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  1. TBW, it depends on a few things. I pay more attention to bait than actual fish arches. The fish could be on the bottom and, therefore, unreadable by a graph. Still, if the bait's still there, the fish should be too. But, there are times, especially when you talk about pelagic baitfish, that the bait will leave and the fish will remain. I'd still fish the spot/area but I wouldn't waste much time on it. But there's also a time when I see arches on my meter and I'm not too happy. This is when the fish make a perfect inverted V. These fish aren't moving - hence the perfect inverted arch. Active fish always make a streak or inverted hook - not a V. In that case I know the fish are moving and, therefore, active and almost always willing to eat. Then there are the times when you'll see bait in the graph with hooks below. Let's use an example like bait suspended in 20 feet, over 30 feet. The streaks go from 22 feet through the bait at 20 feet. What most people do in this instance is fish a spoon (or something else) so their lure stays in that zone where the bait is (or maybe a little lower). But, a lot of times the bigger fish will sit on the bottom and let the smaller ones tear through the bait stunning it. When this happens, the stunned bait missed by the smaller fish sinks and is an easy meal for the bigger fish below. So, what I generally do in this situation is I'll fish right on the bottom with something like a spoon or drop shot. As for the structure question, it depends on a couple things. If I know that specific piece of structure always holds fish, I'll fish it even if I don't see bait or arches. I won't waste much time there but I'll still fish it. If I see bait on it, I'll spend more time on it and if I see hooks, I'll spend even more time on it. I think I answered your question? Problem is, with these types of questions they are so open-ended that there are many answers and a lot depends on the body of water, the type of bait and even the time of year... My answers were based on this time of year - Late fall through late winter. I hope this helps. Terry
  2. TBW, I'm a little lost in your question. Are you asking about spooning or bait balled 6-10 feet from the bottom? As for electronics, yes, I used them for both situations. It's actually pretty easy to figure out but both circumstances are different. Let me know what your exact question is and I'll answer it to the best of my ability. Terry
  3. LOL. Yeah Mike Bucca keeps feeding me that info. It'll be a change for sure.
  4. Anytime guys. Thanks for the kind words. As for Bass Whisperers question, "...what about suspended fish?" That's a tough one. What depth are they suspended over and how deep are they? For example, I have caught quite a few fish suspended 6 feet off the bottom with a 6' tag. But if you're trying to catch fish that are 20 feet off the bottom in 45 feet of water that's a different story. A buddy of mine has caught fish with a 15ft tag but I hate that. Honestly, it's a pain. Just too much line to deal with and I've found that those fish are better fished with a spoon or some other type bait. I prefer to target the fish that are active and that means I look for the fish that are closer to the bottom or slightly suspended off the bottom with bait nearby. Hope this helps, Terry
  5. Geez.... I come over here thinking I can get some good info and get away from the screwballs of the BFHP and who rears his ugly mug but fishman. Lol. Hey Fish... nice to see you here. Looks like we might be neighbors in a year or so. Yeah I talk to Funky from time to time. He and I fished the Potomac together back in Sept. It was a good time for sure - that is until he poached my 6lber. Lol. Have a good one and I look forward to seeing you more here. Tater
  6. Yes SJK, I found ya by a Google search. This forum was maybe the third or fourth from the top when I search "Bass Tournaments in TN." TB
  7. Thanks Tracker and MM. I appreciate the comments. So, what's the most popular board on this site and how long has this site been around? TB
  8. Here's a link to an article I wrote back in 2001 about the subject. It's changed quite a bit since then (i.e.: it's not solely seen as a vertical presentation anymore) but it's still pretty complete. Also, I pretty much always start out with a tag of 12 inches and go from there, adjusting as needed. I hope it helps out. http://www.insideline.net/2001/battisti-0102-01.html Terry
  9. Thanks BBH. Yeah, they're a couple of nice Snake River fish. 4-15 and 5-1 caught a couple years ago. So, three of you for Douglass....I'll check it out for sure. It's still a long way off but it never hurts to do your homework. :-) Thanks again, Terry
  10. R91. I plan on moving there in 12-18 months, when my daughter gets out of high school. I've been out of the TX fishing scene for about 5 years due to the kids' sports and am looking forward to getting back on the water in that capacity. I'm pretty tired of Idaho winters and tired of the fact all we have here (for the most part) is smallies. Don't get me wrong, I love the bronze fish but there are times I wish I could target green fish too. Thanks for the heads-up on Douglass. I'll check it out for sure! Terry
  11. Thanks Ron! I'd actually be working in Oak Ridge. I'm leaning towards buying a house or property on the water but I don't want to buy on a dead sea or a place overrun with water turds. :-) If that's even possible. Thanks again! Terry
  12. Thanks for the welcome Snoot and TBW. I look forward to learning more about the area and really look forward to moving there. Terry
  13. Hi All, My name is Terry Battisti and I'm considering moving to the Eastern, TN area (Knoxville) in about a year. I was interested in finding out about lakes in the area; which ones are best, if you had it your way which one would you live on, what tournament organizations/clubs are in the area, etc. I currently live in Idaho Falls, Idaho and have spent a little time in the Knoxville area for work. I love the area but have a lot of questions. Thanks for the help and I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and also have a Happy New Year. Sincerely, Terry
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