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  1. Shaky head

    What he said....but add in a 1/4oz weight too!
  2. TNBF #10 Cherokee

    Its going to be a wreck on Cherokee on the 28th. I am supposed to fish that day with a local Bass Club here in Tazewell out of Grainger County Park, White Pine is going out of 25E and there is a 200+ boat High School tourney out of the dam that day. I'm very Seriously thinking about skipping Cherokee that day and going elsewhere just to avoid the mess.
  3. Wounds licked....  ready to go lay the smack down on some Smallies in the Morning.  Taking the kid I hope she gets one to bust top water and scare her to death!!

    1. SteveHTN


      Good luck dude. Hope her tw gets hammered by big ole smallie

  4. Douglas was a bust last week for the Southern Outdoors Club tourney.  I went where about everywhere on the lake in a 3 day span 2 days of practice and the day of the Tourney.... burned about 20 Gallons of gas in the span of 3 days searching of one epic little keeper that was a line burner at that. Had fun but was humbling to say least.   

    1. trackertxw175


      Sounds like Cherokee

    2. SteveHTN


      Bout like me at Watauga in spring....:smash:

  5. Screw this week..... ready for the work to be done tomorrow! Fishing Saturday morning and then more work Saturday night at 930.... ughhh.  Lets hope the bite has picked up on Douglas, the search is on!

    1. SteveHTN


      LOL. I'm trying to remember what a day off is, but I can't complain about my wallet finally having something besides lint in it. 

    2. trackertxw175
  6. TNBF #8 South Holston Night

    was planning to attend this one but I am not going to be able to make it. DUE TO WORK
  7. Ned Rig

  8. Screw this week......  TIred as heck worked all the way til 430AM this morning from yesterday.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. trackertxw175


      And.... working another weekend

    3. whj812


      NOOOO!!!!  UNACCEPTABLE!  I am too Ross.. Gotta work this Sat night.

    4. Mountainman


      Worked 12 on labor day, 14 Tues, 16 wed, 14 Thur & who knows about today or the rest of the weekend. Hoped to hit Soho tonight....lol. silly me.

  9. Lovely......  HVAC Flooded carpet in my finished basement last Friday.  Time for a new unit... 1500 bucks in 2 months would have been a hell of a downpayment on a new one.  Now... to find some carpet to replace the ruined and half moldy crap Im ripping up.

    1. trackertxw175


      Check with your electric co-op before you buy. Got my last 2 through ours.

    2. SteveHTN


      Dam Wes that sucks dude 

    3. whj812


      2 rooms down 1 to go in basement.....  hope to get all of the stuff moved today and rip carpet out of den.  

  10. Soft baits

    What is weird with this year has been the Offshore bite. Ive been on and off on it IDK if its been a timing thing or what. Smallmouth have been hammering the last couple weeks though.... Check this out. I cant count the number of smallmouth over the last month that I have caught. This is one of the better ones though! This is one caught on a Custom Jig Tipped with one of your Ragin Craws.
  11. Soft baits

    The bite has been slow for me on worms this year. IDK why..... seems like its been 15x slower than a normal time.
  12. Phoenix sighting

    I sold my little boat in less than 2 weeks..... a little over what it booked for due to upgrades.
  13. Phoenix sighting

    No kidding.....
  14. Phoenix sighting

    I think people are thinking about the same thing I was thinking about when I bought my boat. If I am spending 30K on a boat I want a full warranty. THAT is what is hurting the used boat sales IMO.
  15. Phoenix sighting

    LOL.... I think that is a whole other issue.