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  1. It’s a freaking awesome little lake. Thanks for the report
  2. Awesome info. Thanks for the report
  3. I can’t remember where I’d read that, but seems it was on some of the low to mid horse motors (coulda swore someone with a Tracker Heritage, with the 40, was the one complaining online about it)
  4. They work awesome. Only thing is they float so well, that going weightless usually means a weighted hook, or nail head. Otherwise it takes forever for it to sink. LOL
  5. SteveHTN


    Welcome to TNBF
  6. Good grief, that sucks. I’m assuming that’s covered under warranty, or by the dealership?
  7. There’s a guy on YouTube that had months of dealing with em, over a casting issue. I can’t remember which motor he had.
  8. That freaking sucks. Hope she’s fixed quick
  9. Welcome to TNBF. If you go to the 2019 tournament thread on the home page, it’ll give you our schedule. It’s open to all members in good standing, meaning you’re on the site, so you’re good to enter the tourneys.
  10. Nice fish. Welcome to TNBF
  11. Welcome to the site. Chase your dreams, amigo. Don’t get stuck in something you hate, like most of us
  12. Welcome to TNBF. I’ve never been down there, but I hear it fishes as well as it’s 2 brethren, without the crowds. Like bbh said, I’d go with a shallow post spawn pattern, working docks, downed trees, etc., preferably with quick access to deeper water nearby.
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