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  1. Congrats to Bobby Chambers & Tim Smiley on crushing an 8lb margin of victory on Douglas this weekend in the Morristown Marine classic. 40 lb in 2 days is an awesome weekend.

    1. SteveHTN
    2. brwnbass


      Ive seen almost 90lbs for 3 days from douglas, i think the guys name was Furgeson(?sp) He had bags of 28.7, 29 & 30lb. 

    3. Crriderz01


      I can't believe how that tournament went down. I fished with Tim Smiley in a bfl event and the dude is a dominator. He is so versatile and not only good at everything but his timing is perfect. Sneaky to. I talked to him the morning of the classic and he had 8 or 9 rods rigged up. Won the tournament on 1 bait that was not on the deck lol 

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