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  1. Buckeye83

    New Hot Rod

    Nice ride!!! That’s a good looking boat. Congratulations!
  2. Buckeye83

    7/29/18 Bluegill Fishing

    It’s a blast. When my wife and I go I don’t do a whole lot of fishing. Baiting hooks, untangling line and taking the fish off the hook is mostly what I do. I love it. We have a blast.
  3. Buckeye83

    New Floater

    Heck yea Steve. Congratulations!
  4. Buckeye83

    Rain gear recommendation??

    I have the Bass Pro 100mph set and I love it. Like others have said, it will sweat you to death in warm weather but that’s part of it. They are Crazy warm during the winter. I’ve had them for 2-1/2 years now and I have no complaints.
  5. Buckeye83

    7/29/18 Bluegill Fishing

    My wife and I hit the water pretty late today. Didn’t get in the water until 11am and loaded up at 3:30. Water temps were 78 above Burem bridge and 82 by the railroad track riprap. Probably caught 45 bluegill and shell crackers and brought 26 to throw in the frying pan. Talk about good eating I did talk to a couple guys that had been there all morning and they said they punched most of the morning with no luck. I did see a bunch of grass floating. Won’t be long until that frog bite gets going again. Those floating mats are fun to fish with a frog.
  6. Buckeye83

    TNBF #6 Cherokee Night

    Bump. Just a few more days before we hit the sauna.
  7. Buckeye83

    TNBF #6 Cherokee Night

    Hatfield75 and I will be there.
  8. Buckeye83


    Nice. That is a fun place to fish. Thanks for the report.
  9. Buckeye83

    Ned rig

    Good to know. Thanks for the info Ross.
  10. Buckeye83

    Ned rig

    Ross- Are you suggesting splitting/slicing it down the middle deep enough to insert around the ned head then glueing it? Does super glue hold good enough to do that?
  11. Buckeye83


    I saw one on eclassifieds yesterday. https://theeclassifieds.com/Home/ViewListing/719c52cd-2e71-4b2d-bab1-a8f401661ce5 heres the link.
  12. Buckeye83

    Tx#5 sign up Ft. Pat

    Bump. Just a few days left to sign up.
  13. Buckeye83

    Upgrade from an 18’ to 20’ boat Questions

    Awesome. Thank you all for the information. I am going to be looking at used boats, some where between 2002 to 2006 range. I will definitely won’t rule out looking at a Skeeter. Never have road in one and I think Andy is the first person I’ve known to own one 😀. I am limited on space. Have to be 24’ or less. What I have found is that equals a 20’ boat on a trailer with a break away tongue with the motor strapped in. I will definitely take my time and test drive my options before I make a purchase. Thanks again fellas.
  14. Hey fellas. I have had 3 boats. A 14’ canoe, 17’ tracker and the 18XL Magnum. They all have been great upgrades from one to the next but I’m looking to either upgrade with a trade and a little boot $$$ or just a lateral move but I looking to get a 20’ boat. What I have noticed is it’s much easier to fish 2 guys up front in a TR20 than my Stratos 18XL. What is you opinions on the Triton TR20 and the Stratos 295/200 series? Is there more front deck space on one more than the other? Any thoughts/suggestions?
  15. Buckeye83

    Tx#5 sign up Ft. Pat

    Hatfield75 and I will be there.