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  1. France, France, France, in that order.
  2. I still have a couple of each but have not used them in a while.
  3. I don't know if you are referring to speed clips(snaps) or snaps such as duolock. If you're using Norman speed clips, good luck, I threw mine away. After seeing one bait go sailing out of sight and while working a top water, just to see it sitting there after somehow coming off of the speed clip, I gave up on them. Duolock on my baits.
  4. brnbasstn

    The Leash

    I heard this happened a few years ago in a tournament on Patrick Henry.
  5. 10-4 on the popping and cracking on the MG. I had a Tour Edition that did that, and it bothered me so much that I put a new one on my boat last year,even though my old one was still in good running condition. Guess what I have now? A new Tour Edition that pops and cracks.
  6. A lot of people will say to use 4# line, but I use 6# Suffix and I do not think I get any less bites. As far as rod length, the deeper you fish the longer rod you need to make casting easier. If you don't fish 20 ft. or deeper(most people don't), 8 or 9 ft. is fine for fishing 10 to 12 ft. deep. Slip bobbers?, I don't know anyone that uses them. Three way swivels?, they would work but would be harder to adjust for different depths. Just clip your bobber on your line.
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