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  1. What area you live in? There’s a few over here in the Knoxville area. One dude knows Loudoun, Douglas, and Cherokee pretty well.
  2. Idk anything about the boat itself, but I’d suggest good graphs, assuming it doesn’t already have em, and also see how that trolling motor pulls it in wind and current.
  3. Welcome to TNBF. We’ve got an awesome tourney trail. Come on out sometime.
  4. Welcome to TNBF, and the state of Tennessee. Lots of good places to fish. What area are you in?
  5. Congrats on the w. Boat crash at the ramp sounds interesting
  6. Hope everyone’s AC have been running good....whew, it’s been hotter than Cindy Crawford round here

    1. 31Airborne


      Woof - this has been a good summer.  After all the rain this past winter and spring the humidity levels seem to be a lil elevated, too.  Just back from HHI for a week of beach, golf, and relaxation.  105+ heat index every day (highest was 109).  It was tuff.  Yeti got a good workout.

    2. Whopper


      Mine better be, just had it replaced. The old unit went out while I was up in the Great White North and I never heard the end of it.

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