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  1. What’s it going to take to bring home the 1st place trophy and Lunker? Should be biting down there pretty good!!
  2. That right Peck. You qualify and don’t have to buy in since you fished the BF tournament.
  3. It’s the Jaime that fish’s with Statosfaction. Not SJK.
  4. Hatfield75 and I will be there with smiling faces ready fish!!!!
  5. Hey fellas, you’ve got 2 more hours to vote.
  6. Everyone that has either qualified or is buy in eligible should have received a PM from Shannon, Chris and I. Please respond ASAP as we will close the poll on Tuesday at 9 pm. We will tally the votes and post the classic location on Wednesday! Look forward to seeing everyone next week.
  7. We were greeted with fair weather at 43 degrees, light overcast for most of the day and very little wind. Sounded like the fish were biting well for most of the day but keeper fish were hard to find. We had 6 limits weighed in and 10 boats weigh fish. Here is how everything shook out. DConkin/Tadams 5 fish- 14lb 7.5oz $360 Xpressjet/Tony Hilton 5 fish-14lb 6.8oz Tobybol/Donnieshvac 5 fish- 13lb 5.5oz Triton196/Codyshipleyfishing 5 fish- 11lb 11.3oz Hatfield75/Buckeye83 5 fish- 11lb 9.1oz - 3lb 13.5oz bf $60 Stratos20/Bomber 5 fish- 11lb 2.1oz Trash fish 5.6oz white-bass $25 WHJ812/Jamie De Vera 4 fish- 7lb 8.4oz 294Stratos/Guest 4 fish- 7lb 7.1oz Trackertxw175/Spinflip 4 fish- 7lb 5.8oz Peck 1 fish- 1lb 3.9oz DNW Duramax48/Will JustinTR/Guest We really appreciate everyone that came out yesterday and for everyone that came out to fish with us this yer and made the 2019 season a success!! Classic information will be sent out this evening.
  8. It’ll be around 7:10 depending on fog. See you all in the morning. we should get there around 6.
  9. We will be hosting our annual Black Friday Tournament on Cherokee out of 25e from safe light til 4pm Friday, Nov 29th. This is a non points event that counts toward Classic qualification, as it always does. All normal TNBF rules apply. Also, as usual, there will be a trash fish pot available for an additional $5 entry. This pot pays out 100% to the boat that weighs the heaviest single non-game fish (aka "Trash Fish") that is open to any species other than Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted bass. Hope to see everyone on Black Friday, bright & early!! Look for the Gray Tundra and Blue Stratos. 1. Hatfield75 and Buckeye83 2. trackertxw175 & Spinflip 3. Duramax48 & Will 4. Jamie De Vera & whj812 5. Challexpress & partner 6. JustinTR 7. Rodknocker & triton173 8. 294 Stratos & partner 9. Triton196 & codyshipleyfishing 10. Tobybol & Donnieshvac 11. dconkin & tadams 12.
  10. Those look good Ross. Not a bad price either.
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