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  1. It is $40 per boat. Doesn’t matter if you have 2 guys in the boat or if you fish solo.
  2. If you fish a tournament by yourself is the entry fee the same?

  3. You are right Wes! Our fearless leader at Morristown Marine has been working on my 2003 175HP Johnson and his mechanic has had a really tough time finding parts. Your DoDo reference is spot on. Go with a 4-stroke.
  4. Congratulations to the winners on a tough day!
  5. Thanks for the info fellas. The cost difference is definitely the hardest part. I never considered the under water noise a factor. You all are right about the cost dropping some. I have noticed that on EBay. Wes- I did notice they must be more arrow dynamic. When you set the hook in shallow water on a rock, they do fly at you a lot faster than a lead weight in the same weight. Very scary for your boat and body parts.
  6. What do you think about tungsten weights vs lead weights? Is the cost worth the results? I’ve always used lead bullet weights with a Texas rigged creature bait or worm but finally bought a few tungsten weights to try last year. Seemed like I had the same results. Have you all had different results using one vs the other? What do you all prefer?
  7. I wish I would have done that this weekend. My spinning reel gave me a fit al day Saturday then finally just blow up on me when I went to cast. It was and still is a mess. I’ll have to re-spool it now. I’ll remember this next time. Thanks for the info BB.
  8. Looks like we are going to get wet tomorrow!!! Hope the fish are biting!! We will shut registration down at 6:45 and blast off at safe light if the fog allows. Look for us in a Brown Tundra pulling a Blue Stratos to register. Drive safe and we will see you in the morning!
  9. I’m gonna say the bite will be tough and 11-06 wins with a 3-08 small mouth bf
  10. @SteveHTN hey Steve. You still out brother? Hope all is well! Are you still the man on the jerseys and hoodies?
  11. We have added a printable schedule so you can keep it in your truck for a reminder. Looking forward to getting this season kicked off!!!
  12. Thank you. Should be corrected now. Glad folks are reading the rules!!
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