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  1. Does anyone know of someone who can work on a unit internally....I think one of the contacts are bad because the unit will power on but will not change screens...no buttons seem to be sticking or anything...any help would be greatly appreciated....one of my friends just gave me this unit and I would like to get it fixed
  2. my partner's username is smallyguy.....thanks everyone!
  3. I've got a feeling that we should'nt put the old bobber pole up just yet!

  4. I love anything fishin!!! I mainly bass fish on my home lakes of Boone and South Holston. I fish alot of tournaments and rodeos,and love every minute of it. I dont always fish with the same person, usually someone diffrent about everytime. I need a good honest fishin buddy who loves to fish as much as me. I have an 02 Javelin,she aint new but she's a gooden. Give me a shout.

  5. I throw pointer 78s and smaller rogues on a Crucial 6'3 8lb with 8lb Pline on a Pfleuger President reel. I also like a soft tip on my jb rods. Anything bigger I use a 7' St Croix, same reel and 10lb line.
  6. I live in East TN......Mainly a smallmouth fisherman but,will gladly weigh a largemouth.... I fish mainly Holston and Boone but go to Douglas and Cherokee on occasion.....
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