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  1. Anyone got a power cord for a helix?? Thanks
  2. i damiki fished with a helix all last winter and they are good depth finders..u can see a damiki 70ft promise ya..boat looks good dood you did a good job lot better than i could of ever done \
  3. TNBF Tx #5 Soho Results

    Tuff nite for sure u got that right..thanks for putting these on fellers
  4. Skeeter/ Yamaha issues

    Did you change your plug wires too?
  5. Helix 5 si

    i got one the downscan ones and they are ok but not nothing sepecial..they do the job
  6. new graph

    hummingbird and this is coming from a lowrance man..but to each is own they all serve the same purpose and do a dang good job of it
  7. got a helix back about the first of jan..excellent little finder man you will be pleased..the balzout mount is a awesome mount i dont have one for my helix yet, but this is what i'll be getting as well
  8. Tight Steering Cable

    may have to unbolt your motor to get it out or in..dont force it
  9. Seats

    curious on this as well...im doing the same thing this winter..anyone recommended someone to re-upholstery them?
  10. 17.75...4.77 smallmouth
  11. Alabama rigs

    try it i bet you cant catch them like your thinking..
  12. chirp

    Yea just a clearer image...but i have heard its awesome not seen one with it yet