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  1. Morristown Marine-Yamaha/Skeeter

    Sharp ride Andy. Congrats. Breaking in the Yamaha sucks! I got the first 2 hours on mine Sunday. It's all worth it when you can finally mash it and hear that 4 stroke. It's totally different but in a good way.
  2. You didn't get no prettier!

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    2. SilverFox


      At least I didn't end up on solid ground when I was supposed to be in the water! 

    3. SteveHTN
    4. GlitterRocket
  3. Welcome ClayTims

    Welcome to TNBF. Sounds like you're hooked and you hooked another one.
  4. Livewell

    I heard tale of people putting screen wire like used for porches over the output into the live well... supposedly this adds oxygen to the water. Works like the little screens on your faucet at home. I can see how it would work but to what extent I don't know. I've often thought about trying it but haven't. If you have a fresh water input you could always add a pump inside to recycle the water. I did that in a Lowe boat I had. Used clear flex tubing and ran it to a pvc pipe the length of the Live well and drilled holes every 1/2 inch to inch. It worked well. I put a valve in place and had a hose that laid inside the live well for pump out.
  5. New to me!!!

    I heard it was a straw...
  6. Jon boats

    Those guys that have the tiny boat nation videos like posted above do all kinds of mods... some are good and some make no sense at all. If I got ideas from most of them I'd tweak them after giving them some logical thought. But like others have said, a cooler will work. You can also buy live well inserts if you ever want to make something more permanent. On the cooler, the bigger the better.
  7. New to me!!!

    Thumbs up
  8. 2017 Classic Results

    Congrats guys. Good group of guys where you can settle it like that without issues.
  9. Welcome FishingWithASoldier

    Welcome. I took one of the soldiers out the first year on Douglas.
  10. 1998 Johnson Venom

    I'd try bass boat central website if no one here knows.
  11. Gloves

    Some guys say putting a hot hands under a wristband (think wristbands for sports) will help keep the blood warm and hands warmer. It makes sense since we used similar methods on patients who over heat or have hypothermia on the ambulance. I've never tried it and I'd imagine it's only a minimal help but I could be wrong. Wristbands can't be over a dollar or two so it's probably worth a try... even if it's only physicological.
  12. Gloves

    If you guys haven't tried wool gloves I'd really recommend it. I have several pairs of gloves from neoprene to cotton but the wool ones are by far the warmest. Maybe some of you could fish in them but I just can't do it. Like I said, even wet they hold heat.
  13. Gloves

    I can't fish in gloves. I've tried several different pairs. The only ones I've ever been able to fish a few minutes in are light cotton gloves with no fingers. I'd rather be cold and stick my hands in my pockets every couple minutes with some warmers. I do wear wool gloves when running. They are warm even went wet.
  14. What kind of swivel do you put on your underspin?
  15. Phoenix sighting

    Here's my opinion of what's wrong with the used boat market... My current boat is worth $25 - $28,000... and has no warranty on the motor. If I sold it for $25,000 and the new owner bought it and blew it up they are screwed. A new motor is going to run you around $17,000. Now they are into it $42,000. You can get a heck of a nice boat for $42,000 with warranty. I think about how bad it's going to suck all the time when my motor blows. Trading boats before the warranty goes may be the cheapest insurance policy you can have. There's no reason a boat motor should cost as much as a small car. We are being ripped off and the sad part is we are happy about it and smiling all the way to the lake.
  16. Hydrowave 2

    I have one and run it a lot certain times of the year... and everyone knows by my reputation the kind of fish I catch! On a serious note, I don't think it hurts in most situations. I've seen baitfish get active a few times I cut it on after forgetting but that's not always the case.
  17. Battery

    I switch to the AGM battery for cranking. I still run the lead acid batteries for trolling. I had problems getting it started at night after long spells of fishing too. Had to jump it several times even when running a new battery. So far so good. Switched last spring. Like Andy said, make sure your battery has enough CCA.
  18. Ready to go again

    That's moving... faster than the lead sled I have.
  19. Ready to go again

    What boat/motor do you have?
  20. Ready to go again

    If you have to have prop work, check out east tn propellers in Knoxville. I took mine by a while back to have the hub pressed in a little. Super nice guy owns it. He pushed it in around 3/4" and wouldn't take any money. Said I'd need work sometime in the future and just remember him when I did.
  21. Ready to go again

    Dennis and I were sitting at Shady Grove one night bank fishing off the point. My back was bothering me and I sat down in the truck which was maybe 5 foot from the water on the point. Dennis was standing in front of the truck and to the left a few foot. I saw a boat make a couple of quick turns about 200 yards off the bank and head directly towards the point we were sitting on. He was coming at a pretty good clip, faster than he should have entered the cove beside us. As he progressed towards us he turned directly at us and never slowed. Lucky for him I was sitting in the truck and was able to flash my headlights at him right before he would have been on top of us. He jumped out of the gas and turned the boat. The lift of the water picked up the boat and when it settled, his boat was hitting the ground. His entire boat was maybe 3 foot off the bank. He yelled "thanks" and hammered back down. Looked like 3 20ish year old kids in some kind of ski boat.
  22. Ready to go again

    61 at night is not being careful! LOL I've had 2 close calls on Douglas recently. One was a 20 something foot pontoon someone was using as a dock. It had no reflectors and was broken loose floating in the middle of the channel. The other was a 14 foot Jon boat running the channel with no lights at all. But hey... you're a grown man, do as you please. I've learned in my 20 years of Fire/EMS that you can only warn people, not do it for them.
  23. Ready to go again

  24. Nitro Boat Question

    I've fished from a few bigger Nitro boats. I wasn't too impressed with the ride but they fished great. The ride wasn't awful... just not as smooth as my boat. I wouldn't hesitate buying one but I'd buy a 1 or 2 year old boat with warranty.