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  1. 26 Raker 2 Prop For Sale

    It will fit OMC.
  2. I have a 26 Raker 2 prop for sale. It has been balanced and blueprinted by Mark Croxton and is in excellent shape. It also has the stamp on the side of it. Call 865-254-0630... $350 or best offer...
  3. The weather might deter some of those boats. They are predicting 80% of rain Saturday!
  4. new fisherman

    Welcome to the real fishin website!!!
  5. Weight Predicitions Douglas 9-21

    It'll take 18# to win it!!! Somebody will get freakin lucky!!!
  6. A-Rig.........For or Against it?

    Im a tourney fisher and I be damnn if I'm going to get beat with it!!! Lmao!!!
  7. A-Rig.........For or Against it?

    Ummmmmm!!!!! I'm not feelin you!!!!!!!
  8. A-Rig.........For or Against it?

    Only thing I can say is you better get in shape and start throwing the darn thing or you'll take an asss whippin every time!!! I hated it when it first came out but now I like!!! So all you haters get you some!!!!
  9. Hey now!!! Welcome to the real fishin website!!! Great bunch of guys over here and you want here any of that BS rockfish talk!!!
  10. Boat Pictures and accessories

    Love the boat Kenny!!!
  11. Boat Pictures and accessories

    Ok guys!!! Here's my ride!!!
  12. New addition to the family!!

    Very nice rig Mayle!!! What size prop you running???
  13. Official Classic Weights

    Congrats guys!!!