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  1. So , does anyone else think it's a terrible idea to give a DNA sample to a place like "23 and me"? What say you folks? Hate to sound like I need Wes' tin foil hat.....

    1. rusty50576


      Hahahah. As it turns out I was considering doing the same. my aunt says a distant cousin of mine is attempting to trace the family further back that mid 1800s, which is as far back as our family history has been reconstructed. Apparently my brother and I are the only direct male descendants so our DNA might help trace it back further

    2. SteveHTN


      I'm debating it. I've always heard from older family members that we are German descent, so I wanna find out for sure. I do know I love to drink beer and eat bratwurst......

    3. whj812


      Dont do it... they might use it to clone you or something.  Just saying......

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