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  1. Unfortunately, work calls for me tomorrow. Good luck and catch them up folks.
  2. Tracker and partner Also, spoke to Jeff. Tr196 and partner
  3. I'm out for this one. Have the classic for the Thursday night rodeos same day. Catch them up fellas.
  4. Not going to be able to make a Friday night tournament. Catch them up fellas.
  5. trackertxw175

    Boat leak

    Check your livewell fill pump housing also. Had that happen on mine. After taking on a lot of water, got home and drained it, returned to ramp and backed down without releasing tie downs. Climbed to back and opened battery compartment and could see where water was coming from cracks in the housing that holds livewell fill pump.
  6. I hear Boone calling 🤣

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    2. 31Airborne


      I drove over Boone a couple weeks ago.  Really cool seeing it full.  Couldn't help but think about all the brush and small trees that are now submerged cover.  Could be special.

      It'll take some time for fish to adjust to the new normal.  Dunno that I would write it off just yet.  if anything, I'd be more focused on spending time out there to pick up on how/when/where the fish are adapting to the new water level and conditions.

    3. Buckeye83


      Boone would cost me $100 in snags in one trip. Can’t afford that!!

    4. trackertxw175


      Crowd at SOHO going to cost me more than that lol

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