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  1. JWB


    I also crank with seagar red label. 6lb on 6’8” med light (dobyns) graphite spinning rod early in year for shad raps. 8lb on 7ft med (lews) graphite spinning rod for dt6 and bandits. 10-12 lb on 7’6” med (loomis) cranking rod for almost everything else. But I’m in the market for a bigger rod for 8-10xds but will prob not go bigger than 12lb line though unless I just find a school of 6-7lbers. I like fast reels for smaller baits and low slow gears for bigger baits the low gears seem to help me with fatigue. I slow crawl big baits but I really like to burn small crank baits. Been having decent success last month or so burning a dt6 only hitting bottom about half of my cast and have caught prob equal amount of fish deflecting off the bottom as bringing it through open water. If you have an idea of where the fish are setting up burn it through em they gotta hit it or get out of the way. Also a firm believer in upgrading hooks I fish with stock hooks when just fun fishing but every bait I plan on throwing in a tournament gets new hooks the night before the derby I like owner stingers in factory size on front and oversized gamagatsu short shank wide gaps in rear.
  2. JWB


    Trial and error only way to learn. I say all the time it’s hard to catch another mans fish don’t do something because it’s what another fisherman does. Gotta believe in what YOU are doin. Confidence is key. Try to think about where fish should be and why. When water first gets around 50ish I believe crawdads start to come out so I fish a craw colored bait where crawdads should be. When fish get closer to spawning I throw bluegill colored baits around spawning areas I believe they will tryin kill the bluegills around where they wanna spawn. Follow the fish and the bait fish and adjust accordingly. I don’t believe you have to be hitting bottom all the time just depends on what fish are doing if you see fish hanging around bait on your sonar this time of year tie on a bait for according depth and type of baitfish and go to work they are there to feed. That being said a lot of the time making contact with bottom, rocks, wood or doing something with your retrieve is what triggers them to react but I don’t think there is any particular angle or retrieve or fancy rod and reel gonna make the fish bite every time. I’ve caught just as many on a $75 combo as a $350 combo. Gotta get bites first then you can narrow down rod, reel, and line combos to your own liking. I personally think a graphite rod would be better for someone who is trying to learn or gain confidence because you can better feel what your bait is doing. Sorry to be long winded just my ten cents.
  3. Has any body had any problem with livewell water lines, valves, or pumps freezing? I've got a buddy with a little skeeter and the control valve for livewell froze and cracked last year it was a nightmare to change. He asked me what I thought of a little rv antifreeze run into lines and pump I know it's non toxic but I'm very apprehensive about any thing in livewell. I told him I'd ask y'all any advice on how to combat his problem?
  4. JWB

    Winter head gear?

    Curious what you guys where during winter? I have a few save face masks but they fog up to much for me only wear em in heavy rain nowadays. Past couple years just been wearing a boggin and ski goggles and a fleece neck gator but isn't ideal for running in wet weather and with gator, hoodie, and jacket I fell like I'm being strangled. Thinking of buying a helmet but afraid will be to heavy and may fog up. Any opinions or advice?
  5. Anybody got one of the EO6 rods yet gonna buy 2 new rods in the next couple weeks have a few loomis rods and like them but never used one of the lower price range loomis rods wandering if anybody had a opinion on them?
  6. whats up fellas my names is james i live in gray bout 3 mins from tva so i fish boone alot also love floatin the local rivers and huntin bout anything i can i got a shaved head i drive a black 05 f150 with black wheels and have a white/maroon/silver triton tr 17 say hello if you see me out
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