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  1. introduction

    Welcome to TNBF
  2. 2018 Nucanoe Frontier 12 kayak. Nuclear Green color scheme. Purchased new on December 23, 2017 from Frontier Outdoors in Kingston. Has been in the water ONE time. Front rod holders on each side. Removable dry storage up front. Has a Blackpack, and Frontier Slide Drawer/w bullwinkle installed. Yak Attack 48” flag with light. Nucanoe 260-280 cm adjustable fiberglass paddle. Hawg Trough. Red Nucanoe caution flag for hauling in pickup bed. Comes with a Garmin Striker 4, still in the box (didn’t have time to install). Also throwing in a kayak cart from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Nucanoe has a pedal drive for this yak, available through a dealer or online. This kayak is awesome. Extremely stable, especially secondary stability. Honestly selling because it was my first time kayak fishing, and it just ain’t for me- going back to a bass boat. $1800 obo Good grief fellas, sorry for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man type. LOL
  3. Terry

    I prefer crappie, but different strokes for different folks
  4. Old fisherman

    Welcome to TNBF. Glad to hear of your recovery, and your return to the water.
  5. Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    I have several jigs in my box with softy’s chunks still on em, from like a year and a half ago. Zero issues. Matter of fact, the plastic is still good, just a little dry. Nothing some worm oil or scent won’t cure.
  6. Terry

    Loudoun is the easiest lake anywhere near Knoxville to fish. I love that lake. Of course I grew up on it
  7. Terry

    Loudoun is also my favorite hole, but since I live near Morristown now, I hardly ever get down there.
  8. Welcome Fishdeep

    Welcome to TNBF
  9. Softbaitmaker's Hand Poured Baits

    Just got my box of tiny swim baits from Doug. Awesome work as always. The one I wanted that’s transparent (not gonna say what color ) was EXACTLY what I was looking for. You can read a newspaper through the bait
  10. Lowrance Elite 12 ti

    Correct. The KVD editions of the Helix have been out for 2 years now
  11. Scientists can predict global warming 100 years from now, but the forecast for Saturday has changed 10 times in 4 days......

    1. 31Airborne


      LMAO!  Blame it on Al Gore - he invented weather forecasting.

    2. SteveHTN
  12. Welcome Kevincodyfishing

    Welcome to TNBF
  13. New to the Area

    Welcome to TNBF
  14. Stator replacement??

    Yes sir, they’re open saturdays