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  1. I love it. You'll need a sherpa to go where I go lol.
  2. Seems to me, that the Lowrance Ghost was one I heard making a lot of whining noise while watching a few MLF episodes.
  3. Alas, I must say no to this one. Seriously though, I have a scheduling conflict. I'll see you all on SOHO
  4. If you watch the MLF events where the participants are "mic'ed up", you can definitely hear some of the brands make a whiny noise. Don't remember what brands, but can really hear it on some boats. May just be a case where one of the same brand is louder than another of the same brand.
  5. Forgot to add that my spinning rods are mostly braid to leader. I have my tightline rod spooled all the way with 6lb fluorocarbon and a spare spool for another rod all the way with 8lb mono for clear water topwater. Everything else is braid with an Alberto knot to the leader.
  6. I hang my spools on a nail when I respool line. For the most part,I have found that have the line come off the bottom of the spool for spinning and off the top for baitcast. Think I have only had one brand of line that was the opposite. To check to be sure it's spooling correctly, wind three or four times and then move rod tip towards the spool. If it twists the line, flip the spool over. It will loop while you spool it if you have the spool turned the wrong way.
  7. Congrats to expressjet and thilton on the win. Congrats to TNBF on same day results
  8. Weather all over the place this week, longer days, and cold water. What's it going to take? I'm guessing 14-12, with a 5-4 on bf
  9. Big kudos to Hatfield75 on the custom paintwork he did for Mike Bucca, Bullshad Baits, and the pics i've seen from the show. awesome work dude :cheers:

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      Some work he's doing for Mike Bucca

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      @bronzebackhuntrhas probably drooled over these a time or 2. Those are awesome looking baits. @Hatfield75

  10. https://youtu.be/xg7ivLcxKWs I watched this because I couldn't believe how big the deck is on this boat, but wait until he opens the battery compartment lol
  11. There's a link on BBC today that mentions a Garmin software update that is now causing ghost "trees and ditches" to appear on live units. Someone mentioned that they had the issue on theirs prior to the update. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Agreed. Less time consuming ways to catch them. I've caught fish dropping a Damiki but I hardly ever do it. After spending an entire day doing it, I couldn't move my head the next day. Last thing I need is another technique where I'm tilting my head down staring at my bow display. Makes my neck hurt just thinking about it.
  13. I don't currently own a "live unit". I have had Lowrance and Hummingbird for sonar/DI and now have Hummingbird sonar/SI at the console with a Lakemaster Chip. I like the ability to do a color shaded water level offset and also the ability to make my own real time maps. I have talked to a few friends that put a livescope on their boats at the bow and heard the same "be aware of" comments: -- It uses a lot of power. So probably looking at a lithium upgrade just to power electronics -- "I see a lot of fish but they don't or won't chase the bait". "I'm still trying to figure it out". --I got Garmin and wished i waited for Hummingbird or Lowrance, or some combination of i wished i got the other brand. All that being said, we all saw what happened on Lake Fork with Patrick Walters using it to target suspended fish in timber with a jerkbait. I have thought about it as well but it's going to be a learning curve for something that i probably won't use as much as i would a 360 where i'm looking for rockpiles and other offshore stuff. I could see spending hours targeting fish that won't bite. The ones that told me "I'm still trying to figure it out" probably have 🤣😂
  14. After having to replace my cranking battery (or group 24) roughly every 18 months, I put a larger tray and went with a group 29 deep cycle. My cranking requirements are less than most because of my 60hp 4-stroke but because I tournament fish so much, I use my livewell, depth finders and and lights more than most. All of which run off of the cranking battery on my boat. This one has lasted two years so far.
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