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  1. I’m in with Jeff (guest) unless something changes again
  2. Put me down I’ll be coming back in town that day so going to try and make it
  3. I’ve never had a problem releasing them straight after catching them but if you are going to have in live well for a bit you need to fizz or fin clip
  4. I’ve got one that’s 12/24 if your still looking
  5. I’m in with mcdaniel3332 unless something comes up
  6. Throwing around the idea of selling my boat runs strong just installed hydro steering about 2 1/2 years ago,motor guide trolling motor about 3 years ago, three new deep cycle batteries last April, new three bank charger June of last year. Not the best looking boat needs new carpet seats redone and a good wet sanding but fish’s great and that’s all that matters to me. Price 5000 OBO
  7. Add me to the list as long as I can get everything packed up and home from my boys birthday party that afternoon I should be there
  8. put me in for this one not sure if ill be able to make it but I need to get back on the water.
  9. Every one that’s fishing in the morning becareful there wasn’t a lot of trash floating today but the stuff that was floating was huge like whole trees.
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