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  1. SteveHTN

    Welcome Tinboat

    Welcome to TNBF
  2. SteveHTN

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    So let me see if I understand- your mechanic said the rpm is definitely too low, and he’s going to ride on the lake with you to work on setup, plus carbs or what not, yet he automatically suggests going from a 24 to 26 pitch prop, which would LOWER the rpm down even more????? What am I missing here?
  3. SteveHTN

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    Again, idk anything about a venom, but 5200 rpm sounds awful low to me.
  4. SteveHTN


    Welcome to the site
  5. this is the sentence that never ends yes it goes on and on my friends somebody started typing it not knowing what it was and theyll continue typing it forever just because this is the sentence that never ends.......punctuation folks, punctuation. Helps distinguish a sentence, paragraph, or story, from gibberish, and keeps me from popping Advil all day. 

  6. SteveHTN

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    Do you mean he should cruise around 5000 rpm, or that’s the max rpm it should run? If the latter, I highly disagree. Idk what the max rpm is on a venom, guessing roughly 6,000, but you should always be able to hit the redline or you’re overpropped. Too low of max rpm can screw up an engine a lot faster than overreving, and at least that you can control. As for speed, imo a 200 horse should be able to move that thing in the 60’s easy, so either the setup is way wrong (prop, motor height, trim), or your motor is sick. My .02
  7. SteveHTN


    I like mono or braid as well. I’ve tried fluorocarbon a couple of times, and hated it. Ok for leaders on finesse stuff maybe, but I don’t like it for anything else. But to each their own
  8. SteveHTN

    Welcome Jonnieboy1

    Welcome to the site
  9. SteveHTN


    They’re gonna be miserable in any event, so might as well make yourself happy. LOL
  10. Shorts, t shirt, face buff Saturday. Heavy coat, bibs, and maybe snow shoes Monday.......East TN weather 

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      Now that's funny.  I don't care who you are.

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      Throw in some snow and that's what it's like here.

  11. Welcome to the site. +1 what Mountainman said. Awesome trail with a great group of guys.
  12. LOL. Welcome to TNBF
  13. SteveHTN


    Rod makes a huge difference, especially once they’re hooked. Dixie Customs X Glass are the shiz for cranking
  14. SteveHTN


    I personally drastically increased my percentages when I started casting parallel or angled to the bank, vs straight at the bank. I’m no expert, but I believe it keeps the bait in the depth range for a much greater amount of time.
  15. SteveHTN

    Cherokee Results

    Shoulda asked Wes for some of his plutonium dye