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  1. Yet again Ill be travelling during this one! Hope to see you all at the Black Friday tourney!
  2. Im out of Magic worms too We had several nights where people are trying to figure out what Worms we had. I say... you will never find out!! Softys worms flat catchem son!!!
  3. That Collins River is something else! I went out there with an old member of the site named Bubba and fished for Musky. That whole place looked amazing for fishing!
  4. Ross is most likely out due to working second shift he said.
  5. You are a member here, so you are not an outside man!! Only requirement is being a member here! We would love to have you out there man! CMon out!
  6. Not a bite til 130ish for us. Found a group of fish and ended up catching about 12 total in an hour in the back of a creek. Only 3 being keepers. We started hitting every single creek back to the ramp after we fished that spot dry with no luck. The key was inflow was mixing in the back of the creek where we found the fish on creek ledge in 8 ft of water. They were stacked there ambushing stuff that came out of the drain in current.
  7. Headed to bed. See you guys in the morning. I'm leaving my house around 415 should be there around 545-6 or so depending on how many business' plumbing I need to test on the way there after eating Mexican food. Lolololll
  8. Thats from that Pic you sent comparing the colors the other day!
  9. Sneak Peekage of some killer items that are on their way.... shhhhhh
  10. Its love/hate.... Ive went there before and got them. Then I've went and zeroed...... AND then there was a time with an old Member from another site, I got hit in the face with a Bat at night and performed a 35-40mph dance on the front deck of a Stratos near the Devault Bridge(I Think)
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