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  1. Welcome to TNBF. Your last name ain't Blevins, is it??😁
  2. Welcome to the site. Both species should be very catchable this week. If the flw boys didn't sore mouth them all.
  3. Welcome to TNBF. No membership fees at all. As Bulletdeuce said, be sure to sign up & read the rules.
  4. 23 with a 7lb sm. I'm telling you, boys, they eatin. On a side note, please be conscientious of the fish. They're nested....if you catch em, cull right there so these girls can go right back to their bed & lay their clutch. This propagates the species we all love to catch.
  5. So let me see if I'm following you here.....you want a new boat with above average electronics for under $15k?
  6. Lots of better options in your price range beyond a jet ski. A kayak for one, is a great choice and we'll under budget even with top notch electronics. Also, check your local sales ads and www.bassboatcentral.com for pre-owned boats.....lots of good solid starter boats out there in the $8-10k range.
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