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  1. With my other commitments and work schedule, I'll either see you all on SOHO or the first Boone night TX
  2. These are handy for storing plastic baits also. Fit nicely double stacked in my front deck compartments.
  3. Jamie, i am using the older deep Plano boxes. They are similar to their model 3730 Deep for my 8XD's. I actually keep my 10's in a plastic "shoebox" that i picked up from Wallmart that i also keep other "nameless" large baits in lol.
  4. Send them to Hatfield75 . he's the best that i've seen.
  5. Congrats on the boat
  6. Nice ride Jeff. Nice fish. Cherokee has been fishing great this winter.
  7. Welcome to the site and to Tennessee.
  8. No, but if you want them to fish enough tournaments with you to fish in the year end classic, they have to be a member to fish the classic.
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