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    Fuel treatment/additives

    You're asking about octane rating, correct? "Older", in this sense, is anything below about 2005-ish. Check with the manufacturer about recommended fuel octane rating. When in doubt, run regular (87). As I said, the higher the octane, the cooler it burns allowing for more carbon build up. Carbon build up is worse than a poor running engine or predetonation knock, although neither is good. Check with Merc on your serial number for recommendations on fuel grade. I read on BBC once, in order of importance: 1. High traffic, high volume stations 2. Correct fuel octane rating 3. Ethanol content(NOT to exceed 10%.....DO NOT USE E15 or higher!!!)
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    Fuel treatment/additives

    So.....all 2 stroke manufacturers currently advise pure gasoline & 87 octane(regular). Reason is 87 burns at a hotter rate, leaving less carbon deposits. Some of the older & racing 2.5 liter Mercs require mid (89) or high grade fuel(93) BUT state they would advise lower grade of pure gasoline over higher grade ethanol blend. Main factor to remember with ethanol fuel blends: be absolutely certain your fuel lines are the most up to date, ethanol resistant rated lines available. Otherwise, you will get line separation & have fuel system gunk problems. 4strokers are a different animal in that most (Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki) suggest mid grade (89) fuel. The engine will not produce the rated HP with lower than mid grade fuel. It will run fine, just won't produce as many horses. As for additives, Merc fuel system is a must on a black motor......Quickare, Quickleen & Quickstor(sub Stabil here) as a cocktail is the hands down, unbeatable blend. For 4 bangers, Yanaha's Ring Free plus Stabil makes a great blend. Also remember that gasoline starts to lose it's volatility after 30 days. If it's ethanol blend, at this point, it will start to draw moisture.
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    TNBF Merchandise

    Guys: We still have some T-shirts and decals available for purchase at any of our tournaments. See me, Shannon(mtcarmeltriton) or Chris(tnsmallmouth) at the ramp for purchasing. Also, I can meet and deliver sales locally between Morristown & Bristol any day. Remember all proceeds go toward paying for the tournament scales we had to buy this year. Thanks! Andy
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    TNBF Merchandise

    Indeed, if any of you are interested in jerseys, etc for 2019, we need to get an order up soon. Minimum of 10 to get pricing as listed above. 20 or more gets us a better price.
  11. We ended up with 13 boats and 24 people fishing yesterday of the 30 people that qualified. Conditions were tough for bigger fish, but most caught fish consistently throughout the day. Full results are as follows: 1. Tobybol & DonniesHVAC 5 fish 13lb 12.6oz 2. BulletDeuce & PromaX 5 fish 13lb 9.9oz 3. 294Stratos 5 fish 13lb 1.1oz 4. Buckeye83 5 fish 12lb 15.1oz 5. GlitterRocket & Blindhawg 5 fish 12lb 14.6oz 6. Mtcarmeltriton & Alumacraft09 5 fish 11lb 11.8oz BF: SM 4lb .3oz 7. TNSmallmouth & HDHOPPY 4 fish 8lb 5.3oz 8. whj812 & fishyjoe 3 fish 7lb 12.7oz BF: LM 4lb .4oz (BF of tourney) 9. Mountainman & Stratos20 2 fish 5lb 7.9oz BF: SM 3lb 10oz 10. Trackertxw175 & Astro180 2 fish 4lb 13.6oz 11. bassaddict92 & Randy Lane(g) 1 fish 3lb 15.4oz BF: SM 3lb 15.4oz 12. Jigflipper & Basskicker DNW 13. Rodknocker & Triton173 DNW In total, through entry fees yesterday and the classic pot money we have collected throughout the year, we paid out over $1,300.00 in cash and well over $1,000.00 in prizes. Big fish of the tournament won a Doomsday rod courtesy of Watson's Marine. Also, we would like to thank some sponsors for their donations for Classic door prizes. Please take the time to patronize these fine establishments and thank them for their generosity: Texas Roadhouse, Mel-Bros Tackle, Spro Fishing, Pit Row Wine & Liquor, Bass Munitions, Just Fishin', Watsons Marine, Snag Proof, Bass Boat Saver, The Rod Glove, The South Holston River Company, and Morristown Marine. I certainly appreciate their gifts...if not for their help, we could not afford to do these give aways. Also, I'd like to personally thank TNSmallmouth (Chris Hopson) and HDHOPPY (George Hopson) for all their hard work and dedication on obtaining these donations. Your hard work and determination is very much appreciated, guys. In closing, I want to thank each of members and guests who have fished with us this year. If not for you guys and your participation, this trail wouldn't exist. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I have. I would also like to thank the tournament committee, MtCarmelTriton, TNSmallmouth and Buckeye83. These guys are the best tournament support team in the business. I have had a lot of personal stuff going on this year and this group of guys took over & ran the trail with class and professionalism beyond what I could have. We couldn't have done it without you guys. So, as I have said, I will not be the tournament director next year. My recent change in career would not allow me the time to give this trail the attention it needs. MtCarmelTriton and TNSmallmouth will be co-directors next year and they will be forming a tournament committee and creating a schedule very soon. If you are interested in helping them with the trail next year, please contact one or both of them ASAP. It is a tough step to remove myself from this. I created it way back in the beginning of the website days and have been with it through every step. I hope to be abel to at least fish a few next year and I will still be involved in the site, to what extent I can with my new time restraints. I have enjoyed fishing with you guys this year and in years past. I am very much looking forward to seeing you all at some events next year. Stay tuned and Shannon & Chris will have a schedule out very soon. Andy
  12. Most of the votes are in....I was hoping to have this posted by Friday evening, but I had to wait until at least the majority had voted. Still lack a few votes, but at this point, they won't make any difference. I will post more info later today as I am trying to finalize a few last details. But, the classic will be December 8th on Cherokee Lake from safe light til 4pm. Check back later today for the rest of the details.
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    2018 TNBF Classic

    Won't be a sign up. I'll be there by 6 with the blast off cards. Should be blasting off at or very near 7am.
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    2018 Skeeter FX21 LE

    Gotta sell my Skeeter to make room for next year's model. 2018 FX 21 LE in oxblood color scheme with 32 hours on it's 250 Yamaha SHO. HDS 12 & 9 both Carbons, Ultrex 112 linked with i-pilot, Atlas hydraulic plate, loaded to the max. Boat is like brand new, except you don't have to do the engine break in. YES extended warranty until Jan 2024. Asking $68,500. 423-534-0923 call or text. Make someone a great deal on a new boat. Read the original post with additional pics here:
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    TNBF Merchandise

    Yes. Tees & decals will be there for sale Saturday.
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    2018 TNBF Classic

    This typically serves as the sign up post, but it's not critical. We'll add it to my earlier post.
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    2018 TNBF Classic

    Couple of items to add: Blast off will be determined by your position in the final points standings. Me, Shannon, Chris or Matt will have index cards with your blast off number and entry fee on them at the ramp Saturday morning. Entry fee will still be $40 per boat.....UNLESS.....one or both members are buy-in eligible. Buy in eligible (only fished 4 tournaments this year, highlighted in RED on the points sheet) members must pay an additional $20 per buy-in eligible member. For example, if one person in the boat is qualified and one is buy-in eligible, the boat entry fee is $60. If both anglers in the boat are buy-in eligible, the entry fee is $80. If both members in the boat are fully qualified, the entry fee is the standard $40. Also, non clsssic qualified members can not fish the classic as a boater or coangler. Only qualified members can fish the classic. The air temps are going to be cold Saturday morning. We ask that when you launch your boat, please pause a few seconds as the trailer comes out of the water to allow most of the water to drain off and prevent ice on the ramp.
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    2018 TNBF Classic

    We had 24 votes out of the 29 eligible voters and the results graph is pasted in below. I am calling it done, as the remaining 5 votes cannot change the outcome. Cherokee Lake on December 8th from safe light til 4 pm out Boat Launch Road access. Most of you guys know where this is, but for those of you who do not: Turn onto Cherokee Park Rd between Weigel's and Morristown Marine. Approximately 1 mile, this becomes Bright's Pike. Approximately 1 mile past Hookers & Hunters bait shop,there is an entrance to what appears to be a subdivision. TURN LEFT HERE onto "Doc McFall Rd". Stay straight on this road and you will arrive at the boat ramp in less than half a mile. This venue is very secluded and we should have enough room to do our normal classic trophy presentation, door prizes, etc and not be covered up with other folks. We have amassed over nearly $800 for the classic payout BEFORE we buy plaques and trophies. Other than the weather forecast, Saturday should be a great time with lots of money and prizes to give away. Hopefully.....I will be able to fish. If not, I will definitely be at the weigh in. See y'all saturday!! Andy 1. Mtcarmeltriton & alumacraft09 2. tnsmallmouth & hdhoppy 3. mountainman & stratos20 4. trackertxw175 & Astro180 5. whj812 & fishyjoe 6. Triton173 & Rodknocker 7. tobybol & Donnieshvac 8. Jigflipper & Basskicker 9. buckeye83 10. Bassaddict92 & Randy Lane 11. 294 Stratos 12. BulletDeuce & PromaX
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  23. 2018 TNBF Points race has been finalized and the classic qualifiers are color coded in the points standings. If there is a mistake in the points tallies or classic qualifiers, please let me know. If you are a classic qualifier and did not get an email to vote on the classic location, please let me know ASAP! Thanks!!

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      when does the voting close?

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      You hankering for Boone Wes? Lol

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    2018 TNBF Points

    Voting Emails have been sent. Please let me know if you have not received your voting ballot. Thanks!
  25. 2018 TNBF Points Spreadsheet