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  1. Damiki Technique

  2. Damiki Technique

    It will be better now that we've had a real cold snap to kill a few shad. The other Damiki will take off now.
  3. Intro From GaryBass

    Welcome to the site
  4. Gloves

    One of my sons gave me a pair of U-Line rubber work gloves which are surprisingly warm for no thicker than they are. Wear the fleece lined jerseys over when it really gets cold now.
  5. Winter head gear?

    I use Save Phace only when raining or air temp below 20*. Wear full face baclava and fleece toboggan under everything and pull hoodie top over it while running. I treat my Save Phace with Never Fog.
  6. New to the site

    Welcome to the site
  7. Relatively new to TN

    Welcome to the site
  8. Jon boats

    At that price, it would be easier to buy it and add another livewell. Hard to rig a jon with a trailer for under 10K
  9. Tracker Heritage

    The bigger they get, the easier it is to make a profit. If they are in it for 5% gross profit and they sell 10,000 of these, $5 million gross profit. Doesn't mean that they made money. It's all a numbers game. The other things that are higher margin that they sell with it at time of sale makes them profitable. It's merchandising 101: put low margin items in back of store. If a customer walks through store and buys a QT of oil and nothing else, you lost money. If they buy an air freshener, you made money.
  10. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    How many hours to do the break in on it? Seems like mine was a 8-10 hour deal with it trimmed down all the way the first few hours.
  11. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Congrats Andy. +1 on saving a fortune on oil.
  12. You didn't get no prettier!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SilverFox


      At least I didn't end up on solid ground when I was supposed to be in the water! 

    3. SteveHTN
    4. GlitterRocket
  13. 2017 Classic Results

    Congrats again to the winners.
  14. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    That's good news. Going to take me 4 hours to layer up.
  15. Classic weight prediction

    Here on Short Mtn, no one wants to hear any SOHO whining