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  1. You don’t really know why, but you wanna justify, ripping someone’s head off

    1. whj812


      No Human Contact, and if you interact, your life is on Contract.  Your best bet is to stay away Mother******** its just one of those days!

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  3. TNBF #11 Douglas Results

    Congrats on the W fellas. Y’all have been killing it.
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  6. Glad to be here

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  7. New here from NC

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  8. Intro to BASS FISH

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  9. TX#10 Cherokee Results

    Congrats on the w fellas
  10. Softbaitmaker

    Just wanna remind members here, and let new members know, if you’re needing well made soft plastics, @softbaitmaker makes excellent hand poured baits. They float better than anything else I’ve used, and he can create just about any color you want. His turn around times have always been pretty quick for me. Plus, he’s a pretty cool old fart too anyone needing soft baits, check his selection out under Fishing>Custom Products
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  17. Fall

  18. 15 hour flight later......I’ve learned nic gum just ain’t got the oomph that a good dip does

    1. whj812


      glad you made it safe man!  have fun!

  19. I have seen the face of God.

  20. Shaky head

    I’ve done just fine with straight 20 pound braid.
  21. Found a Great Battery Deal Local

    Thanks for the info
  22. Rocky Top you’ll always be last in the SEC....absolutely pathetic 

    1. rusty50576


      I'm 33 and this is the worst team I can remember. I heard that we were terrible in the late 80s but I can't quite remember back that far. I've definitely seen better Dooley coached teams, which shouldn't even be possible 

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  24. Order and pricing changes