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    Welcome here brother
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    Welcome GPaquette

    Welcome to the forum
  3. Jigflipper

    TNBF #9 Douglas Results

    Congrats Bulletdeuce and Promax, Good bag of fish guys. Appreciate the guys running the show. And thank you Lord for that big largemouth and white spinnerbaits.
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    Welcome Cowboy

    Welcome to the site Cowboy.
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    Welcome Taylor, glad you had a good time brother.
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    TNBF #10 Cherokee Results

    Congrats on the win guys, was a tough day for sure. Also thanks to the committee for putting on a first class tournament series. I really enjoyed fishing with you guys this year.
  7. Jigflipper

    TNBF #10 Cherokee

    Jigflipper and Basskicker
  8. Jigflipper

    TNBF #9 Douglas

    Jigflipper and Basskicker
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    TNBF tourney #8 Watauga night Signup

    Basskicker and Jigflipper
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    Welcome skc0010

    Welcome here brother.
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    Welcome here brother.
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    welcome here brother
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    Welcome here Marcus.
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    Glad to have you here, welcome Reb