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  1. I was enjoying the warm LA weather......and now I’m back east......

    1. rusty50576


      Cold weather is for catching big bass Steve! It's the best weather 

  2. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    They’d definitely be giving me my money back with that guarantee.........
  3. Jon boats

    I do wonder how well a 9 gallon livewell would work for a full limit, though.
  4. Jon boats

    Excellent deal right there. Gets the job done
  5. Welcome Gentry

    Welcome to TNBF. Thanks for your service, and for what you’re doing to help other veterans.
  6. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Awesome new floater dude. Congrats
  7. Welcome ClayTims

    Welcome to TNBF
  8. Livewell

    Depending on the setup, you should be able to put them in there. Where does the water pump in? The bottom, or top, of the tank? Flow rite makes Venturi aerators for your incoming fill. They work well.
  9. Jon boats

    I really like that tank Andy posted. It’s still portable, but has all of the stuff rigged and ready.
  10. New to me!!!

  11. Livewell

    Some aerators, like my old Astro, were built into the pump in nozzle. It’d automatically pull air in with the water.
  12. Jon boats

    Brilliant Andy. Thanks. Peck, its a Tracker Grizzly with a deck on the front. Like I said, I wanna keep whatever I put on it portable, so I can remove it for river or fun fishing, if that makes sense. I’ll eventually buy another full bass rig once my business is stable.
  13. Jon boats

    Well fellas, I’m wanting to get back on the water with y’all this upcoming year, and a full bass rig just isn’t in the cards right now, so I’m gonna buy my cousins 2007 Grizzly 17’ Jon from him. Has a 25 horse 4 stroke Merc. I’ve wanted a Jon for years anyways, for river fishing, so figure it’s a good investment to have, even after I get a new bass boat later. Only issue is livewell- wondering everyone’s ideas. I’m thinking a big cooler livewell, so I can remove it when it’s not needed, but idk how well that’ll do for bass versus say crappie or bait fish (the typical use). Thoughts?
  14. New to me!!!

    Wow dude, that’s an awesome gig & rig right there. Congrats
  15. 2017 Classic Results

    Congrats on the classic win fellas