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  1. Alright fellas!! It’s game day. Haha look for Chris in his white Tundra to register. If you can get there early we can blast a little early. Give me a call if you can’t make. 423-921-4484.
  2. Thank you for the info and input fellas. I’ve tried them a little this season but I’ve fished less this year than I have since I started. I have noticed I get hung more with the tungsten but I like the smaller profile. I hope to try them more in the next few months.
  3. Thank you fellas!!! It won’t be long before we start fishing day tournaments Peck!!!! Just wish we could get a few more folks to come out for the 2 night tournaments we have left on the schedule!!
  4. Alright fellas!! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. We will be at the 421 Ramp around 6. Look for a Brown Tundra pulling a blue stratos. Travel safe!!
  5. There are plenty of bugs down there Wes. TJ and I both had a giant bug fly by us that about spooked us out of the boat. Boone always kicks our tail. Is it hard to fish right now with all the trees in the water? Good music always helps if the fish are biting or if they aren’t. Haha
  6. With the site tournament being cancelled, TJ and I went down to Beech Creek. The river had a little stain and very little current but we managed to catch a few fish. We started up near Burem Bridge throwing a texas rig and a wacky rig along the grass edge without a bite. We ran further up in the river, to the first island and landed a 5 dinks on a jig and a wacky rig and missed one on a top water, burning through the grass. Right at dark we ran back to the deeper grass edge, hoping to draw on up on top water before the sun went completely down but zero'd. After the sun went down we started throwing a 1/2oz night time spinner bait and caught a nice smallmouth pretty quick. Shortly after that, we lost a decent largemouth after it rapped itself around a tree limb and got a few more bites in the area but didn't boat any of them. We went across the river fishing the log jams and caught another dink and a nice smallmouth. The smallmouth shredded the skirt on my spinnerbait and the bite was over for me. We went down toward the spill way, stopping at several spots that are typically productive and only managed one dink largemouth. We ran back up to fish another area above Burem Bridge and caught 2 more largemouth, one being a solid keeper. As Ross said a few weeks ago, that place is tough to catch fish when they aren't generating and they stopped pulling water around 11 which seemed to kill the bite. All in all it was a good night on the water. First time fishing at night in a while. Tight lines fellas and hope to see you all on SOHO in July!!
  7. It’s tough to work the schedule out that misses so many different small and bigger tournaments and with all the rodeos going on 5 nights a week on every lake. Like Chris said, the thoughts behind the Friday night tournament was just trying to give folks the opportunity to rest up and enjoy the rest of the weekend and make it a little easier on the folks that go to church Sunday morning. Hopefully we SoHo next month will have a better turnout. In saying all that, I still feel good about our club! We haven’t had a large turnout for night tournaments for a while. We usually have better turnouts for our spring tournaments than we did this year but I am very optimistic and think we still have a strong enough core to keep this thing going for years to come. We really just need the core to keep coming and and we need to see some new faces!!! Get the word out there if you can. I’m good with donating to all of you and good donating to new faces as well haha. but like basskicker said, with no tournament Friday night, TJ and I are heading to Beech Creek to see if one of those giants will eat a night time blade or a big worm!! He’s going to try out that big rat too. Come on out if you feel like it!!
  8. Welcome to the site!!
  9. It makes a big difference when they are moving water. I’d like to figure out where those big girls go when the water gets that skinny. I haven’t been down there for the fall frog bite in a while. TJ and I have been down there at night a few times yawing a night time spinnerbait and caught some decent fish. But it’s always been when the water was up in the mid 70’s. It’s a beautiful place to fish!!!!
  10. TJ and I made it down to Beech Creek for a few hours yesterday afternoon. Found water temps between 69 and 73 and was pretty clear. They definitely were not generating any water as it was slick as I’ve ever seen it. We caught fish pretty consistently up and down the river on a jig, creature bait but most fish came on a wacky rig sinko. Our bites slowed when we ran out green pumpkin sinkos. Caught roughly 20 fish with no big fish to brag about. The biggest being 2-1/2lbs and the smallest being a 8” monster. Haha. Sure felt good to be on the water. Tight lines fellas!!
  11. Vacation calls brother!! Hope you caught some fish today Keith!!
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