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  1. I also run 3 of the 31 series Interstate batteries after trying a 27 and a 29 as a starting battery. The smaller ones just wouldn't hold up all day or night with my graphs and pumps running all the time.
  2. Put Basskicker on the list. I'm going to try to make it.
  3. Academy Sports has it cheaper than Wal Mart.
  4. basskicker

    Skeeter FTW

    Congratulations on the new ride. Skeeter makes a good boat and I have always liked Yamaha motors.
  5. Congratulations to all of the winners this year and thanks to all of you who takes the time to put on the tournaments for us. I wish that me and Jigflipper could have fished more this year but it just didn't work out. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys next year.
  6. Well, what did it take ? I figured I wouldn't get to fish that's why I didn't vote. Hope you guys had a great time.
  7. You guys have fun and catch some for me. I'm working tomorrow and Saturday and if we don't get caught up on our jobs I'll more than likely be working on the day of the Classic too. If I do happen to be off on the 7th how much is the one buy in for me to be able to fish the Classic ?
  8. Nice ride. My brother in law has one just about like it and it fishes great.
  9. Thank you Tracker, I really don't like going to funerals and as I'm getting older it seems that I'm having to go to them a lot more often. Sorry to hear you guys had problems getting to the ramp. How did everyone do ?
  10. I was looking forward to fishing this one also but my Brother in law's Sister passed away Wednesday and I have to head to the funeral home at 2 o clock . I always liked fishing at night better than the day . Good Luck Guy's and catch one for me.
  11. Just found out today that the Heartland series is fishing out of the Dam too. Safelight till 3.
  12. I just realized that it's going to be a full moon next weekend too.
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