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  1. trackertxw175

    Rusty hooks

  2. trackertxw175


    No, but the demo I watched was impressive. Looks like real time side/down imaging.
  3. trackertxw175

    Tx#5 sign up Ft. Pat

    https://www.google.com/maps/place/Warriors'+Path+State+Park/@36.4906249,-82.495919,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe9205b2c0290e50d!8m2!3d36.493868!4d-82.480727?hl=en-US Steve, it's in Warrior's Path state Park. 81 N to Tn Hwy 36 i believe
  4. trackertxw175


    Have a friend at work looking for a pontoon. Minimum 20', with or without motor and with trailer. PM me if anyone knows of one and I'll relay it to him.
  5. trackertxw175

    Welcome NaterTheBaiter

    Welcome to the site
  6. trackertxw175

    Tx#5 sign up Ft. Pat

    My bad lol
  7. trackertxw175

    Tx#5 sign up Ft. Pat

  8. trackertxw175

    Protect your fish in Hot Weather

    I am a fan of 3 fish limit in hot weather. I use flip clips also.
  9. trackertxw175

    TNBF tourney #4 Douglas

    I'm a maybe for this. Wife had back surgery earlier in week . Just depends on how well she does.
  10. trackertxw175

    TNBF tourney #4 Douglas

    Challexpress & Chugbugguru
  11. Then, one Tuesday for no particular reason, it started to rain. Big ole drops of rain. My boat will be wet for a while.

    1. SteveHTN


      LOL. I’m coming in town to fish this weekend. Be ready for hurricane winds, and a tornado. FML 

    2. rusty50576


      I had to fish under a bridge for 1 hr, then there was so much lightning I got out of the boat and stood under the bridge, too afraid to cast with all the electricity 

  12. trackertxw175

    HDS power cable

    Next step for me would be a test light or multimeter to see if there is voltage. My boat didn't come with a front unit, but was pre-wired from the factory. Do you have the same type power cable at console that you can check the front unit with? Think mine is also wired on one of the accessory fuses. May check those.
  13. trackertxw175

    HDS power cable

    Look at the pins in the cable. I'm having to clean mine every few months.
  14. trackertxw175

    TNBF #3 South Holston

    Change my line up to tracker and fisherman1488