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  1. 20xd250xs

    Bullet livewell drain valve

    Do any of the Bullet guys on here have a picture of the drain valve for the livewell?
  2. 20xd250xs

    electric red worms

    The worm alot of people used to call electric red worm is what everyone sells as plum now. It was just a dark red worm with blue flake.
  3. If you have an electronics store near you, they should have the guitair amp jacks there. When you replace them, if you dont have them on a switch to cut the power off, when not in use, I would take the time to do it. I use to go through a set of them every summer till I put them on a switch.
  4. 20xd250xs

    frog hair

    http://www.lurecraft.com/catalog.cfm/materials-~and~-tools/skirts-~and~-skirt-layers/living-rubber try this link.
  5. 20xd250xs

    Jig Talk

    1/4 P-nut head w/ brown living rubber skirt and pumkin zoom tiny chunk.
  6. 20xd250xs

    pouring question

    Its not a big deal, sometimes weedguard a few a few strands short of being 1/8" dia., and I have had the heat cranked up to high and it will leak around them as well.
  7. I fish the TN B.A.I.T.-1 with a buddy of mine who is a member of the site. I mainly fish Norris due to limited amount of fishing time, other than Douglas and Cherokee on tx., days.