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  1. Welcome to the site. Chase your dreams, amigo. Don’t get stuck in something you hate, like most of us
  2. Welcome to TNBF. I’ve never been down there, but I hear it fishes as well as it’s 2 brethren, without the crowds. Like bbh said, I’d go with a shallow post spawn pattern, working docks, downed trees, etc., preferably with quick access to deeper water nearby.
  3. Agreed, but oddly enough, I checked the bottom of my newest one earlier, and there was some wrinkling and air bubbles there, and I bought it brand new last summer. Who knows
  4. Hm, I personally would be a little leery of it. Doesn’t necessarily make it an illegal unit (might have gotten wet, rolled off, who knows), but I’d make him fire it up, and double check that everything works, and that it’s legitimately an SI unit (not just DI or standard sonar). Also, being a G2, it should run MEGA SI.
  5. That’s awesome, dude. She will give ya a good many years of fishing
  6. Congrats on the win, fellas. Man, that’s the best looking tourney results I’ve seen on here in awhile. Ton of bags
  7. Welcome to TNBF. Sounds like a fun trip coming up. Hope you wear em out
  8. There’s pics of Riverman1’s new ride. Let me be the first to say, that’s a sweet floater.
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