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  1. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    That is one Sick Sick Sick Ride right there Mr Andy!! Congrats man!! I love it! One question though.... Can I ride in it one day?
  2. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    I was in Dandridge earlier when it was snowing and it was clear. No Snow on the roads.
  3. Classic weight prediction

    The way I see it. SOMEONE is gonna whack them. Im just hoping its us! Congrats to everyone fishing. There isnt a better group to fish with around here! Its gonna be fun regardless! Pray the fish bite like sharks and we have a toting contest all with 15-20lb bags!!!! LOL!!
  4. Classic weight prediction

    fresh out
  5. Classic weight prediction

    Im trying to be optimistic!!
  6. Classic weight prediction

    21.50 with 7lb big fish
  7. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    Whj812 and Jamie
  8. Points Table

    Im just messing with you brother!!
  9. Points Table

    When will we know the location of the Tourney?
  10. Points Table

  11. 1998 Johnson Venom

    Id check for any gas leaks or seals. I had an issue one time on a little 15hp motor where it would do the same. Fire up fine at home and spit and sput around. Turned out to be a seal on the vacuum driven gas pump seeping air into the line causing it to not get enough fuel unless it was under running RPMs etc.
  12. Yea man!! Come on out and Join us! The tourneys and the people that fish with us are awesome!!
  13. Black Friday Tourney

    Gonna be a heck of a turnout! Cyall in a bit at the ramp!!!!
  14. Black Friday Tourney

    Ok one last change. Jamie is going to be joining me.