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  1. maw10

    A long wait

    nice boat! i have the same kind of boat only it's an aluma-craft and i love mine. you should get many hours of fun once it's all ship shape. i'm glad for you.
  2. maw10

    Lew's LFS reel

    i gave myself a present this year and ordered out one of those new Lew's LFS reels. got a chance to try it out yesterday and thought i'd post a comment here about it as i'm very pleased with it. first off, i'm not an expert by any stretch, and most of the other reels i have are pretty inexpensive reels so i have nothing to compare to as far as higher dollar stuff. with that said, you can decide for yourself how good this product report is. as far as what i'd call a mid to upper-range "entry level" reel, i would highly recommend it. it doesn't have alot of bells and whistles, mostly in the cast control area as it only has the one magnetic anti-backlash control...no centrifugal internal control. its small and low profile and fits nicely in my hand and casts very smoothly and retrieves the same. it was very breezy on the lake yesterday, and while casting a square bill crank bait i found that one click up in the cast control knob allowed me to cast directly into the wind with no over run problem at all. i could cast a long way with very little effort, and it was comfortable to use for many casts in a row, which means alot to me and my stiff stove up old body. the drag was very smooth and held right where i set it which helped me land a six and a half pounder yesterday. bottom line...if you're looking for a reel in the $100 range, which, by the way, is more than i've ever spent on one, and can't decide if you want to risk the money on something you might or might not be happy with, i'd tell you i think this reel is worth the bucks and worth taking a chance on. my opinion is that just about anyone would like this product.
  3. not to hijack this post, but talking nano-fil....anyone use it on baitcasting outfits? if so...how is it?
  4. a shiny new toy! and the weather report looks purty good fer the weekend too...at least for us westys...hope the same for you over there. all it needs is a little fresh fish slime on that deck. good for you!
  5. well then...why ain't you out soakin' lures this mornin'? the sun's shinin' here an' i aion't but about 30 miles south of you.
  6. welcome westy! not many of us post here from our side of the state, but there's lots of good info and tips here from the gang over on the east side. just jump in anytime and let us know how you're doing. BTW...it's good to see a young person so interested in fishing and hunting. keep it up.
  7. you've got Old Hickory and all the Cumberland river system waters right in your back yard, if you live right in or near Nashville. Percy Priest lake is just to the east. then a little west of you is Barkley and Kentucky lakes depending on how far you want to travel, with Wilson, Pickwick, and all the other reserviors on the Tn. river system. in other words, you're surrounded by good fishing. many many many more places to fish all across the state, from Reelfoot lake in the far N.W to "the Chick" down by Chatanooga. grab yor pole and take your pick. if you are in Nashville, you're in "middle tn", and on this forum's home page there's a section for your part of hte state with the major waters listed. if you pick up a copy of "Sportsman's Connection" fishing map guide, i've seen them at wal mart and i thing bass pro carries them, it gives you a pretty good breakdown of most of your area lakes and streams. there's a separate one for west, middle, and east Tn. and i think they're pretty good books. not "super" detailed, but it'll get you started. welcome to Tn., by the way.
  8. maw10

    Boat Carpet

    just remember, the darker the color the hotter your deck will be in july and august. a light grey might be a little cooler.
  9. maw10

    Alabama rigs

    here we go again. i think it's very simple...if you don't like it, don't use it. if you don't want to break someone in to bass fishing by using it, don't. i don't use it myself, but only by choice and mainly cuz i hate throwing all that hardware, but i don't begrudge anyone else that wants to use it. when i deer hunt i only hunt with my bow...my choice. if you wanna hunt with a smoke pole, crossbow, shotgun, rifle, or a spear, and it's legal for you to do so, go right on ahead. who are you or me or anyone else to judge what someone else uses? bottom line here is...this is the good ol' US of A, and if it's legal to use, it's left up to us whether we use it or not. one more thing to think about, we not only have the right to choose what we use, we all pay for that right. if it wasn't for the revenue that license fees, lake passes, and excise taxes on gear and tackle, we wouldn't have the fisheries these revenues offer thru stocking programs, habitat and waterway management, as well as studies to determine limits and other regs. so please...just go fishing and enjoy all we have. don't give your fellow fishermen a hard time over one type of lure. use whatever you want to use, catch fish, and have fun. life's too short to work yourself up over something like this no matter which side of the lake you're on.
  10. maw10

    New rod & reel setup

    i'll be interested to hear the answers to this question. for some reason, my bro in law got me a BP reel for Christmas in 5.3:1. probably not something i'd have gotten for myself, i suspect he got it on clearance or something and was looking for something to get me. i know reels around this speed are preferred for crankbaits, but i'm still not sure why. if it's simply to slow down the retrieve, i do that by how fast i turn the handle, but i've got it paired up with a BP rod in MH, and it seems to cast very nicely so i'm looking forward to trying it out on some bass fish this spring. maybe i'll see for myself the advantage of a slower reel for cranks...we'll see.
  11. not to hi-jack this thread, but this quote got me wondering. years ago i had a Lews rod and loved it...til i broke the darn thing. i don't see much talk about Lews rods, just their reels...of which i have none but my son has a couple and told me if he could afford to do it he'd switch out all his reels to Lews right now. my question is...what about Lews rods? any good? as good as their reels?
  12. maw10

    fishing grass

    i've never fished Guntersville, but i did stay at a Holiday Inn once. one thing to remember about frog fishing is that sometimes they're best when the sun is "high and bright" because the bass will slip deeper into the grass and weed then, and a frog worked over the top of the slop can be one of the few ways to get to them. jusat make sure you have heavy enuf tackle to horse them out of the junk.
  13. maw10


    use the expensive stuff....oh, wait....it's all expensive.
  14. congrats to everyone. i was cheering for you all from afar, mostly that you'd have alot of fun, enjoy the day, get back safe....and even catch a fish or two.
  15. judging by the day i had today i'm saying 11.5...big fish, 4,7.
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