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  1. How many of y'all get into dry spells and feels like you are chasing ghosts when fishing?  Idk what I'm doing wrong but it hits me every year around this time.  Sometimes go out and whack em sometimes lucky to get a bite.

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    2. 31Airborne


      These are the kind of outings that can teach you the most, Wes.  When I'm not feeling the love on the bite I switch to scanning and scouting, trying to understand why.  Have learned much about fish movements during winter/early spring this way.  You'd think I'd just leave my rods at home but no . . .

    3. trackertxw175


      Mine came this past summer. Had no trouble finding 14 7/8" and shorter fish. 

    4. SteveHTN


      If you go fishing in p*ss pouring rain, yet catch nothing, is that still considered a dry spell? Figured that’ll be me this weekend.....

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