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  1. I, like Airborne, tend to prefer deeper jerkbaits... 8 to 10 feet. Therefore the Megabass Vision 110+1 and the Lucky Craft Staysee 90 are my go-to jerkbaits. However, there are times you need a deep bait, but the fish are not interested in a 90 to 110mm bait. Their forage is smaller, so they tend to aim for smaller. But a small deep bait is virtually unheard of. at least in the states for some reason. I was turned on to this bait six years ago and it has kicked butt on many a day. Actually, my first time was with a Canadian friend who opened his tackle box and with this little Nories Laydown Minnow Deep we had a 100 fish day including several 5 lbers on Lake Erie. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NORIES-LAYDOWN-MINNOW-DEEP-JUST-WAKASAGI/381035066520?hash=item58b775b498:rk:1:pf:0&var Nories is a well known brand in Japan (and Canada), but their soft baits are all I've ever found in US stores. There are a couple exporters who tend to use eBay to cover the US market. They're only 66 mm, but still go 7 to 8 foot deep that run perfect, come in a multitude of colors and are reasonably priced. Nories has a website, but as far as I can tell, the do not sell retail
  2. Hard to beat Guidewear, but yes, Carhartt and Grundens will keep you drier.... from the rain that is, not the sweat. Rubber coated nylon is like a sauna. Just keep in mind, if it's breathable, it can't be 100% waterproof and vise versa.
  3. Ahhhh... prus one. vely good. WAKASAGI ! ! !
  4. Best idea since automatic bilge pumps! ;o) I shudder at all the years I spent with mono coiling off the dang spool. Usually 15 or 20 lb green PowerPro with a 6 to 10 ft Seaguar Floro leader. Mono leader if I'm throwing topwater.
  5. Reels used to have small drive gears and a lower gear ratio meant more power. Today's reels have larger drive gears, so the ratio is not as much of a factor. That and longer reel handles afford one the ability to crank fast or slow with minimal effort.
  6. Thanks Turdy-One... I appreciate the kind words and it was great talking to you yesterday!
  7. Just to be clear, the prices above were for the new frame alone. My service charge to tear it down and clean & lube it is $20 plus shipping. Nothing additional to swap out the frame if done at the same time. Send me the number stamped on the reel foot and I can find for sure if it is available and a closer cost figure. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_f8sg3I41E_k/TMVspgxVbtI/AAAAAAAAAiw/w9yQw5ETDjU/s1600/PA252279.JPG
  8. Quickly, I see 4 different 4601C3 (they will have different foot numbers) and yes, on all, the thumb bar is pressed into the frame and is non-serviceable. With shipping and assuming my price list is correct, it looks like anywhere from $40 to $55, depending on the particular version.
  9. Just about anything, including saltwater reels. If you have something old with something broken, there is the possibility there are no parts available. If that is the case, e-mail me with the make and complete model along with the issue and I can tell you better the odds. Thanks,
  10. I'll be your huckleberry... whatcha got? Go to my website, click on Service Request and you can get a form to send with the reel (s) and will you all the information you need. Don't forget to give me both your e-mail & phone and let me know if you want the package insured when I send it back. This is my busy time of year, so don't expect them back next week. Any other questions, call or e-mail me.... Thanks
  11. Just curious... when you say Damiki, which bait in particular are you drop-shotting? I know they make many, along with both hard baits and wire baits. As far as the trolling or not, I think it's bullshit. First off, maybe umpteen years ago before sonar, but who trolls for bass anymore. If it worked and was that unfair, millions would still be doing it. When was the last time you saw someone with their Buck Perry Spoonplugging baits? Secondly show me the guy who hasn't made a cast before his boat stopped moving or who hasn't spinnerbaited a bank as the wind or current pushed him along and I'll show you a liar. To me there is no difference in buzzbaiting a grass bed as the wind blows you down it and fishing it back up wind using the trolling motor. JMHO, but trolling is 6 rods in rod holders and a sodie-pop in my hand. One rod in had casting down a bank is not!
  12. Sorry Bud, but no luck. I checked with a couple different large reel repair places, including Bass Pro, who usually have a large amount of discarded reel parts laying around and no one could find one with a side plate for that reel. My only other suggestion would be to watch eBay. Sometimes you will find parts on there, but a whole side plate would be rare. With the hopes it's OK, fits and the shipping, you'd probably be better off putting that money toward a new reel.
  13. No promises Brownbass, but give me the full model number and I will make a few inquiries. When you say side plate leads me to believe it's a baitcaster and you lost the brake side plate, including all the magnetic brake parts, including the dial & drum, along with the bearing... please verify, either here. by PM or click my logo and send me an e-mail.
  14. No, and that is the reason I do not recommend them. They appear to be a decent built reel, but a company that does not carry replacement parts beyond a couple years, really turns me off.
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