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  1. Still got a 45" 80# 24V in stock Steve........
  2. Me & GlitterRocket are going to be there. Im taking a day off, daggone it
  3. Any new tech has bugs to work out and as long as it's an electronic device, it won't be free of malfunction. There have been a few issues with control boards, pedal sensors and steering heads, but by & large, the issues are limited to the earliest models. With a 3 year warranty, it's hard not to have one. Spotlock is a game changer.
  4. Hats off to the tournament committee. Good looking schedule. As far as Ft Suck goes, I've been an advocate for ditching that pond for years. I know it can be a good fishery, but I've apparently never been on it at one of those times. Boat numbers wise, it's sad to me to see our trail to the point where 15 boats on Ft Pat is considered good turn out. Once upon a time, we were having 25-30 boats per event, typically on Cherokee, Boone, Douglas & Holston. I sure would like to see it get back to that point. Good schedule guys. I hope to make a few of them.
  5. That's gonna be a great boat for you Steve! Very clean boat. I appreciate your business, past, present & future. Hope to see you put there some this year.
  6. I know a guy that knows a guy that can help you remedy that situation.......😁😁
  7. hey Andy were is the sine up page i want to fish the Douglas TX in two weeks but it has been so long seance i wus on here a caint find the sine up sheet--------------------- pleas this ole man needs help  LOL 

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    2. Fishman


      naw i am good airborne just making day at a time


    3. 31Airborne


      how are you, Bob?  need anything?  B


      Yessir - about all we can do.  Here if you need anything.  You know where to find me.

    4. Whopper


      Hang in there Mr Ham Biscuit

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