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  1. Congratulations on selling your bait business Doug. I never did get to place an order with you but your baits looked great. I’ve enjoyed seeing people post pictures of their nice fish they caught on your baits!!
  2. Good morning everyone! If you are around Rogersville today you should swing through Vintage days on Main Street and see what Hatfield’s custom cranks look like in your hand. He has A tent set up selling and close to 200 baits painted. Check him out!! He’s good ladies and gentlemen!!!
  3. Alright fellas. Hope everyone can make it out tomorrow. I heard it’s been very crowded at the ramp in the evening so give yourselves plenty of time to get signed up and in the water tomorrow. Shannon and I will be there around 5:30. See you all then!
  4. I’m not sure what the exact weights were but I think we had 22 boats, 1st place had 12.8Lb, 2nd 12.2lb and 3rd had 12lb. Shannon will post them here soon.
  5. Our 6th tournament and 1st night tournament of the year will be Boone out of TVA ramp this Saturday, June 27th. Registration will close at 6:45PM. Look for Shannon in his white Tundra pulling a new Skeeter. Tell your buddies. Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday! See you all there. 1. MtCarmelBugMan & Buckeye83 2. JWilliams69 & Jroller 3. Jamie De Vera & Stratos201 4. Jayr & Alumcarp09 5. Rodknocker & triton173 6. 294 stratos & jckwll1217 7. EricPope & guest 8. G3Man & guest 9.
  6. Those are what Steve was talking about. They are great black/green lights.
  7. Ditto. You never know. the ramp is typically a mess as it’s pretty small. I would get suggest getting there early to get a spot.
  8. Our 5th tournament will be out of Quarryville ramp (Church House) this Saturday, May 30th. This will be our last day time tournament until October. Registration will cut off at 5:30 and we will blast at 5:50 light permitting. Look for Shannon in his white Tundra pulling a new Skeeter. Hope to keep up the good attendance as the classic pot looks better and better! See you all there. 1. Buckeye83 2. MtCarmelBugMan & Andy’s Fan 3. BrettR & DrewG 4. Jayr & Alumacraft09 5. JustinTR & Shannon Jones(g) 6. HDHOPPY & tnsmallmouth 7. Chief66 & Jaycub65 8. Jamie De Vera & NobbyNobs 9. DangerRanger & PoppaZ(g) 10. Ranger482 & G3man 11. XPRESSJET & THilton 12. Jroller & Jwilliams69 13. 294 Stratos & jckwill1217 14. 97astro & McDaniel3332 15. Bomber & guest 16. Peck & guest 17.
  9. Congratulations on the win Joey and Tony! Very nice catch!
  10. I have a friend looking to replace a 5” Lawrence unit on hIs boat. Does anyone have anything they are wanting to get rid of? Let me know and I’ll pass it along! Thank you.
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