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  1. fishbiggn

    New to me boat

    Good looking boat!!
  2. fishbiggn


  3. fishbiggn

    Moonlight problems

    +1 on the MOONLITES! Love mine!! I only got one full moon and it's plenty enough for 2 people to fish and like bronzeback said they're a local company!
  4. fishbiggn

    It's not good

    Mountain man, I have a 98 150 johnson fast strike and I don't have a owners manuel. Do you by any chance know what grade of fuel my motor needs?
  5. I have a TR18 and I mounted by HDS transducer to the bottom right of the transom, and my unit won't read depth on plane. I was thinking about moving it to the bottom step up. I did drill mine in to which sucks, but I guess I can fill the holes in with epoxy. My boat is green, thinking adding some green glitter to the epoxy to be less noticable.
  6. fishbiggn

    Charger Location

    On mine astro there is no room behind either battery boxes to put anything. The charger is a minn kota 330D (3bank 30 amp) is kinda big and weighs like 20 lbs. I'm thinking of screwing a piece of ply wood into the transom part right about the bilge area and mount the charger there. Put some spacers on the ply wood for better air flow underneath. If I ever need to get to the blidge area or work on my pumps I can just unscrew that board. Thanks for all the input guys! Good to come on here and get sum advice!
  7. I just recently got a minn kota 30 amp 3 bank on board charger. I have a TR-18 triton, and I'm not really sure where or how to mount the charger. I know I'm going to mount it in the back where the batteries are just not sure where. I currently have it just setting in the bottom where the bilge pump is at. Thought about mounting a piece of treat ply wood back there some how, then mountain charger to that. Anyone have any suggestions, pics?
  8. fishbiggn

    New Trolling Motor

    I've decided to keep the ole OMC at least for now. I talked to the guy I got the batteries from and turns out he gave me group 24 batteries. I'm going tomorrow after work to exchange them for group 27 or 29. I think he has a shop on the old kingsport highway somewhere. I put a new steering cable on the trolling motor, greased up everything and it's working great. It does seem to be a great motor and pushes my boat around great. Hopefully these different batteries will help some, if not it I will look into get a newer trolling motor, or possibly some AGM batteries. Thanks for all the help!!!!!
  9. fishbiggn

    New Trolling Motor

    ok, thanks moutain man!
  10. fishbiggn

    New Trolling Motor

    Yeah, country I think I'm gonnna wait and get a maxxium or a motorguide digital at least 70lbs thrust. I'm gettting about 6 hours of run time now. I know the digital motors don't use up as much juice. I've also found some pretty good deals on some used ones. The omc motor I got works great! I have know idea what thrust it is but it pushes my boat around good. I'm thinking that those batteries I got is also a factor of why I'm only gettin about 5 to 6 hours of run time. I may get some better batteries and see if that helps. The way my schedule works I get to fish alot. Sometimes I might only go fish for 4 hours, but sometimes I may fish 8-10 hours and I want to find a set-up I can fish that 8-10 hours if I want to. Maybe better batteries or a better efficient motor. Thanks for all the comments!
  11. fishbiggn

    New Trolling Motor

    I'm not sure about the group size and reserve capacity steve. That fortrex would be sweet! But that's alot of monies!!
  12. fishbiggn

    New Trolling Motor

    Thanks for replying guys I still haven't decided what to do yet. I work here at eastman and that's where i got my batteries. There is a guy here that sells interstate blemished batteries. He says the batteries are good just the reason they are blemish is the casing. I got them for 50 bucks a piece. Maybe that's my problem not sure. I've talked to other guys here that have bought them and not had any problems. Bass pro has this one on sale http://www.basspro.com/Minn-Kota-Edge-65/45-FootControl-BowMount-Trolling-Motor/product/1311141532/ I think if i get one i'm going with this one. I have a triton tr-18 i think this motor would be fine as far a thrust and shaft length. What you guys think?
  13. I have a old 24 volt omc trolling motor on my boat now. I got new batteries and around 6 hours of fishing it seems to loose power. I was thinking about upgrading to a new motor that maybe it would be more energy eficient and maybe more quiet. Just seeing what you guys think.
  14. fishbiggn

    Hydraulic Steering

    Ok, I have a 1998 Triton Tr-18 with a 150 Johnson Fast Strike and i'm wanting to upgrade to hydraulic steering in the future. I found this kit on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/BAYSTAR-HYDRAULIC-BOAT-STEERING-HK4200A3-MERCURY-YAMAHA-EVINRUDE-JOHNSON-YANMAR-/161219792846?pt=Boat_Parts_Accessories_Gear&hash=item258972cfce&vxp=mtr I think this is want I need. Has anyone did this on their own? Was it very difficult? I watched a video on youtube and it didn't seem to bad. Any opinions on this would help!