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  1. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Sunline_Night_FC_Fluorocarbon_Line/descpage-SNFC.html Anyone tried this yet?
  2. Team Tracker if I can get out of bed. Got bumped back to 2nd shift again starting tomorrow
  3. Drunk/high woman walking down the middle of the road. Going to be a long summer here on Short Mtn lol

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SteveHTN


      :popcorn: this sounds entertaining 

    3. rusty50576


      Steve, let me know anytime and we can go watch the mayhem at the gas station down the hill from my house. It is indeed entertaining. 

    4. brwnbass


      Hell i found a guy laying in the middle of the road last summer near loyston point on norris. 'Ol boy was messed up as a soup sandwich. 

  4. As warm as it's been, could make it an evening tournament.
  5. Welcome to the site
  6. Congrats to 294stratos & tritonjoe on the win and BF. I'm still in shock that i finally caught some keepers on that cursed lake after going 0-20 lol
  7. Anyone catch the Highwaymen on Netflix? It was entertaining.

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    2. trackertxw175


      I don't want to spoil anything, but those dudes had some grit

    3. Buckeye83


      I watched it last night after reading this. It’s a good flick. 

    4. Rodknocker


      Watched it last night dang good movie 

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