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  1. Frozen livewell lines?

    Has any body had any problem with livewell water lines, valves, or pumps freezing? I've got a buddy with a little skeeter and the control valve for livewell froze and cracked last year it was a nightmare to change. He asked me what I thought of a little rv antifreeze run into lines and pump I know it's non toxic but I'm very apprehensive about any thing in livewell. I told him I'd ask y'all any advice on how to combat his problem?
  2. Winter head gear?

    Curious what you guys where during winter? I have a few save face masks but they fog up to much for me only wear em in heavy rain nowadays. Past couple years just been wearing a boggin and ski goggles and a fleece neck gator but isn't ideal for running in wet weather and with gator, hoodie, and jacket I fell like I'm being strangled. Thinking of buying a helmet but afraid will be to heavy and may fog up. Any opinions or advice?
  3. Anybody got one of the EO6 rods yet gonna buy 2 new rods in the next couple weeks have a few loomis rods and like them but never used one of the lower price range loomis rods wandering if anybody had a opinion on them?
  4. whats up

    whats up fellas my names is james i live in gray bout 3 mins from tva so i fish boone alot also love floatin the local rivers and huntin bout anything i can i got a shaved head i drive a black 05 f150 with black wheels and have a white/maroon/silver triton tr 17 say hello if you see me out