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  1. SteveHTN

    2018 TNBF Classic Results

    Always been an awesome ran trail, for sure. Best group of guys you could ask for.
  2. SteveHTN

    2018 TNBF Classic Results

    Congrats on the classic W fellas. Nice BF Wes and Joe.
  3. SteveHTN

    Mega bass vs lucky craft jerk baits

    👍🏻 Thanks dude
  4. SteveHTN

    Mega bass vs lucky craft jerk baits

    Thanks brother. Gotta give em a shot. I bet you can get some interesting effects outta say, a squarebill......
  5. SteveHTN

    Mega bass vs lucky craft jerk baits

    Dumb, sorta off topic question- where can these suspend dots be obtained?
  6. SteveHTN

    Mega bass vs lucky craft jerk baits

    I’ve never tried the Mega. Lucky craft makes a helluva bait, though.
  7. SteveHTN

    Welcome Kenny1963

    Welcome to TNBF. If I had to make a guess, I’d say chick will still be on deep winter pattern in February.
  8. SteveHTN

    HELLO! Avid fisherman.

    Welcome to the site
  9. SteveHTN

    2018 Skeeter FX21 LE

    Hey, if he wanted cookies, he shoulda seen the Keebler elves. It was survival of the fittest when I was a kid. In my house growing up, we were so poor, that everytime someone threw the dog a bone, he had to call for a fair catch.
  10. SteveHTN

    2018 Skeeter FX21 LE

    Yeah no kidding. Old bastard never came to my house. Guess cause I was a mean little ****
  11. SteveHTN

    Black Friday results

    I caught a keeper first thing, so I figured it’d be a great day........come around 1, I released him and headed to the house..... congrats on the win Matt. Well earned
  12. Happy Thanksgiving TNBF

    1. BulletDeuce


      Back at ya Steve. Hope you and yours have a good turkey day, and may your food coma not last to long. 

    2. trackertxw175


      Same to you Steve

    3. Jigflipper


      Happy Thanksgiving brother.

  13. 17.2 with a 5.3 kicker. 13.5 striper tf
  14. Throw me in there boys