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  1. trackertxw175

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Forgot to mention that i saw a huge red fox near Deer Lick running along the bank. Thought it was a dog at first. It vanished into the woods before i got the phone out to shoot a pic.
  2. trackertxw175

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Congrats to Bobby and Randy. I never had the first bite out there today lol.
  3. trackertxw175

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Up 3'-4' by the looks of this https://www.tva.com/Environment/Lake-Levels/Boone/Boone-Operating-Guide
  4. trackertxw175

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Hope I'm off to be in it lol
  5. trackertxw175

    Welcome SmallieCrusher

    Welcome to the site
  6. trackertxw175

    2009 Triton 21HP Pro Elite

    Buying another one?
  7. trackertxw175

    Welcome wwclyde

    Welcome to the site
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    Welcome to the site
  9. trackertxw175

    TNBF Gear Info

    How much are the long sleeve jerseys? I just went to the top and saw the price. My bad. I'll be in for a couple.
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    Welcome to the site
  11. trackertxw175

    2018 TNBF Classic Results

    Congrats to Luke and Donnie on the win and to Wes and Joe on BF. Big congrats to the Tnbf TX crew on a well run TX
  12. trackertxw175

    2018 TNBF Classic

    What time is sign up in morning?
  13. trackertxw175

    2018 TNBF Classic

    It's not a happy time there right now. Morale is terrible.
  14. trackertxw175

    2018 TNBF Classic

    I think I have more personal time this time of year than everyone else in the plant combined, not to mention I have enough vacation days squirreled away to have been able to take off Thursday through Sunday lol
  15. trackertxw175

    Mega bass vs lucky craft jerk baits

    Best day I ever had on Boone was throwing a small suspending/slow sinking jerkbait that shall remain anonymous lol. Late Fall- early winter, windy, blue bird and fairly miserable. We smoked them on that thing.
  16. trackertxw175

    2018 TNBF Classic

    What happened?
  17. trackertxw175

    2018 TNBF Classic

    I'm happy lol
  18. trackertxw175

    Same as spinflipp

    Welcome back "junior" lol
  19. trackertxw175

    Black Friday results

    Congrats to Buckeye83 & guest on the win
  20. Pumpkin dip.......my new best friend

    1. SteveHTN


      Idk why, but that sounds good as ****

    2. Astro180


      Somehow, i am just seeing this.....and that sounds awesome!

  21. trackertxw175

    2018 TNBF Annual Black Friday Tournament

    Add CHallExpress and partner
  22. trackertxw175

    2018 Black Friday Weight Prediction

    16.23 with 5.85 lm BF
  23. trackertxw175

    Welcome Ronjr

    Welcome to the site Ron