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  1. 21XD

    Phoenix sighting

    This guy didn't have too much trouble fishing all those BIG lakes out of a Bullet!!! If you look real close I think there is 2 AOL trophies setting on the back.
  2. 21XD

    Phoenix sighting

    This is usually the response from folks in a cookie cutter boat that get passed in " 3' "waves.
  3. 21XD

    Phoenix sighting

    The 21' Bullets ride considerably better than the 20's. Not to say the 20's have a bad ride just the 21' models do ride better especially the 21' 10" boats.
  4. 21XD

    Phoenix sighting

    I did not take it that you were knocking a Bullet. I was just curious if you had ridden in a newer model.
  5. 21XD

    Phoenix sighting

    Just curious what year model did you ride?
  6. 21XD

    Phoenix sighting

    Well you know one thing that all birds have to be on the look out for... A BULLET!!!
  7. 21XD

    TNBF Event #2 Cherokee

    Put down 21XD and Valt
  8. 21XD

    Drift socks

    The drift socks work well. They are coated so they are easy to fold and store. This is important so when you put them away in your boat in a storage box you will not have 3 gallons of water in the bottom of the box from a fabric type bag or smell or mud or ect... Plus they fold up real nice and small over and over again. I have had one for 20 years and use them regular during windy trips. They let you fish areas longer and safer with out standing on your TM on high constantly. Get a little bigger if possible.
  9. 21XD

    Wes's Bullet

    First one of those I ever seen. I new Yammies had those but I never new Merc had one. I don't like the price of one high performance prop much less TWO.
  10. 21XD

    Cigarette anyone?

    Did they mention a live well option?
  11. 21XD

    Check this out

    I also forgot to mention he is using a Joe Burn's fishing rod. I thought that was cool too. Another local guy making a name for himself in the fishing world. I thought several of us on this site uses his rods.
  12. 21XD

    Check this out

    A big part of people on this website live in Tn or live very close to Tn. I thought you may want to go to this site and check it out. BULLETXRS.COM This is mainly a Bullet advertisement but I think you will enjoy it. Andy Morgan who won the Angler OF THE YEAR in the FLW Tour this year.does a great job representing Bullet Boats. Andy does several short videos and even gives some of his fishing techniques from this past season. Love Bullets or hate them it still is good to see a local angler finish on top of the fishing world, not to mention he is such a down to earth good ole country boy. Then you have Bullet Boats built in Knoxville TN and has been around for years and in their first time ever of having a angler fish out of a Bullet in the professional ranks he brings home Angler Of The Year. So I guess you can catch fish out of those go fast boats.
  13. 21XD

    Bullet Boats announces New Model

    I did read the article that was wrote about Michael Neal going to a Bullet on Bass Fan. I thought it was pretty funny, Neal said he borrowed Andy Morgans boat for a weekend and that was all it took was just to fish out of it. He said "when you hit another boat wake at 75MPH and you don't feel like you even hit a wave that is saying something." He also said he had a blue tooth device blow out of his ear that day. Somebody forgot to tell Andy Morgan you cant catch fish out of one of those race boats.
  14. 21XD

    Long A

    What size hooks do most of you guys use on long A'S.
  15. 21XD

    yamaha mechanic

    A new guy to the tri-city area is Greg Clark. Greg Clarks Countryside marine. He also has a shop in NC. Been working on outboards over 25 years. Really good guy and knows his motors.