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  1. I’ve always been a Merc man, but my last boat had a Yammie, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Probably the way I’d go on my next one.
  2. Awesome, man. You’ll be happy with that whole setup.
  3. It’ll be a nice unit, Jamie. While you’re doing upgrades, get you a set of Bearing Buddies. LOL
  4. Cant go wrong with that. That’s another thing for me, Garmin and Lowrance are brand new to the trolling motor game. I’d like to see them get some proven reliability before I went dumping $3k.
  5. Too much work is hard for your health. I coulda died drinking, now I’m killing myself. 

  6. One of our members on here punched a hole in his mouth, jerking one out of a tree, so they’re definitely hard and dense. I’ve never used em, but I can still completely agree with people that do, and say they’re the only way to go, because of the hardness and density, and like airborne said- smaller size for the same weight.
  7. I think the LiveScope something that could be extremely useful, but only in a very specific circumstance, like as Vafis mentioned when they’re on the move. I always wanted a 360. I think it would have been the cat’s meow for a good view, and boat position.
  8. Aren’t the Force and Ghost both 100% electric? The Ultrexx is still cable steer, with electric assist. Maybe I’m old fashioned and paranoid, but I personally would want that cable, in case the turning motor gave out.
  9. ^ this. Braid to leader has always been my preference on spinning rods. No line twist issues at all.
  10. What’s up fellas? I haven’t fished in forever, with all the Covid stuff, my business and all that, plus working on my wife’s visa. Sorry I ain’t been on here in awhile. I’d be more than happy to get with Dove, and get everything lined out, if enough of y’all are interested.
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