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  1. basskicker

    Fuel treatment/additives

    100 % gas only in my motor and I still put Marine Stabil in every tank. You never know what you're getting out of the pump. Right after I bought my boat it started acting like it was running out of gas and it ended up being bad fuel lines from where the original owner used ethanol gas. Ended up having to change all the lines , even some inside the motor. Luckily it didn't go boom when it happened. I was turning 6000 rpms and balls to the wall when it just about shut down. Scared me to death because there was no way I could afford a new motor.
  2. basskicker

    2018 TNBF Classic Results

    Congratulations to the winners on a tough day of fishing for me and Jigflipper. Thanks to everyone for putting on a great tournament trail. I have enjoyed it very much this year and I'm looking forward to fishing some with you guys next year.
  3. basskicker

    2018 TNBF Classic

    Aren't you guys getting tired of fishing Cherokee ? This will be 3 in a row and the the 5th. time out of 12 tournaments this year. Only 4 boats out of 21 had a limit last time and only 3 the tournament before that. I would have thought you guys would have wanted to go somewhere else.
  4. I'm gonna say 12 lbs. and a 4 lb. big fish. But I say a catfish will win the trash fish pot. You would have to catch a striper 5 minutes before weigh in for it to be alive and count. Every one I ever kept and put in a livewell was dead in 5 minutes.
  5. On the trash fish pot does the fish have to be alive ? I ask because in the last tournament i caught a decent rock fish and if you put a striper in the livewell it will be dead in no time. I'd hate to kill one and then not get to weigh it in.
  6. Basskicker and Jigflipper
  7. basskicker

    TNBF #10 Cherokee Results

    Good job guys ! It was a tough day on the water.
  8. basskicker

    Rescheduled TNBF #7 Boone Night

    Basskicker and Jigflipper
  9. basskicker

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    What gets me is how they go over board on everything on tv news and weather. I know the flooding is bad in North Carolina and we have a lot of rain heading this way but yesterday I was listening to the outdoors show on talk radio and they said that the Forestry Dept. had closed Rat branch , Little Milligan , the rifle range and the picnic areas around Watauga lake for our safety. It didn't even rain yesterday. I have family in Raleigh NC and they said that the wind is like 15 mph with gusts around 20 to 25 mph. That the only thing they're worried about was all the rain.
  10. basskicker

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    I love the night fishing game and have been waiting all year for this tournament because Boone is my favorite lake. I think we missed a prime opportunity last night with all the current from TVA pulling the lakes down. I think they would've been feeding like sharks. I was up at 1 am and it hadn't rained yet and it was dead calm. Now its 7 am with off and on light drizzle and still no wind here in south Johnson City. You just got to love the weather idiots.
  11. basskicker

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    The night bite is just now starting to get good. They always stop the night time rodeo's to soon.
  12. basskicker

    TNBF#7 Boone Night

    Basskicker and Jigflipper
  13. basskicker

    TNBF #6 Cherokee Night

    It was good to meet you guys to. Hopefully we can do a little better than 1 bluegill this weekend. I fished with by friend in his club tournament Saturday night and he showed me a thing or two, so maybe we won't come in empty handed.
  14. basskicker

    Best deep diveing cranking rod

    I have 4 of the old Quantum 3.8 to 1 reels and still use them to this day. You can't beat it for ease of cranking with big plugs like the XD-10's but getting Bass to the boat after hookup is a different story. If they come at you it's almost impossible to keep up with them. What I use them most for now is Walleye fishing. You can't crank slow enough for Walleye with the spoonbill plugs so the 3.8 to 1 works great.
  15. basskicker

    Tx#5 sign up Ft. Pat

    Put Basskicker and Jigflipper on the list.