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  1. Our annual Black Friday Tourney will be next Friday Nov 24 on Cherokee Lake out of 25E ramp from safe light til 4 pm. All regular TNBF rules & regulations are in place, however this is a non points tourney. Your participation will count toward classic qualification. Also in keeping with the annual tradition, there will be an optional $1 trash fish pot that goes to the person or team who weighs the largest single fish of any species other than smallmouth, largemouth or spotted bass. Look forward to fishing & hoping I can be there. 1) Mountainman & Don(g) 2) Tubejig 3) Triton196 4) whj812 & chill19 5) Trackertxw175 & spinflip 6) CHallExpress & Chugbug guru 7)
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  3. Points Table

    OK.....I think I have everything fixed and updated. Those highlighted in green have qualified for the Classic and those in Red are buy-in eligible. This should help you see if you need to fish Black Friday in order to qualify. Please let me know if any of the totals or qualification are incorrect. Thanks!
  4. Points Table

    Updated through Tourney #1 2017 TNBF Points Standings
  5. There have been several folks asking about Doug's baits, so here is a place to see everything he currently offers. I thought I would add some contact information to go with these baits. You can email me or call me by phone or PM me here on the site. See information below. drichards.sr@gmail.com Cell phone 615-568-5229 If I don't answer please leave a message as due to high volumn of spam calls from Telemarketers I don't answer any number I don't recognise. Once you call I will add your number to my phone and will answer in the future. Thanks Softy aka Doug
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  7. Points Table

    Points table up to date thru 11/11 Douglas. Points are finalized as the Black Friday event is for Classic qualification only. I'm working on tweaking the spreadsheet formulas to make it right, Currently working nights, so bear with me as I work through it.
  8. TNBF #11 Douglas Results

    Congrats on the win guys and thank you to all that came out to fish. Maybe one of these days I'll get to fish again.....
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    Welcome to the site & back to bass chasing. Things have changed a bit, but you'll get the swing of it.
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  15. TNBF #11 Douglas Lake

    Just a heads up concerning the results from yesterday.....Wes texted me this morning & he's having some difficulty with a medical issue. He's ok, but having to spend a few days away from a PC, so it could be a couple days before the results are uploaded. Thanks for understanding & keep Wes in your thoughts.
  16. Our 11th tourney of 2017 will be Sat November 11 from safe light til 4pm on Douglas Lake out of Dandridge free launch. 12" minimum on largemouth & spots, 15" on smallmouth. Hope to make it, but depends on the work situation. 1) bulletdeuce & promax 2) justintr & Joel Will(g) 3) HDHoppy & tnsmallmouth 4) tobybol & donnieshvac 5) madvolsfan & partner 6) GlitterRocket & blindhawg 7) Adair & 423fishing 8) Jason16 & Expressjet 9) beveret3 & partner 10) Crriderz01 & partner 11) Nocountfisherman & partner 12)
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  18. Happy veterans day to all our vets. Thank you for your service, your sacrifices and your bravery.

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      Amen. Thanks Vets!

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