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  1. Welcome Gentry

    Welcome to the site
  2. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Ya know, when we all start going to the lake & donating our money on a more regular basis than normal.........
  3. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Thanks guys. I'm happy with it thus far. My biggest concern is having time away from work to finish break in before tourney season comes around
  4. 2018 Tourney Committee Members

    We need to meet and set the schedule shortly after the first of the year. I'd like to have a committee finalized by then. That said, I've removed the requirement to have qualified for this year's classic. Open to everyone.
  5. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    As most of you know, I have been trying to sell my Phoenix for several months. After a few deals fell through and winter set in, it slowed drastically. I came to know Sam & Delores @ Morristown Marine serveral years ago and have had a good relationship with them for a long time. I've fished Sam's tourney trail for years. I came close to buying a Skeeter from him back in 2012 when I bought my Phoenix instead. Long story short, I went down to run my Phoenix a few weeks ago & stopped in to visit & buy some oil on my way home. We started talking about the Skeeter/Yamaha incentives in the Morristown Trail and started talking about trading. Anyhow, we got a deal worked out and I now own an FX21 Skeeter. I have nothing but the best to say about Phoenix Bass Boats and the people running that outfit. Top notch product and excellent customer service. I'd buy another Phoenix in a heart beat....zero hesitation. 2 things played a major part in the move to Skeeter: 1) The fact of having a local dealer that I know from first hand experience will take care of me and 2) the monetary incentives for fishing The Morristown Trail out of a Skeeter. Sam, Delores & the whole gang at Morristown Marine did a fantastic job of making this deal happen and getting the boat tailored to the specifics that I wanted. Great people who are very connected to both their boat manufacturer and their customers. Cant say enough positive things about the crew at Morristown Marine. Anyhow, here's the pics......took 1/2 day off work yesterday & picked it up. Dropped in Cherokee and put an hour break in on the motor. Also, got to snag a couple green fish, one about 3 1/2 lbs. Several things are going to take some getting used to: the Ultrex is a bad machine...but the button is on the wrong side of the pedal and the electronic steering is different to say the least. The Yammie is a beast of a motor.....and runs very differently than my Mercs have. Cant wait to get through break in & open it up & really drive it. The boat color is called Oxblood.....its maroon, but in every pic I have taken, it looks purple. lol. Its sharp in person.....pics don't do it justice.
  6. Welcome ClayTims

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  7. Livewell

    Does it not have any or they just don't work?
  8. New to me!!!

    Ol Chris can suck a golf ball thru a garden hose. Or so I've heard.
  9. Jon boats

    I think Bass pro sells a toho rig livewell set up plumbed & everything. Be worth looking into. Maybe more up front cost, but less time rigging & running hoses, etc. https://m.tackledirect.com/shingle-creek-toho-rig-portable-livewells.html?mainc=TMP-0153&gclid=CjwKCAiA9rjRBRAeEiwA2SV4ZeUnUueLNPV0h3TgRj4PrPGNdVfFHPLVGNjDkt5uWDow3PXvulQ91RoCs-4QAvD_BwE
  10. New to me!!!

    Congrats Chris. Super nice rig and a pretty sweet deal to boot.
  11. First off, I'd like to thank each person who came out to fish with us this year. If not for you guys, this trail wouldn't exist. I'd also like to take a minute to thank the tournament committee for all the hard work throughout 2017. We had 10 boats brave the snow & cold yesterday to find, for most of us, fairly tough fishing. We had 6 limits weighed in, with a "tie" for 1st. Now, let me explain. Our old trusty scales, which were donated to us by one of our members, crapped out on us while weighing the final bag of the day. It weighed long enough to know that it was extremely close to our current leader, at 17.14. we tried rebooting our scales and got 3 different weights on three separate attempts. We tried a couple other various methods, without getting a clear picture of who won, because the original leader had already released their bag. So without a definitive way to establish a winner, all parties agreed to combine 1st & 2nd place & split the total. So, congrats to Tobybol/Donnieshvac and Bulletdeuce/Promax on the winning weights, and to BD/Promax on big fish with a 5.01 LM. The rest is as follows: 3) Bronzebackhuntr & 423fishing (14.30) 4) GlitterRocket & blindhawg (13.35) 5) jigheadworm & ktimbs (12.01) 6) mtcarmeltriton & Mountainman(9.34) 7) jamieDeVera & whj812 (6.27) 8) HDHoppy & tnsmallmouth(3.66) 9) trackertxw175(2.90) 10) crriderz01 (dnw) Additionally, I'd like to thank our sponsors for generous donations for the classic door prizes. Watson's Marine, Just Fishin, Mel-Bro Wholesale Bait & Tackle, South Holston River Co, Spro, Snag-Proof, The Rod Glove, Bass Boat Saver, Scottsboro Tackle Company, Pit Row Wine & Liquor. Tnsmallmouth (Chris Hopson) did a ton of footwork to get these sponsors on board. Please take a minute and thank him for getting it together & them for the donations.
  12. Welcome BulletBurton

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  13. Welcome terryp865

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  14. 2017 TNBF Trail Classic

    Well it is putting down some snow & there are a few slick spots in Kingsport, but I think we'll be alright. Everyone drive carefully, watch out for slick places and we will see you at the ramp!