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    Mercury Motors

    I disagree. I have owned, worked on & been around both for a long time. The four stroke, especially the Japanese models, are exponentially more reliable. I'd put a 250 SHO up against any other 250 on the market for longevity, reliability, cost of ownership & resale value. Fuel efficiency, which is a big issue, is a mute point. There's virtually zero difference between a 250 pro XS & a SHO. My post above came from a lengthy conversation with the Merc contingent at the classic last month. Everyone from the booth guys to the expo team to the mechanics trailer guys said the Pro XS is on its way out. If....big if.....the emissions laws don't change, they cannot make the pro xs meet epa regs. Yes, they hope to find a way to keep making 2 strokes, but the future of them is indeed at great risk. My opinion is simply that dealers are trying to keep mass hysteria & panic in the loss of 2 strokes from affecting their sales figures. Look at it like this, if you're Merc & Yamaha dealer, you have a lot of available Merc inventory. Yamaha is back ordered for months in advance. If the rumor of no more Merc 2 strokes becomes fact, you'll have a lot of inventory sitting in the store, simply because no one wants a discontinued product. Again, just my opinion....not fact based at all.
  2. Mountainman

    Mercury Motors

    You hear correct. The Pro XS 2 strokes are being phased out for their new 4 stroke that was unveiled at the Miami boat show earlier this year.
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  10. We will have our 3rd tourney of the year on Saturday 4/28/18 from safe light til 3 pm out of Observation Knob Park. With the weather we've had, this could be a sight fishing catch fest. Look forward to seeing everyone. 1. Mountainman & Stratos20 2. trackertxw175 & spinflip 3. challexpress & partner 4. 97astro & McDaniel3332 5. jamieDeVera & astro180 6) jigflipper & basskicker 7. tnsmallmouth & HDHoppy 8. Pitchinpigs & partner 9. whj812 & fishyjoe 10.
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    My 2 cents worth varies a lil bit from what's above. Depth control is the key to getting crankbait bites. I got tired of throwing a dt6 and, with 10# mono, not hitting the bottom in 5 ft of water. I tried flouro & experienced the breakage issues. Tried a few kinds of braid...power pro was the best, but still sucked casting & there's zero give, which makes it right next door to impossible to crawl a crank over stuff like logs. Tried copoly stuff & wasn't impressed with it's abrasion resistance. Back to flouro & tried different brands. In my experience, Seaguar red label or Abraz-X is the best I've found for cranking. It's tougher than most flouro & yes, you do need to trim off 6-10 ft every couple hours. Generally, I check for abrasions every 10-15 casts & when I need to retie, I cut off 10 ft at a whack. This sounds costly, but tackle warehouse typically runs a sale on 1000 yard spools after Christmas. I buy a spool of 10, 12 & 15# every year. Usually go through most of each spool, although I use far less of the 15#, which gets me back to depth control. I typically use 3-4 cranking set ups throughout the year. I spool with different diameter lines to target different depths. I can tell you with proper technique, a good long cast & 10# Seaguar, you can dredge the bottom at 11 ft deep with a stock (unmodified) DT6. The versatility offered by flouro outweighs the line waste & potential breakage with it, in my opinion. As Steve said above, to each their own, but my "own" prefers flouro and good flouro generally isn't prone to breakage, although how you store it can greatly affect this as well.
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