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  1. I use almost exclusively braid, with the exception of cranking. If the water is really clear, or I’m using a very finesse technique, I’ll tie on a fluoro leader.
  2. Deep water finesse fishing took me awhile to learn, and I’m still pretty inept at it. But man, the newer electronics these days make it a much easier task
  3. Loudoun or Watts Bar either one are easy to get a feel on.
  4. Congrats on the w, fellas Nice big fish, Shannon
  5. Moonlites have a green LED that’s separate from the UV LED’s. It’ll light up a bank like the 4th, without giving a ton of glare like white would. They’re still the best lights on the market IMO.
  6. Hate to lose my bait maker, but glad you were able to sell it. Guess I’ve got enough to tide me over for a week or two. LOL
  7. I know this is a late reply, but yes, Autozone or any of the others sell siphoning equipment. I drained a bunch of diesel fuel outta my semi before putting it up for sale, and got the siphon from Advance. Worked pretty good, albeit slow when you’re talking 130 or so gallons
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