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    +1 on this one! Line size and stretch I have found is key. I have switched to a 10lb MONO, and here is why. Floro has alot less stretch than mono and that little bit of stretch could mean you landing the fish and not. When fishing baits like a DD22/6XD or heck even a bandit 200/300 with treble hooks you need to have a little bit of give in the line so that the hooks to not rip out of the fishes mouth. The choice to switch to a 10lb MONO and a real cranking rod has changed my hookup ratio tremendously on Cranks. I no longer hate throwing them like I once did. Another Key Aspect is the right reel, alot of guys can throw them on a faster speed reel 6.3:1+ but I simply cannot. I have an older Lews 5.4:1 speed spool reel that I use and it helps me keep the bait down and not over crank. Im no Expert either but thats my 2 and a half Cents on the subject. Keep cranking and experiementing man it will finally click. Dont get discouraged Mind over Matter!!!!
  2. maybe its a sign StevenHTN....?  2 Blackhawks just flew over my house!  Remember last year on the Friday before the Cherokee tourney?  The perfectly timed helicopters on Cherokee?

    1. SteveHTN


      Hahaha. That was classic. Made me wanna go get a radio for the Astro, so we could listen to George Noory and Alex Jones

  3. whj812

    TNBF #2 Cherokee

    YES! We both need a hat! You Bring em we will wear em at weigh in!! I promise!
  4. whj812

    TNBF #2 Cherokee

    Man its looking like a great turnout!
  5. whj812

    Welcome FishyJoe

    Here come the Shennanigans..... .
  6. whj812

    TNBF #2 Cherokee

    Whj812 and FishyJoe!! Ill be there as long as my truck is good when I pick it up later today!
  7. whj812

    Welcome FishyJoe

    Welcome to the Site Mr Joe!! Guys this guy has been my best friend as long as I can remember. We have fished alot together over the years. This year he will be joining me at the Site Trail Tourneys!! Go easy on him even though he is also a Zombie Hunter!
  8. whj812

    Welcome Cody1997

    Welcome to the Site Mr Cody! See you guys on Saturday if my truck runs well when I get her back today!
  9. whj812

    Tourney#1 Weight Prediction

    Na... if it was a Day Tourney on Watauga I would be there!
  10. whj812

    Tourney#1 Weight Prediction

    AHHAHAHAH I have to go Nuclear! Never know....It might even be more!
  11. whj812

    Tourney#1 Weight Prediction

    21lbs with a 6.2 LM as big fish
  12. whj812

    TNBF #1 Boone

    Well I will when it fills back up. My last experience on that lake involved getting hit with a bat at 40MPH at night and freaking out on the front deck of a Stratos! LOL
  13. whj812

    TNBF #1 Boone

    Not gonna be at this one.
  14. If you are new to Tournaments this is the trail for you! Great group of guys to fish with! Ill be making an appearance at several of them this year. but not BOONE... LOL!!
  15. whj812

    Catching fish on a wrench.

    It sure did flutter!!! LOL
  16. whj812

    Fishing Jersey

    +1 Ill rep the site fo sho!
  17. Im ready to go fishing.... im going this weekend regardless of temps.

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    2. whj812


      I fished Saturday on Cherokee, and caught alot of Smallmouth just no big ones.  Im ready to go back out NOWWWWW!!!!  Norris here I come!

    3. SteveHTN


      I feel ya brother!

    4. BulletDeuce


      Watch out for hard water. 

  18. whj812

    Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    That is one Sick Sick Sick Ride right there Mr Andy!! Congrats man!! I love it! One question though.... Can I ride in it one day?
  19. whj812

    2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    I was in Dandridge earlier when it was snowing and it was clear. No Snow on the roads.
  20. whj812

    Classic weight prediction

    The way I see it. SOMEONE is gonna whack them. Im just hoping its us! Congrats to everyone fishing. There isnt a better group to fish with around here! Its gonna be fun regardless! Pray the fish bite like sharks and we have a toting contest all with 15-20lb bags!!!! LOL!!
  21. whj812

    Classic weight prediction

    Im trying to be optimistic!!
  22. whj812

    Classic weight prediction

    21.50 with 7lb big fish
  23. whj812

    2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    Whj812 and Jamie
  24. whj812

    Points Table

    Im just messing with you brother!!