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  1. LSU played lights out. Burrows has to be one of the greatest college qb of all time. Incredible 

    1. Whopper


      LOL I just posted on this.

      Burrow is in for a big payday

    2. SteveHTN


      It was incredible to watch. 

    3. 31Airborne


      And now we go about rebuilding.  Always knew Dave Aranda would land a HC gig - so happy for him.  He'll be great at Baylor.  Kinda thought Joe Brady would stay but he's got his dream job in Carolina - happy for him, too.  As for the early exits to the NFL, that is just a fact of life in college football no matter which program.  Hate to see them go but will enjoy watching them play on Sundays.  Geaux Tigers!

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