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  1. Ok fellas, I’ve had so much going on with my business lately, that this slipped my mind, but if anyone is interested in a jersey, comment on here and I’ll get with Dove on em. They’re bound to be working by now.
  2. Yeah, kayaks can be a pain when you wanna cover a lot of water quickly. Some are stable enough for you to stand, though. What about a Tracker Topper Jon boat? They’re pretty cheap, and you can put a trolling motor on one for peanuts.
  3. Welcome to TNBF. Dude, that’s so freaking awesome. I’ve been in the market for a new bow for quite awhile. Love to give you some business sometime. You carry Mathews?
  4. Being a long haul truck driver, it makes it hard for me to practice as well, and it definitely hurts being off the water. Have you thought about an entry level kayak? Something that wouldn’t hurt your budget, but allow you to get out there. It’s certainly no substitute for a proper bass boat, but much better than bank fishing, plus it does allow you to fish otherwise inaccessible water.
  5. Dayyum boys, I love seeing these huge sign up fields lately.
  6. My brother has to work tomorrow, so I’ll be by myself. Got an open backseat if anyone wants it.
  7. Welcome to TNBF. See y’all Saturday.
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