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  1. My Maserati does 185. I lost my license- now I don’t drive 

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    2. 31Airborne


      I'm also partial to a good Irish (never developed a taste for Scotch).  I'll have some samples with me when I'm down next month.

    3. SteveHTN


      I like scotch and Irish both, as well as cognac.

    4. Whopper


      Cigars and a good drink is another reason I don't fish at night 🍺

  2. SteveHTN

    New to fishing in the area

    That, and this tropical rainforest crap we’ve had all summer.
  3. SteveHTN

    New to fishing in the area

    Welcome to TNBF. Feel free to ask questions, and read through the other threads for info. Great group of guys on here, that’d be more than willing to help ya
  4. SteveHTN

    Welcome HeyVern

    Welcome to TNBF
  5. SteveHTN

    Humminbird 1198

    I ended up ordering the Helix 9 Mega DI. Off topic question, but anyone tried the 360 Imaging? It looks freaking sweet!!!! I’ll see how she does, and let you know.
  6. SteveHTN

    Humminbird 1198

    Ok fellas, got a question- the Stratos came with an 1198 at the console. I’m debating buying a Helix 9 DI G2N for the front. I wanna network them- anyone know if that older Bird will network with the Helix? If not, I may just buy another 9 for the dash, but I’d rather not spend the extra money since that’s such a nice, albeit little older, graph.
  7. SteveHTN

    Welcome Billy77

    Welcome to the site
  8. SteveHTN

    Humminbird 1198

    LOL. I kinda figure that Airborne. Probably end up using the 1198 for mapping, and having another Helix with the Mega. Thanks for the info fellas.
  9. When the motel you’re staying at is so bad, you carry your wallet to the crapper with you......

  10. SteveHTN

    New Floater

    Ok fellas, I finally had enough of trying to paddle across an entire lake. Or like last time I took the Jon boat out with Wes, on a nice and steamy July day, watching him do a Cherokee war eagle dance from sitting on sunbaked aluminum. My nephew contacted me Saturday about this one- 94 Stratos 201 Pro XL, with a 225 Venom. Since a brand new boat was outta the question right now, realistically anyways, I decided to give this baby a go. It was a crazy day for me today, but I managed to make the arrangements, and pull the trigger on it. Hope to get some better pics for y’all, next time I’m home, and hopefully be back to donating money to the site tourneys again. Pretty stoked to finally be back in a bass rig.
  11. SteveHTN

    TX #6 Cherokee Results

    Congrats on the w fellas
  12. SteveHTN

    7/29/18 Bluegill Fishing

    Ugh, why are most women so afraid of touching a feesh? LOL. Great way to spend quality time with your wife. My ex used to b*tch about my fishing, but would never go with me 🤷🏻‍♂️ Go figure.
  13. SteveHTN

    New Floater

    Thanks fellas. Can’t wait to hit the water.
  14. SteveHTN

    Whopper Plopper 75

    Hm, that makes sense. I know buzzbaits usually do best when they are annoyingly squeaky.
  15. SteveHTN

    Whopper Plopper 75

    Nice! It’s an awesome bait when it’s on. Thanks for sharing the info
  16. SteveHTN

    Welcome rtw1955

    Welcome to TNBF
  17. SteveHTN

    Rain gear recommendation??

    Something else to consider, that does do well in warmer months, and is still insane waterproof, is Arc’Teryx, assuming you’ve got money to burn and aren’t a fat azz like me. Great stuff otherwise. It’s the go to for mountain climbers, hikers, etc.
  18. SteveHTN

    7/29/18 Bluegill Fishing

    Thanks for the report Matt. I love that little lake. I’m hoping I can get it figured out next time.
  19. SteveHTN

    New User

    Welcome to TNBF. Most of these boys fish that very area, so tons of good info on here. Feel free to ask questions, and look through the older threads for info
  20. SteveHTN

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome to TNBF
  21. SteveHTN

    Rain gear recommendation??

    BPS 100 mph will keep you dry, and block wind, in a daggum hurricane, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for warmer weather. I like the Frogg Toggs in summertime.
  22. SteveHTN

    River fishing

    Ok guys, so along with the lake fishing during my week off, I hit the French Broad right below Douglas dam Saturday, and the Holston just below Asheville highway bridge yesterday before work. Notice I didn’t post any reports.........can someone give me advice on fishing these &@$%! rivers??!! Every single time I ever go out river fishing, I either come away with an eggshell, or maybe one lucky dink. I can’t find maps for structure on any of em, and though I can read the water and see eddies and all of that, where fish should be lying in wait, I can’t ever pull anything out. Only time I’ve ever done well in rivers, is either fishing for cats or trout. Maybe I should just stay in still water, like the good Lord intended.......
  23. SteveHTN

    Co-poylomer line?

    Will do 31. Thanks
  24. SteveHTN

    Co-poylomer line?

    I don’t like fluoro either Tubejig, though I may try the Seaguar soon on a crank rig. I do love braid though, not only because it last freaking forever, but to me the hooks almost set themselves, so I don’t have to worry about slack and stretch as much. My .02 on that off topic subject, though.
  25. SteveHTN

    River fishing

    Thanks dude