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  1. SilverFox

    Night time blades

    The last 3 I have...
  2. SilverFox

    Night time blades

    Ultra Vibe... if they are for sale I will take them.
  3. SilverFox

    Upgrade from an 18’ to 20’ boat Questions

    If you want a boat that you point in the direction you want to go and mash the gas without worry, buy a Skeeter. I had a ZX in the 20 foot and I've run the FX20 and both are great boats. They both fish great with 2 anglers up front. I will say this... you need to test what ever you buy. I went to an aluminum boat that's 19'10 and it fishes better than several 19 and 20 foot glass boats I've been in as far as space and stability. It's not fast and the ride isn't glass by any stretch of the imagination but it's stable when fishing. I fish 2 upfront all the time. It's more stable than several glass boats when moving around fishing and when boats get too close and you're on the trolling motor. There's nothing worse than not being able to stand when a boat wakes you while fishing.
  4. SilverFox

    Stratos 295 1998 model

    Bluejig.... punctuation dude. I'd say something isn't right. My aluminum boat will run 50 with a 150hp motor and it doesn't have a padded hull. I'd also say it isn't your prop pitch that's causing the issue. The pitch is on average only good for 2-3 mph unless you're way off. If the prop isn't crap and the pitch isn't way off, you've got other issues. Good luck.
  5. SilverFox


    I throw shallow to medium running cranks on 8 pound mono. 6XD and 10XD on 10 pound mono. Only exception is traps and I throw them on 17 pound mono and braid. David Fritts cranking... https://www.bassmaster.com/david-fritts/throw-your-crankbaits-right-line
  6. SilverFox

    Tourney #2 weight prediction

    Knox station is saying changing to snow for most of east TN Friday night. Of course this is east TN and it may also be 85 and sunny. National weather was showing heavy snow (12+ inches) up the I-81 corridor for the weekend but mostly only extreme upper TN and all of VA when I saw it Friday and Saturday.
  7. SilverFox

    River/lake fishing

    It's hard to comment without knowing what models you're looking at. I have a new G3 and there are several tracker owners on here. By the way... if you're talking about the $10,000 new tracker, don't expect anyone else to beat that price on a new boat set up similar. That's a heck of a price. I'd doubt you'd get within a few thousand dollars of that price. If you are, I've also heard they are getting ready to cut off production of them so you better act soon if it's true.
  8. SilverFox

    New boat

    😎 you can slip around unnoticed in that one. I use to do that in the Skeeter. None of the crappie fishermen knew I was one too.
  9. 17 foot boat will need 8 gauge to the front for a 70 pound thrust tm to carry the load for up to 20' of wiring. Over that 6 gauge is recommended.
  10. SilverFox

    Switching Brands of Oil

    When I had an Optimax, the dealer told me to run premium plus vs dfi. I did for the year or so that I owned it. I ran Mystik in my Yamaha HPDI after switching from Yamalube. I did a lot of researching and talked to an insider in the industry and was told by him that Yamalube, Quiksilver and Mystik are the same oils. All produced by Citgo oil company. True? I don't know but they sure look and smell the same. Citgo does own Mystik for sure. I also run Marvel Mystery Oil in my fuel. I've run it in everything for years... my truck, lawnmowers, weed eaters, edgers, blowers, home generator and my boat motors. I run it in my new Yamaha 4 stroke now. I mix it in the gas per the instructions. I also ran it in a high mileage truck in the crankcase. I replaced 1 quart of oil with a quart of MMO. I did this for years.
  11. SilverFox

    Stator replacement??

    Ty is a good guy. He did the service work for me on my Yamaha. I'd recommend him over anyone else in that area. Edit... I don't know the guys at Tom's but I'm pretty familiar with the other local dealer. I wouldn't let them touch my bicycle and I don't have one.
  12. SilverFox

    Stator replacement??

  13. SilverFox

    Used ranger

    Warranty is a great thing. My Skeeter was 10 years old when I traded it. Every time I went out after the warranty went out I had that $6000 rebuild in the back of my head. It would suck to buy a $35k boat and have to put $5000 in a rebuild within a year. I'd imagine once the warranty is out on that boat it's gonna be a $28k-$30k boat honestly. You'll be in the hole from the start on it if you ever needed to sale it. I'm good for another 6 years now. That's a relief. I went with a lighter aluminum boat this time. It's 20 foot but with a 150. Much easier on the wallet to run around on the lake and easier on the fuel bill towing it around. I'm much happier. A 18 Triton would be much easier on the wallet in the same ways.
  14. SilverFox

    Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Sharp ride Andy. Congrats. Breaking in the Yamaha sucks! I got the first 2 hours on mine Sunday. It's all worth it when you can finally mash it and hear that 4 stroke. It's totally different but in a good way.
  15. You didn't get no prettier!

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      At least I didn't end up on solid ground when I was supposed to be in the water! 

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    Welcome ClayTims

    Welcome to TNBF. Sounds like you're hooked and you hooked another one.
  17. SilverFox


    I heard tale of people putting screen wire like used for porches over the output into the live well... supposedly this adds oxygen to the water. Works like the little screens on your faucet at home. I can see how it would work but to what extent I don't know. I've often thought about trying it but haven't. If you have a fresh water input you could always add a pump inside to recycle the water. I did that in a Lowe boat I had. Used clear flex tubing and ran it to a pvc pipe the length of the Live well and drilled holes every 1/2 inch to inch. It worked well. I put a valve in place and had a hose that laid inside the live well for pump out.
  18. SilverFox

    New to me!!!

    I heard it was a straw...
  19. SilverFox

    Jon boats

    Those guys that have the tiny boat nation videos like posted above do all kinds of mods... some are good and some make no sense at all. If I got ideas from most of them I'd tweak them after giving them some logical thought. But like others have said, a cooler will work. You can also buy live well inserts if you ever want to make something more permanent. On the cooler, the bigger the better.
  20. SilverFox

    New to me!!!

    Thumbs up
  21. SilverFox

    2017 Classic Results

    Congrats guys. Good group of guys where you can settle it like that without issues.
  22. SilverFox

    Welcome FishingWithASoldier

    Welcome. I took one of the soldiers out the first year on Douglas.
  23. SilverFox

    1998 Johnson Venom

    I'd try bass boat central website if no one here knows.
  24. SilverFox


    Some guys say putting a hot hands under a wristband (think wristbands for sports) will help keep the blood warm and hands warmer. It makes sense since we used similar methods on patients who over heat or have hypothermia on the ambulance. I've never tried it and I'd imagine it's only a minimal help but I could be wrong. Wristbands can't be over a dollar or two so it's probably worth a try... even if it's only physicological.
  25. SilverFox


    If you guys haven't tried wool gloves I'd really recommend it. I have several pairs of gloves from neoprene to cotton but the wool ones are by far the warmest. Maybe some of you could fish in them but I just can't do it. Like I said, even wet they hold heat.