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  1. Welcome BuckeyeAl

    Welcome aboard, there's a couple of us Buckeyes here.
  2. The time has come, heading north for the toothy critters

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Buckeye83


      Hope you have a blast Phil. Look forward for your reports. Good luck. 

    3. SteveHTN


      Have fun up there Phil 

    4. whj812


      Heck yea dude!!  Please document and post again of your trip!  Those are always the best.

  3. TNBF #5 South Holston Results

    Sounds like a good time Congrats to the winners
  4. My first Bass boat

    Congrats! Now get her all slimed up
  5. Nitro Z18 - Finally home!

    Congrats Wes, that is a sweet looking ride.
  6. Changing things up this year

    Looking good. Good luck fishing out of it.
  7. Ranger Boat For Sale

    What year? Motor? Asking price?
  8. Onboard Charger

    Thanks again fellas, Karma may not like it but you guys have made me rethink to a 3 bank charger. In searching it's not that much more money. Again thanks for the help, I respect your opinions that's why I asked. Can't beat experience
  9. There is a Gander less than five minutes from my house. When it first open it was awesome, the store manager was a fisherman, a musky guide from Wisconsin. The fishing department was well stocked and sold things like jigs, lead weights and some plastics in bulk. Most of the part time help were fisherman so it was a good place to hang out sometimes. The gun department was also large and ran by a retired local cop and avid duck hunter. Need a battery, accessory, oil from the boat they had it. Good amount of outdoor clothing also. They even had a seperate space with it's own entrance for live bait. Their prices weren't bad at all. Well fast forward to about five years ago the manager left and they brought someone else in and the whole store changed, and not for the good. Fishing department is about a third of size it was, as too the gun shop. Very limited boat supplies. They do had a ton of clothes, boots, shoes, candy and snacks. They don't have anyone that knows anything about the fishing gear they do sell and if something doesn't have a price tag on it good luck with that. They also closed the live bait space too.
  10. Onboard Charger

    Thanks everyone. The only reason I was looking at a two bank was I've never had any issues during the season with the cranking battery. Unlike most of you guys my boat only get used from May to November and besides weekends and a week trip here and there it was parked in my garage and charging wasn't a problem. Again Thanks
  11. Awhile back I was looking at doing something solar for charging my trolling motor batteries while my boat sits on a lift at the lake. Well after researching I have nixed that idea and the main reason is a couple other people that are closer than me to our boat dock asked me about installing some electric and we have pretty much agreed that one of the guys is going to let us use his power, another fella is going to provide a trencher and I am going to install the electric. I'm going run the wiring in PVC and size the conductors properly so we won't have any voltage drop. With that said I have started searching for a two bank on board charger to install in my boat and again there is a ton of them out there but I have no experience with them. I run two batteries just for my 12/24volt trolling motor. So this is where you guys come in with opinions and suggestions. I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance Phil
  12. Testers needed

    Well done, I really like the second to the last.
  13. Drift socks

    We use them all the time on Lake Erie fishing for walleye. Use them to slow down a drift or to slow down a troll. I even have some smaller bags that I use while fishing in northern Ontario. A very useful tool
  14. Damiki rigs

    This is something I have to look into. Did more bass fishing this past season than I have in the last fifteen years combined. Fishing a deep clear water lake in Northeastern Indiana I did quite well until high water temps drove the fish deep and I really struggled during August and Sept. Don't know why I can pluck walleye out of the depths but I'm having a hard time catching bass from deep water.
  15. 2016 Classic Results

    Pretty impressive considering the conditions with 8 of 9 boats bringing in a limit. Congrats to winners