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  1. Yeah I've not got to fish out of the kayak enough to really know if I'm going to miss the boat or not. It seemed to be the right choice for me because of the small lakes I fish all the time. I'm sure there will be times that I wish I still had my boat but the few times I've fished out of the kayak I've really liked it so far.
  2. Ross I have been a mechanic for 21 years and I got promoted to shop foreman back around Thanksgiving. I went from constantly moving and lifting to sitting at a computer most of the time. I need something to get me moving cause if I don't I'm going to get as big around as a barrel lol
  3. Hello everyone. I've not been on here in a while but since I've last been in touch with most of you I've bought a kayak and sold my bass boat. I bought a barely used Native Slayer Propel 13 last fall and it's going to be my only fishing rig this year. I fished out of it 3 or 4 times in the fall and I've been very happy with it. I spend most of my time fishing small lakes up here in KY that are idle speed only and I felt like I was doing a lot of harm to my old two stroke idling it all the time so I decided I was going to sell the bass boat and get me a top of the line kayak that I could be comfortable in and cover water a little faster than a conventional kayak. I have tricked it out pretty good. I kept my Humminbird 899 off of my bass boat and I have it installed on the kayak now. If any of you kayak guys out there want to go sometime give me a holler. I would love to get together with some other kayak fishermen and get some tips.
  4. I don't use the huge spoons but I like both sizes of the SK sexy spoon. I throw them on a 7' Veritas MH fast and it works pretty good. When I first started using them I had a hard time keeping fish on till I figured out to use heavy line and reel fast and keep the fish moving towards you. If you give them a chance to turn their head most of the time you will lose them.
  5. I have been using them since I posted this a couple of years ago. The main thing I like about them is how much smaller they are than lead of the same weight. In the summer I like to fish a 10" worm deep and I can use a 1/2 oz. Tungsten weight that's the same size as a 3/8 oz. lead weight. Does it really make a difference? I don't know but I feel like the smaller weight makes the rig seem more natural.
  6. Man the boat looks awesome. Better electronics changes the way you fish. I sprung for an 899 last winter and I fish completely different than I used to. If you know where the fish and baitfish are you try a lot of different things until you figure out how to catch them. I need to redo my carpet but haven't had the nerve to tackle it. Your pics are making me want to get started.
  7. Stratos260

    skeet rods

    I've got the Skeet spinnerbait rod and I like it. I don't necessarily use it for spinnerbaits all the time though. All of the skeet rods seem to have a more parabolic action than other rods made for the same technique. To me the skeet spinnerbait rod feels more like a moderate crankbait rod. I ordered a skeet magnum cranking rod and sent it straight back. Way too heavy and unbalanced to use all day. I ended up buying a veritas winch 7'6 mh for deep cranks and it is much better. The Skeet rods are definitely worth the price but like Bumblebee said you need to feel them before you buy to make sure you get what you want.
  8. I use a BPS Pro Qualifier 4.7:1 for big cranks but it seems too slow for most deep divers but I bought a couple of 8XD's and I think that slow speed might be perfect for them.
  9. I'm glad you brought this topic up. I have had a lot of trouble figuring out night fishing also. I fished a night tournament last year on a small lake here in KY and started out strong before dark. It only took 12 lbs to win the tournament and I had 7 lbs in the boat in 3 fish in my first ten minutes and lost a 4 lb + fish at the boat that would have put me at 11. Then it got dark. I could not buy a bite from 9 to 3. These tips have really helped me and I hope I can use them to catch some night fish. Thanks!
  10. I bought the Balzout on Andy's advice and I've not regretted it at all. Very well made and sturdy. I have mine at the console but I turn it towards the front while I'm fishing. It isn't as easy to adjust as the RAM but it does what I want it to. Where I move mine constantly I put a touch of lithium grease on the steel balls at the joints and it works smoother.
  11. I don't know yet. I'll have to get a trip or two under my belt before I'll know. I have a Sloan light so I can do a comparison.
  12. I got some good news from the eBay seller I bought my lights from. After I ordered mine I was looking through his other items for sale. I paid $60 for mine but I noticed he had a "premium" set for $90. I sent him a message and asked him the difference between them and if it would be worth it to send mine back and get the premium set. He messaged me back and said he had ran out of the standard set when my order came in so he sent me the premium set for the same price. The differences were the level of waterproofing and the premiums are brighter. He could have got $30 more from me if he had decided to lie. His eBay name is mfwyatt05 if any of you are interested in installing LEDs on your boat.
  13. These are not bluewater but I thought for $60 they are worth a try. I'm planning on doing a lot more night fishing this year so I thought it would be nice to flip a switch and have black lights.
  14. I ordered these off of EBay this morning and thought I would ask you guys if you had tried any like this. They use heavy duty two sided tape to hold them on. I guess you have to drill a hole to run the wiring. I thought for the price they're at least worth a look. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=151607333219
  15. Congrats on the new yak. Looks like a lot of fun.
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