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  1. Had a great time Shannon, Once again thank y'all for the time and effort of running the show. All involved with it do a great Job and I appreciate it. See y'all at Boone brother.
  2. Night would be alright or down at the dam for daytime. Where is Walters bridge ramp? not too familiar with many ramps on Douglas.
  3. All I can say about it was that it sure was a grind, I thought the sun was suppose to shine, the wind sure was a bear but we had fun. We ended up with 4 keepers and 6 short fish and a couple of opportunities for the 5th keeper that slipped away. Appreciate y'all running it today See ya at the Classic.
  4. Welcome to the site brother.
  5. Welcome to the site brother.
  6. 14.87 with a 5.28 largemouth. 8.75 trash fish. Good luck brothers.
  7. Congrats Bulletdeuce and Promax, Good bag of fish guys. Appreciate the guys running the show. And thank you Lord for that big largemouth and white spinnerbaits.
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