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  1. Our 6th stop of the 2018 trail will be on Cherokee Lake Saturday 7/21 from 7pm-3am out of Quarryville ramp(church point). All TNBF rules apply. 1. Jigflipper & Basskicker 2. Astro180 & JamieDeVera 3. trackertxw175 & Spinflip 4. Buckeye83 & Hatfield75 5. HDHOPPY & tnsmallmouth 6. Rodknocker & Triton173 7. Mtcarmeltriton & 8. whj812 & fishyjoe 9.
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  6. :praying: prayers for our buddy Butch.

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    Berkley max scent

    Holy screaming bat shit.......I like metal & hard core rock, but that's uncalled for & obscenely weird. Thank you, airborne, for the introduction to something.....uh....new.
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    I've punched on beech creek with 1.5 oz which is heavier than most suggest to use at Gville.
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  13. Happy Birthday 'Murica.:birthday:

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      Where did 242 years go???  She doesn't look a day over 240.  ;)

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  17. If you want to stay in the lowrance family, you can find the Elite9 with totalscan for under a grand and the Hook9 for about $700. Humminbird wise(which, in my opinion, is far more advanced in technology from what I've seen......and I'm a lifelong lowrance guy) you can find the Helix9 chirp for under $800. Not up to speed on Garmin or raymarine units, but I hear they're really nice units.
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