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  1. chevy101

    Used ranger

    Guys you all know your boats, lol I was wrong it is a 225 optima pro xs It' been grauge kept, looks brand new, no holes in seats or carpet, has a lowrance 9 and 7 not sure which gen, honestly it looks brand new.....and it still has some warraty on the motor bit it runs out this year, also has around 100 hrs the 14 engine....cant make up my mind which way to go....the pro xs is suppose to be a good eng. I'm fishing out of a 2000 renegade 20 now with a carb, Johnson 225 ho on it, the 20' er handles good in rough water....
  2. chevy101

    Used ranger

    Hello guys, quick question...would you put 35k in a used ranger 07 z20 with 14 merc. 250 pro xs or go with a smaller boat probably triton 18 or 19' and smaller motor, maybe a 150 but the triton would be new? Thanks for any input
  3. I have 3 full moon's no problems with them But the next light I buy will be a publisher But they are more expensive than the moon light
  4. What do I need to do if I wanna fish with you guys sat. Never fished site tourney before....
  5. The dock at rat branch is not useable,it's 100 feet out in the water... I'd say 20 pound range to win...if we get much more rain the ramp will not be useable..
  6. Is Greg doing the rebuild once you get it back? I hear he is pretty good, especially on omc/johnson stuff....
  7. I know nothing about boat engines but I don't think that can be fixed. Look around on ebay for a good block and rebuild it, not sure I would want a welded block to rebuild. Sure blew at a bad time, spring fishing is here....
  8. I run the Wal-Mart batteries $130 3 yr free replacement' I do about the same as you as far as charging come home plug up onboard charger 5 amps per bank until the light turns green then unplug....I can tell you this in extreme heat or cold it's not good for a battery to sit around for extended periods discharged, I keep my boat in the barn, no heat and I always make sure they are fully charged before storing it for winter... Also the hardest thing on a battery in my opinion is the transition from hot and cold weather or cold to hot weather....that zapps the sap right out of them.. Also overcharging a battery will do more harm than good, but most chargers now days have a cut off for when battery reaches full charge...but some of the old chargers did not they charged until you cut them off....this will boil a battery dry and can actually cause a fire or explosion....lol, just my 2 cents
  9. I live in johnson county which is watauga lake and honestly there isn't a decent ramp in the county to put in the lake. There are a couple that can be used but not a good one, had my gas stole out of my truck at little Milligan this past summer on a night tournament and had my spare tire stolen a few years back at sink mountain ramp, bay view is ok if the lake is full if not it's to shallow to put in at that ramp.....I guess rat branch is the best ramp but it's 20/25 minutes away I dont mind paying my share but not much in return is the way I see it..
  10. chevy101

    boat repair!

    I just wrote and erased 30 min. worth of typing......all I can say is welcome to being a boat owner
  11. ive been thinking it over myself and im thinking of getting 2 of the punisher lights, 48 leds I think ....I called the company and the guy I talked to said the light only used 0.02 amps of power that 200 milli amps which is hardly nothing...I think my moon lite uses 700 milli amps .......I know you guys on here love your moon lite, I have one also, a full moon and its been great for the last 5 years or so, I would say but I saw a boat the other night with 2 punisher lights on it and it lit up the bank......I think the guy might have been wrong about how much power it uses but im still thinking about getting them.....guy said if I bought them and didn't like them he would refund my money.....no he said if they weren't the best light I had ever used he would refund my money....I also like that it has a task light on the back side of it.... I ve also been thinking about putting the white rub rail lights under my rub rail for landing fish....put it on a toggle switch in the dash ....or maybe green....just an idea..ive lost a lot of fish at night right at the boat because I couldn't see what I was doing....
  12. chevy101

    marine battery

    guys at auto-zone they have a dura-last, I know I know but this is the good part they are $115 and have a 3 yr replacement warranty...and no its not pro rated, if it goes bad you get a new battery at no charge....I looked at them the other night they are a huge battery but don't know about the quality....
  13. im getting ready to buy a new fish finder and I am looking at the garmin echo 550c, anyone have any experience with them? the reviews ive read are pretty good. or would you recommend something else,i have hummingbird now and its junk, will not read in less than 10 feet of water, (goes crazy) I do not want to spend over $500
  14. what bait caster would you prefer for around the $100 range?
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