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  1. Congrats on the w, fellas. Hate that I ended up missing it. But I’ll for sure see y’all at SoHo or Douglas, whichever my schedule lends me to
  2. I haven’t. Not sure if they’re even working right now, but if anyone else wants to order, let me know and I’ll check in with em
  3. Well fellas, my delivery got pushed up a day, because people are screaming for hand sanitizer and other dumb bs, so I’ve gotta bail out of this one. Anyone have a backseat, ole Jamie can catch some serious fish.
  4. Where’s the TVA ramp located? Last time I was on the ole practice pond, everything was running out of Pickens.
  5. Welcome to TNBF. Most of us are in East Tennessee, but we’ve got a number of members from your area that’ll chime in some info. Which lakes you usually fish?
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