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    Welcome to TNBF
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  5. Shaky head

    I like 30# braid with a flouro leader with an 1/8 or 3/16 head.
  6. Welcome Muckraker

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  7. ALX rods

    I would be happy to check them out....I cant get away from work early enough. Reckon Rex would mine staying out there til about 23:00??
  8. I have seen the face of God.

    How about "Molix Ike Sux Bait".....??
  9. TNBF #10 Cherokee

    Yep it'll be a mess. White pine going out of 25e. Thing is, our schedule was set last Dec around every other trail in this area. And then you get all these pop up clubs & what not that just schedule on top of you. Can't avoid em all I guess. It'll be a crowded ramp & lake next Saturday.
  10. Our 10th tourney of 2017 will be on October 28th on Cherokee Lake out of Quarryville (church point) Ramp. Hours are safe light to 3pm. All TNBF rules apply and size limits are 15" on LM & SM and 12" on Spots. Should be a catchfest by then. Look forward to seeing everyone (if I can get away from work for this one...) 1. Mountainman & Stratos20 2. Peck & partner 3. Madvolsfan & partner 4. HDHOPPY & tnsmallmouth 5.
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