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  1. 70+ Lbs Food Grade Corn Sugar

    Still ketch far ? Lol
  2. New boat

    Congrats. Fished out of a tiller steer for years.
  3. Winter project

    Decided to add a recessed trolling motor tray to my boat over the winter. Hardest part of the job was trimming the sides of the cubby hole trough that runs under the front deck. It also cost me two rod tubes of storage. After last weekend's TX, my back thanked me. I just need a day off of good weather to clean the boat.
  4. Winter project

    You can buy them. Mine is homemade.
  5. Boone Results

    Congrats on the win. Broke something in the lower unit and left early. Hopefully I'll have it fixed in time for the next time I get a day off.
  6. TNBF #1 Boone

    Add me back in with ChallExpress as partner. Work cancelled my weekend shift.
  7. Tourney#1 Weight Prediction

  8. TNBF #1 Boone

    Scratch us for now. Working again.
  9. Tourney Scales

    Looks good
  10. Almost!

    Congrats. What lake?
  11. New member: Todd McGill

    Welcome to the site
  12. TNBF #1 Boone

    Work may change my mind later, but add tracker and spinflipp
  13. Lets talk fishing!

    Welcome to the site. Prayers sent for the young'un
  14. Bobcat Bumpkin Lures

    You going away from the SOHO 4" shakey head worm in the bulk pack? Lol
  15. Bobcat Bumpkin Lures

    Have you tried his new one? I wouldn't throw it either lol.
  16. This is me in a nutshell

    Welcome to the site. Wait until you get one of our smallmouth on topwater.
  17. Old fisherman

    Welcome to the site
  18. Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    No and they float.
  19. Pegged weights?

  20. Pegged weights?

    Mostly just in trees and the few times I make it to a lake with grass or hydrilla. I use the lightest weight I can get away with in trees/laydowns and heavier in hydrilla.
  21. Hello

    Welcome to the site
  22. Fishing

    Welcome to the site
  23. Bobcat Bumpkin Lures

    +1 He makes the best lure knocker on the market
  24. Damiki Technique

  25. Damiki Technique

    It will be better now that we've had a real cold snap to kill a few shad. The other Damiki will take off now.