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  1. SteveHTN & TexasRig21 i misspelled his screen name. It’s TexasRig21, not 210. LOL
  2. I’m not sad about Ft. Pathetic, but I am surprised there’s no Watauga this year. It is an insane drive, though. LOL
  3. SteveHTN

    Line age

    Awesome. Thanks for the info LOL. I don’t care. Perfect place to ask the question. I rarely use leaders, and never backfill, but either an Alberto, or double uni, work well for joining 2 lines.
  4. SteveHTN

    Line age

    That was my main question, Brian, was whether the spools themselves remain good. I buy all of the mono in bulk 1,000 yard spools, and I’ve had several spools of fluoro laying around for leaders. It’s probably been at least 5 years since I bought em. Thanks for the info
  5. SteveHTN

    Line age

    Most of my rods are braid. My crank rods are mono (I hate fluoro. LOL), so I need to change the line out on them. Been a couple years, since I ain’t fished much lately. My brothers rods have line from like the first Bassmaster Classic. LOL. My question is- I have a bunch of jumbo spools of mono, in different tests. Plus spools of fluoro that I use for leader lines. I’ve always kept those indoors. I’m just wondering if new line ages on the spool it comes on. Like if you bought a big spool from tackle warehouse, would it still be good 4-5 years later? Or does it get brittle/memory/etc. sitting in storage from age alone?
  6. SteveHTN

    Line age

    How long y’all trust a spool of line to still be good? Obviously braid should, in theory, last virtually freaking forever on the spool, but what about mono and fluoro? I need to change out some line on my crank rods before the first tourney, and also change out all of my brothers line on his setups. Wondering if y’all think 4-5 year old spools of mono and fluoro would still be good, or if they deteriorate enough, even in climate controlled storage, to justify buying new spools?
  7. Woods is at regular pool now and there's been some really nice fish being caught. I'd start there till Tim's is back down, I'm by Tim's Ford dam and the flood gates are open water dropped 6" last night.

  8. Welcome to TNBF. Come on out and join us. Great group of guys
  9. Heck yeah, Shannon. Looks awesome. Can’t wait to see everyone out there this year.
  10. SteveHTN


    There are example pics of the jerseys and shirts, though the shirts the front printing is smaller, and over the left chest area. Note- the Morristown Marine Jersey isn’t our actual Jersey. Just using it as an illustration for what the actual Jersey looks like.
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