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  1. Back to The Creek 9-22

    Made it back to Beech Creek Friday . It was a nice day to fish but we only caught 5 bass with the biggest going around 2 1/2 lbs. Dad went with me and he got three of them on a popper and I got mine on a frog and a jig. We lost a couple too, He had a smallmouth that would have been over 3 lbs. but it jumped and spit the plug.
  2. 3 Stainless steel Props??

    They should have some numbers on the inside where the shaft comes through the hub. Try cleaning the black circle in the hub. I downloaded the pics of the Rakers and think I can see some of the numbers on the bottom pic.
  3. 2nd Trip To The Creek

    It was a lot cleaner last week. I could only see my jig for about 1 foot yesterday.
  4. 2nd Trip To The Creek

    Well I made my second trip to Beech Creek this morning but unfortunately the fish didn't cooperate as good this week. I caught 1 on a jig right off the bat about 2 lbs. and then got 1 on the frog that would only go 1.5 lbs. I only had 1 other hit on the frog and I broke my line on a hook set with a small creature bait strike and that was it. I fished from daylight till 12:30 and call it a day. Water temp was 73 to 75 deg.
  5. First Trip to Beech Creek

    I finally made it to Beech Creek yesterday and I have to say it sure is a beautiful place to go fishing. If you like to flip wood or fish a frog in grass like me , this is the place to go. I found the ramp at a little after 7 and fished till 1:30 when it started raining. I caught my 1st fish on my 3rd cast on a frog that was about a 1.5 lbs. and my last fish on the frog that was 3.5 lbs. my biggest for the day. I ended up with 8 fish total 4 on the frog and 4 on a jig but I missed several more strikes on both. I saw some deer , a raccoon and a bald eagle and i'm still kicking my butt for not having my good camera with me.
  6. Phoenix sighting

    A big part of used boats not selling is that a bank will not finance it for 15 years with 0 percent interest. People that have the money to buy without a bank just get new boats with the warranty every 4 or 5 years and trade them in to a dealer before it expires.
  7. blacklight question

    I always use the low setting on mine if I'm by myself. If my dad is with me I turn them on high so he can see the bank better. He's 76 years old and has a little trouble fishing in the dark now but at least he still loves to get out and fish.
  8. Looking for a 24 pitch Raker prop

    I think the OMC hub kits at Watson's are only 35 or 40 dollars and they may have a test one you can try for free. The Tempest plus is a totally different prop than the Raker so you want be able to go by the 23 pitch as raising you rpm's by 4 to 5 hundred. You'll just have to try one out and see what it does.
  9. Night time spinnerbaits

    Here's the differance between a France blade on the left and a Picken's blade on the right..
  10. Wear Your PFD & Kill Switch

    I read on BBC that the bolt on the steering arm came out just as they were crossing the wake from the other boat. There was nothing he could do to keep it from hooking. I was ejected from the boat during the blast off of the Watson's open on Boone Lake a few years ago. I was the passenger in a Tr-18 Triton and as we crossed the wake from another boat it turned hard right and threw me a good 30 to 40 feet from were the boat ended up. I was sure glad I was wearing my life jacket.
  11. Rub Rail Leds

    Be careful having green lights on the left side of your boat. I was walleye fishing on Watauga last year and got checked by the game warden. I had my moonlites out with the green lights on and he gave me a warning for having green lights on the left side of the boat. He told me it would be a $235.00 fine if he caught me again. The bad part I was only 10 feet off the bank in 4 feet of water and no were near the main channel.
  12. Looking for opinions!!

    Netbait also has a big trick worm. They call it a Super T- Mac. It's 9" long. I've never fished it in TN but it will catch some nice ones on Santee.
  13. shaky heads and finesse jigs

    I use the Arkie head mold like the one you have pictured but if I ever get another one it would be the one with the double collar. It would work better holding the skirt on and you have a place for the rattle band if you use one. My Do It mold says to use Eagle Claw hooks also but all I use is Mustad Ultra Sharp and they work fine. Also you can make your own keepers and coil springs for swimbait heads. Find a welding shop and get some .025 stainless steel welding wire. Its easy to work with but it takes a little time to make you own. But its cheap.
  14. Paint stripping

    They have it at Home Depot and Lowes in the paint department.
  15. Paint stripping

    I use MEK on a rag and just keep rubbing the paint off a little at a time. It makes an old rattling rouge bone color in no time.But be careful not to use to much because it will melt the plastic.