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  1. Triton196

    Black Friday results

    Congrats to the winners.
  2. Triton196

    Black Friday Tournament Question

    The big hybrids have been biting pretty good, buts it’s tough getting a 4’ fish in a live well.
  3. Triton196

    Douglas weight predictions

    There was whole trees floating last weekend. And the lakes come up 8 ft. Since then.
  4. Triton196

    Douglas weight predictions

    12.07 with a 4.7 lunker it will be tough.
  5. Triton196

    Black Lights.......

    Here this should clear it up. Lol Or just buy a moonlight at Watson's and be done with. The man himself is up there to help you with any questions you may have.
  6. Triton196

    Weight predictions

    Hope to find some of them Saturday.
  7. Triton196

    Weight predictions

    Dang Ross you must be on some real big girls.?
  8. Triton196

    Weight predictions

    I'll say 21.35 with a 4.95 big fish.
  9. Triton196

    Welcome codyshipleyfishing

    Welcome. Dummy. ?
  10. Triton196

    2016 Classic

    Ok. So around 7:30?
  11. Triton196

    2016 Classic

    And is blast off at 8?
  12. Triton196

    2016 Classic

    Stratosrocket and myself.
  13. Triton196

    High speed cranking

    I use the 7.9:1 mgx for most of my crankin. At 30" per turn of the handle there's no "slow rolling". You stop or hesitate then burn it to get the reaction bite.