw one of those boats have a dead fish.
  25. softbaitmaker

    New to me!!!

    Congrads on the ride and the opportunity to become part of the FLW. Back years ago when they came to Old Hickory Lake I was one of the drivers that took the top anglers back and forth to the lake from local Walmart and my buddy BT was one of the film boats that ran film for them while the were here. Great organization to be connected to for sure. Enjoy the boat and the opportunity to be part of the organization!!!!!!