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  1. Whopper

    Boat leak

    I jixned myself replying to this thread. Weekend before last I spent 3 hours in 90 degree heat replacing a burnt up bilge pump. Peck hopefully your all fixed up
  2. Whopper

    Boat leak

    I had a starter replaced on my IO couple years ago, pulled away from the marina and the same thing happen to me. Turn out they broke the hose off my bilge pump and the water just flooded in. One thing I don't like about my boat the drain for the bilge was installed to low and just barely above the water line when it is sitting. Good luck in your search
  3. Well done Matt, those smallmouth are bruisers. Thanks for sharing
  4. Small fortune in batteries alone
  5. Well who was the big stick today???? Inquiring minds want to know 🤨
  6. Doug what us the model on the one in the center of the picture
  7. Keep them charged and you'll get your monies worth out of them.
  8. I run 31 series Interstates, one cranking and two for my trolling motor. Don't think I ever paid over $150 for any of them. I even use the the same battery on my boat lift (that gets charged with a solar panel) for the past four years. I'm happy with the Interstates.
  9. Whoa that's a big ole bugle mouth and a good dinner fish, just curious did ya keep the walleye?
  10. Whopper

    Whopper Ploppers

    Caught another ten the last two mornings. Fish were real aggressive yesterday, this morning I had to really tease them, twitching with real long pauses. All of them hit the bait while it was sitting still Rusty the buzz bait was my favorite topwater, I could always count on a couple fish working weedbeds early but for some reason I've zeroed most of the time this season on them.
  11. Whopper

    Whopper Ploppers

    A lot of baits and technics I use are old school, been complacent and I'm trying to start expanding into different baits and technics. This weekend I'm going to try my hand at drop shotting. The lake I fish is clear water with a lot of weeds, I was very surprised on how well the WP'S worked with minimal weed fowls.
  12. Has anyone else had the pleasure of chucking these. My son bought me a couple and gave them to me for my birthday, used one for the first time last weekend and it was awesome. Bait can be used in multiple ways and the action is great Caught a couple quality fish and had a few other blowups
  13. Whopper

    Older Ranger

    Looking for opinions on this boat. Let me hear them, particularly the motor https://www.ohiogamefishing.com/threads/1988-ranger-363v-for-sale.370295/
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