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  1. trackertxw175

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    I think this was a good call. Even given my history of liking to fish in bad weather, I had reservations about this. I live in a protected valley and the wind has been howling over the tops of the hills for last couple hours here.
  2. trackertxw175

    New Hot Rod

    Congrats on the new ride. there's a few Triton guys on here that could advise you on the set-up.
  3. trackertxw175

    Great Lake Angler in town.

    Welcome to the site
  4. trackertxw175

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    I'll have to wait till Thursday before I know if we're in or not.
  5. trackertxw175


    I have a friend who lives in Cleveland and fishes it some. He caught some monster spot there last week.
  6. This new shift is killing me


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    2. SteveHTN


      Sounds bout like a good case of chlamydia. 

    3. whj812


      Dude that schedule would make me insane....  ughh sorry man!

    4. Buckeye83


      Dang. That’s a tough schedule. Hope it doesn’t last. 

  7. trackertxw175

    Skeeter FX21 for sale

  8. trackertxw175

    New to fishing in the area

    Welcome to the site.
  9. trackertxw175

    Welcome rtw1955

    Welcome to the site
  10. trackertxw175

    7/29/18 Bluegill Fishing

    Thanks for the report Matt. Sounds like a good trip.
  11. trackertxw175

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome to the site
  12. trackertxw175

    Rain gear recommendation??

    I haven't found anything comfortable in warm weather. I use the non-insulated Cabela's Guidewear. It's made larger than the size it is, which allows layering. Has scuba type cuffs. Fished in downpours and stayed dry. I wear Sub-Zero coveralls under them in brutally cold weather and stay warm. Mine are going on five seasons now.
  13. 35 years ago today was the infamous "pine tar" bat incident. George Brett's game winning homer called an out after Yankee's coach Billy Martin argues that he had too much pine tar on the bat.

    1. SteveHTN


      Now that’s interesting. The makeup game was pretty wild too. 

    2. trackertxw175


      I was actually watching that game after work. George lost his mind when they called him out while he was sitting in the dugout after circling the bases. One of the most bizarre things I have ever seen.



    3. Jamie De Vera

      Jamie De Vera

      First I've seen this. I've heard of it but didn't know exactly what happened and yeah Brett lost his mind but what the coaches did with the bat after they called out didn't help his case lol

  14. trackertxw175

    Ned rig

    I only use the heads with the wire weedguards
  15. trackertxw175

    Co-poylomer line?

    Guess that explains why mono feels more elastic. Good read.
  16. trackertxw175

    Co-poylomer line?

    In my opinion, there's more stretch with co-polymer than with fluorocarbon.
  17. trackertxw175

    1st post

    Welcome to the site
  18. Let's hope for a better forecast for tomorrow

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    2. SteveHTN


      LOL. Funny shiz right there. In all seriousness, everybody be careful tonight. Had several tornado warnings near me in east Arkansas last night, as well as a good wind/rain/thunder/hail storm that woke me up about midnight. That crap is heading y’alls way. 

    3. BulletDeuce


      In all seriousness, ditto to what Steve said. Everyone be careful out there.

    4. trackertxw175


      Hopefully we won't have anything like what came through last night. That was insane.

  19. trackertxw175

    Tokyo rig???

    Looks like a version of the Jika rig
  20. trackertxw175

    TNBF #6 Cherokee Night

    Tracker and Spinflip
  21. trackertxw175

    Best deep diveing cranking rod

    This time of year, you could crank a 9:1 as fast as you can crank and not get it away from a Bass.
  22. Watching Lake Oahe on BASS live is like watching a winter TX on an East Tennessee lake. Most are vertical fishing.

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    2. trackertxw175


      Nothing like watching sheep graze lol. They also said that there is only one marina that sells gas on the entire lake.

    3. Peck


      On the southern end of the lake

    4. SteveHTN


      LOL. Sounds like pretty fun viewership Rose. 

  23. trackertxw175

    Welcome CrowsNestRaider

    Welcome to the site and to East Tennessee.
  24. trackertxw175

    Ned rig

    This stuff is easy to use. Costs more, but worth it.