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  1. Tracker & spinflip Anything with a treble hook today lol
  2. By voting for ramps, does a vote for three separate ramps count as 3 votes for the same lake?
  3. trackertxw175

    New Ride

    Congrats. Those are nice boats
  4. Your first Winter smallmouth will help you get past Florida
  5. http://tnbassfishing.com/topic/53612-seat-replacement/ I used Mike Wright in Jefferson City. Don't know if he does carpet though. His contact info is in this link
  6. If you are moving to Farragut, one of the Knoxville members could probably direct you better than i. That area is mostly navigation reservoirs on the Tennessee River. I live in upper East Tennessee, which is on the storage/flood control TVA highland reservoirs part of the Tennessee River. The navigation lakes usually only fluctuate 5'-10', unless there is an extended heavy rainfall event. The storage lakes may fluctuate between 20'40' between winter to summer pool levels. The navigation lakes usually fish better when there is current. I am lucky if i get to a navigation lake once every two years or so. My last trip down that way was to Chickamauga the year before last. It's where the state record came out of.
  7. Well done Phil. I do better on walking the dog stick baits
  8. Welcome to the site and to East Tennessee
  9. Change my lineup to tracker and fisherman1989. Thanks.
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