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  1. whj812

    Tx#5 sign up Ft. Pat

    Put whj812 and fishyjoe on the list. Now I gotta figure the lake out without being on it since 2007
  2. whj812

    TX#4 Douglas Results

    Thanks for coming out everyone! Looking forward to the next one I get to come fish! Congrats to the winners! Heck of a good bag!!!!!
  3. whj812

    Protect your fish in Hot Weather

    Im bumping that back to the top. This needs to be taken seriously when fishing tournaments this time of year and on into the summer. I seen several fish floating on Saturday after the tournaments weighed in at the Dandridge Ramp. Read over the pinned info and practice it! Please take care of the fish and try to put them back in better shape than when they were taken. I had Hydrogen Peroxide and Rejuvenade along with Ice in my wells Saturday and it worked out really well. Fish were lively and swam off full of energy when they hit the water upon release!
  4. whj812

    TNBF tourney #4 Douglas

    IDK I guess Im coming.
  5. whj812

    TNBF tourney #4 Douglas

    whj812 and fishyjoe
  6. Ready to hit the lake!!! BUT STUCK AT WORK.....  

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 31Airborne


      Caught up in the jaws of life, I find myself chewed up like everyone else.  J. McMurtry

      Oh, yeah.  Ol' Airborne's music collection is of the eclectic variety.  McMurty, REK, Lyle Lovett, all them off-the-beaten-path story-tellers.

    3. SteveHTN


      I’ve been ready to hit the lake, and this weather is as good as I’ve seen round here in months and months 

    4. rusty50576


      Ray Wylie Hubbard also covers choctaw bingo. The lyrics to that song are a wild ride to say the least 

  7. I think we need a Music Thread for 2018!!  :)  Those always sprial into a good mess! LOL

    1. trackertxw175


      No more Mongolians cooking rocks

    2. whj812


      LOLLOLOL!!  Come on!  

  8. whj812

    Bladed jigs

  9. whj812

    Weight Prediction

    little tougher than last year. 16lbs with 4.6lb Smallmouth big fish.
  10. whj812

    TNBF #3 South Holston

    Add - whj812 and FishyJoe
  11. whj812


    +1 on this one! Line size and stretch I have found is key. I have switched to a 10lb MONO, and here is why. Floro has alot less stretch than mono and that little bit of stretch could mean you landing the fish and not. When fishing baits like a DD22/6XD or heck even a bandit 200/300 with treble hooks you need to have a little bit of give in the line so that the hooks to not rip out of the fishes mouth. The choice to switch to a 10lb MONO and a real cranking rod has changed my hookup ratio tremendously on Cranks. I no longer hate throwing them like I once did. Another Key Aspect is the right reel, alot of guys can throw them on a faster speed reel 6.3:1+ but I simply cannot. I have an older Lews 5.4:1 speed spool reel that I use and it helps me keep the bait down and not over crank. Im no Expert either but thats my 2 and a half Cents on the subject. Keep cranking and experiementing man it will finally click. Dont get discouraged Mind over Matter!!!!
  12. maybe its a sign StevenHTN....?  2 Blackhawks just flew over my house!  Remember last year on the Friday before the Cherokee tourney?  The perfectly timed helicopters on Cherokee?

    1. SteveHTN


      Hahaha. That was classic. Made me wanna go get a radio for the Astro, so we could listen to George Noory and Alex Jones

  13. whj812

    TNBF #2 Cherokee

    YES! We both need a hat! You Bring em we will wear em at weigh in!! I promise!