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  4. TNBF #1 Boone

    Our first stop of the 2018 Tournament season will be on Boone Next Saturday, March 3 from safe light til 4 pm out of the TVA ramp. Please read the 2018 rules page and have a signed copy of the 2018 liability waiver for you & your partner, 1 is good for the entire calendar year. Hope to see everyone there on the 3rd!! 1) Mountainman & Stratos20 2) tnsmallmouth & HDHoppy 3)
  5. Tourney Scales

    So, tourney time is fast approaching and we are still short on our scale fund. So, I have spoken with a couple of lending institutions and we are taking out a $900 loan to go ahead and purchase new scales so that we can continue as planned with the 2018 TNBF Trail. March 3 is just about 10 days out, so time is of the essence now. I'd ask that you still pitch in where you can, as you can and keep in mind that the profits from the TNBF merchandise sales will also go toward repayment of our scale loan. On a similar note, Dove Designs has been kind enough to waive the 25 piece minimum for printing, so those of you who placed a preorder will be getting correspondence from me within a few days on totals and time lines. I appreciate every single dollar you guys have donated to this cause. These scales belong to all of us.....and all who fish our tourneys benefit from their purchase. So, keep the generosity flowing and I look forward to seeing you guys along the trail this year.
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    Welcome to the site. Look forward to reading your adventures & hopefully seeing you at our tourneys.
  8. Terry

    I just don't get the walleye thing. They're ok to me. Still prefer crappie. But.....I've never had perch, but I hear it's delish
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    Welcome to the site and back to TN. Glad to hear you beat cancer & are back into fishing.
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