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  1. Welcome HereFishy

    Welcome to TNBF
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  3. Fall

  4. 15 hour flight later......I’ve learned nic gum just ain’t got the oomph that a good dip does

    1. whj812


      glad you made it safe man!  have fun!

  5. Shaky head

    I’ve done just fine with straight 20 pound braid.
  6. Found a Great Battery Deal Local

    Thanks for the info
  7. Rocky Top you’ll always be last in the SEC....absolutely pathetic 

    1. rusty50576


      I'm 33 and this is the worst team I can remember. I heard that we were terrible in the late 80s but I can't quite remember back that far. I've definitely seen better Dooley coached teams, which shouldn't even be possible 

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  9. Order and pricing changes

  10. TNBF #9 Watauga Night Results

    Good grief Wes, y’all are killing it this year. Congrats to you and pops on another W dude
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  12. Order and pricing changes

    You’d still get orders from me........if I still had my daggum boat 😐🔫
  13. TNBF #9 Watauga Night

    Members of the tx committee usually have a few with them. They’re also available to print out, under one of the pinned threads on 2017 tourneys
  14. TNBF #9 Watauga Night

    7 12’s?