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  1. JIGnJ()N

    Why have I not thought of this????

    Hey those things work. I actually have made those for a long time, I get the caps from samantha's uncle. (I don't drink) I've made hundreds I guess. Here's a nice Brown I caught in the river behind my house on an Michelob Ultra lid.
  2. JIGnJ()N

    12 Volt MinnKota

    Hmm, well, I am going to change the battery around because I knew somthing just didn't look right. The trolling motor does seem to be running as a regular 12v would. The feller I got the boat from put this trolling motor on it a couple years ago. It originally had one of those tiller style because I think the guy who bought it off the showroom floor set down to fish due to health problems. Doug, the crankin battery and the trolling batteries are seperate. Their is a Cranking battery just for the big motor. THen you have the 2 Dekas rigged up for the Trolling Motor. Later on, I am going to be replacing that 12v system with a 24 volt. I thought it was a 24 volt, until I got to looking at it.
  3. JIGnJ()N

    12 Volt MinnKota

    The two batteries that are in the boat are 2 new Deep Cycle Deka's.
  4. JIGnJ()N

    12 Volt MinnKota

    I looked on the top of the trolling motor, it said 55lb and 12v. I will double check again tomorrow. I am clueless as to how that TM is working with the batteries like that. This is the one that's on the boat. Minn Kota
  5. JIGnJ()N

    Tournament Jerseys

    HECK YEA!!!
  6. I was looking around in the battery compartment of the boat today and noticed the wiring for the trolling motor seemed wrong. THe TM that is on the boat is a 55lb Minn Kota Edge. It came with 2 new Deka's but the way it is wired up looks wrong to me. The TM works as I tested it last weekend when I took the boat out for the first time. If it was a 12 volt system, shouldn't the batteries be hooked (+) to (+) and (-) to (-)? In order to keep it a 12 volt and just make the batteries last alot longer? I know a 24 volt system has the TM leads (+) on one battery and (-) on the other battery with a Jumper wire from (+) to (-) to make it a series set-up. Alright, now that I have everyone else confused, let me hear some feedback.
  7. JIGnJ()N

    Tournament Jerseys

    Hey Jamie, My buddy Just had a Jersey and Hoodie made for the B.A.I.T this year. He loves it and they look great! Here's a link to where he got it. http://g2gemini.com/fishing/
  8. It looks like you all had a great time! Thanks for sharing all the info with the rest of us. I'm hoping me and Samantha will be able to fish the Boone Tournament!
  9. JIGnJ()N

    What blacklight do you use for night fishing?

    Sounds good Doug. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind.
  10. JIGnJ()N

    What blacklight do you use for night fishing?

    I use the Hoppy's Pro Glows. They work great. And when they quit working, I'll be replacing them with more as long as I can find them.
  11. JIGnJ()N

    ? about aerator pump

    You are very welcome.
  12. JIGnJ()N

    ? about aerator pump

    Yeap, that pump in the link you posted should work for you. It is an external pump that draws water in to fill your livewell up.
  13. JIGnJ()N

    ? about aerator pump

    Funny that you posted this. I was at walmart Saturday evening looking for a replacement pump for mine. The link you posted is exactly the way that mine is. I think the one you are talking about is a regular pump to fill your livewell. (As the Pictures shows) Which is NOT a submersible style pump. The recirculating pump will just pull water from your livewell and shoot it back into the top. (making bubbles) THe pump you have now, is it mounted on the outside of your livewell near the bottom, with a short peice of hose attached to a fitting in the top of the livwell?
  14. JIGnJ()N

    BlueWater L.E.D's

    I'm thinking about a future lighting project and was wondering if any of you guys have used the BlueWater L.E.D's? I was kicking around the idea of putting in some compartment lights. Let's hear some feedback. Thanks guys!