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  1. Barricades blocking off flooded road- check. Idiot in SUV driving around barricades- check. Water up to his doors- check

    1. 31Airborne


      Geez.  Charles Darwin was right.  Well, sort of.  The strongest are supposed to survive.  He never said anything about the stupidest.  Another theory debunked and another dummazz eliminated from the shallow end of the gene pool.  Next . . .

    2. trackertxw175


      My youngest son and daughter in law live a few minutes from where hwy 70 N slid off the mountain last night. He said a little after 3 this morning the house started shaking. 

  2. SteveHTN

    Terminator shudder bait

    That’s dandy info
  3. SteveHTN

    Terminator shudder bait

    I was thinking more along the lines of when you get to the grocery store cash register afterwards, and realize you don’t have enough money left for food.....
  4. SteveHTN

    Terminator shudder bait

    Oddly enough, I otherwise hate clutter and try to stay minimalist. There’s just something inherently fun about buying bass gear, though
  5. SteveHTN

    Ready for spring bass fishing .

    I guess you’re still thawing out to type the actual post? LOL
  6. SteveHTN

    Welcome Knuts17

    Welcome to TNBF We’ve got an awesome little tourney trail, plus random rodeos different weekends.
  7. SteveHTN

    Lowrance HDS Units

    Dang it. I mistyped. LOL. Glwts. Definitely worth the original asking price. $1300 is a heckuva deal
  8. SteveHTN

    Lowrance HDS Units

    Wow. That thing shoulda sold at $1400. Daggum steal at $1200
  9. SteveHTN


    Welcome back
  10. SteveHTN


    Welcome to TNBF
  11. SteveHTN

    2nd. Rodeo feb 9th Pat Henry

    Be a bad place to pull a SJK
  12. SteveHTN

    Welcome Flatrock

    Welcome to TNBF
  13. Whew- few shots of Johnny Walker Blue, and both my brain, and wallet, feels much lighter. 

    1. rusty50576


      Jealous!!! Party of one.......

    2. Whopper


      high dollar buzz eh

  14. Nice. Thanks dude
  15. I’ve got an 1198 at my console. The power and transducer plug both fit kinda loose, so sometime it’ll shutoff on me if I hit a bump. Any ideas, besides buying a new Helix 9?
  16. Thanks Doug. I’ll give it a shot
  17. SteveHTN

    Welcome Skillet

    Welcome to the site
  18. SteveHTN

    Welcome JXVOSS

    Welcome to the site
  19. SteveHTN

    HDS 5 gen 1 and 2

    Sounds like a plan
  20. SteveHTN

    HDS 5 gen 1 and 2

    Should be able to, assuming the slots are the same or you have the correct adapter.
  21. SteveHTN

    HDS 5 gen 1 and 2

    Wouldn’t be a bad idea, but personally I’d want my best map card at the dash.
  22. SteveHTN

    Welcome Dirtshooter

    Welcome to TNBF. Scraping the bottom of the barrel for friends, I see. LOL. Jk, Doug is a helluva good ole coot Best fishing advice I can ever give ya- listen to my years of wisdom, then do the exact opposite, and you’ll catch all kinds of fish
  23. SteveHTN

    Hope to Fish!

    Welcome to TNBF. I think we can all relate to the work thing
  24. SteveHTN

    Welcome Ameade84

    Welcome to TNBF. Love to see ya out there
  25. SteveHTN

    1st rodeo Boone lake Jan 19

    Congrats on the rodeo win, fellas.