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  1. Well in today's world that make us a majority doesn't it
  2. Good report Matt Thanks for sharing
  3. Congrats on your new boat
  4. Fellow Buckeye here Welcome aboard
  5. Whopper

    Ranger rt198p

    I agree a 100% Doug
  6. Whopper

    Ranger rt198p

    You go Softy N&N I really hope you weren't knocking Morristown Marine, if Andy wants to sell RV's to make money so be it
  7. Good Luck Doug and Happy New Year!
  8. I could only wish Where the hell is Santa anyways
  9. Steve is correct, lots of guys running the 36volt models on the 621 Rangers, Tritons and similar platforms. I personally haven't heard about any freezing up during the cold weather months. I have a friend that is a prostaffer and guide on Lake Erie, I will shoot her a email and ask about your concern.
  10. Sounds like a good time to me Thanks for sharing
  11. Whopper

    New boat

    Congrats, looks like a fish catching machine to me.
  12. Looking good Ross, I wish I could do the same in my boat
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