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  1. If you see any of these cranks anywhere let me know. Thanks!
  2. whj812

    Hope to Fish!

    Come join us on the new season coming up! Great group of guys on here that fish!
  3. whj812

    Welcome MaloneZ9CDC

    Welcome to the Site!!
  4. That feeling when a guy less than 500 yards from you catches a 14lber!  It happened to us on the Chick Saturday!

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    2. whj812


      Exactly what we caught em on too!

    3. Buckeye83


      Did you get to see that 14lber? 

    4. whj812


      I didnt follow him back to the ramp.  I seen the size of it from a distance.  Then pics later that night on Facecrack.

  5. How many of y'all get into dry spells and feels like you are chasing ghosts when fishing?  Idk what I'm doing wrong but it hits me every year around this time.  Sometimes go out and whack em sometimes lucky to get a bite.

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    2. 31Airborne


      These are the kind of outings that can teach you the most, Wes.  When I'm not feeling the love on the bite I switch to scanning and scouting, trying to understand why.  Have learned much about fish movements during winter/early spring this way.  You'd think I'd just leave my rods at home but no . . .

    3. trackertxw175


      Mine came this past summer. Had no trouble finding 14 7/8" and shorter fish. 

    4. SteveHTN


      If you go fishing in p*ss pouring rain, yet catch nothing, is that still considered a dry spell? Figured that’ll be me this weekend.....

  6. whj812

    2019 Tournament Trai Schedule

  7. I see a 2019 Tournaments link on the Tournament information!!!!!

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    2. Buckeye83


      Chris is going to run a few rodeos as well before the trail starts. I’m not sure where at, dates or times but something to help promote the site. He will be posting that soon as well. Come on spring!

    3. SteveHTN


      Hopefully my work schedule is more kind this year. Looking forward to seeing y’all more

    4. Peck


      Mine too. Can't wait!

  8. whj812

    New Rods and Advertised Rating

    Im serious. The new Shimano rods, Ducketts, TFOs and others all felt lighter in action than my old trusty rods.
  9. Is it just me or am I just old.... These newer rods seem to be built lighter in action than they are rated. I picked up a M Fast Spinning rod at the shop last night looking around and it just seemed alot lighter like a ML action. I thought it might be the brand, so I went and picked another one up in another brand. SAME THING. I swear Ill end up having to get a heavier action rod, because these newer rods are so light in action.
  10. whj812

    2018 TNBF Classic

    Another Snowy Classic guys!! Last year on Douglas was a fun adventure getting to the Ramp. Wonder how Saturday will be?
  11. whj812

    2018 TNBF Classic

    Whj812 and fishyjoe
  12. whj812

    2018 TNBF Classic