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  2. We had 9 boats brave the cold front last night for our final night tourney of the 2018 season. The fish were less cooperative than we'd hoped to find them, as only 2 limits were weighed in. Congrats to Bulletdeuce & Promax on the win from a very tough night on Watauga. Thanks to everywhere came out & big thanks to the tournament committee for running a good event. Look forward to seeing everyone at the next one on Douglas! Here's the full results: 1. Bulletdeuce & Promax....5 fish.....15 lb 0.0 oz.....3lb 15.3 oz BF 2. Rodknocker & Triton173....5 fish....11lb 7.7 oz.....3lb 10.5oz BF 3. Brnbasstn & Phil Henry(g)....4 fish.....10lb 10.4oz......3lb 10.1oz BF 4. Basskicker & Jigflipper.....3 fish......6lb4.8oz.....2lb 10.0oz BF 5. Brokebackhumpr & 97Astro....3 fish.....4lb 14.1oz 6. Mtcarmeltriton & mountainman....dnw Astro180 & jamiedevera......dnw 200superprocraft & 08z520ranger.....dnw Tobybol & Donnie'shvac........dnw
  3. Mountainman

    TNBF tourney #8 Watauga night Signup

    I spoke to MtCarmelTriton last night. Have your buddy check in with him before blast off and he will relay the necessary steps to make it work out. Shouldnt be a big issue. Thanks!
  4. Mountainman

    TNBF tourney #8 Watauga night Signup

    In the past, we have done this IF the participants will contact a committee member & meet for a livewell check after the 2nd party arrives BUT I won't be there, so verify this with Shannon or Buckeye or tnsmallmouth.
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    Welcome to the site. Some of the west TN crowd will be along to help you soon
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  15. Rolling down I81 this morning & passed a black Dodge dually at the rest area with a TNBF decal on the rear window. Hey man ....nice truck & thanks for supporting TNBF!

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      Pretty cool. Wonder who it is

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