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  1. Beech Creek is a awesome place to fish!!! I don’t have any suggestions on baits this time of year but that wacky rig seems to get fish to bite when the bite is tough. I hope you caught some fish if you made to BC!!
  2. I have had an awesome time fishing with you all and meeting new folks, having good pre and post tournaments conversations! A lot less trash talking since @MtCarmelBugMan wasn’t able to fish with us this year!! Lol. Its was just tough on Chris and I to figure out how to run the tournaments alone and hard to justify continuing to run them with numbers so low. By no means do I think this is the end of TNBASSFISHING tournaments. I think we will try to have a rodeo here and there this year and hopefully get a good feel for participation for 2023. Tight lines fellas!!!
  3. Did you sell it or decide to hold on to it Jaime?
  4. We had 4 boats fish the 2021 Classic on Douglas Lake. We were greeted with warm weather for December, blasting with air temperature in the low 50's and water temperatures at the ramp at 51 degrees. Finding measurable fish seemed to be tough for the majority with only half the field weighing in any fish. Big fish and 1st went to Chris and George with a nice mixed sack of smallmouth and largemouth. Congratulations fellas!!! Here is how things shook out. 1. Team Hopson- 5 fish-10.13.5lb-BF 2.15.6 2. Basskicker and Jigflipper- 1 fish- 0.15.3lb. 3. Peck - DNW 4. Hatfield75 and Buckeye83 - DNW Wanted to thank Chris Hopson for getting gathering up give away items and a couple places for donating some door prices! If you are out and about, swing by and support these folks as they have been donating for a several years! Also hit TJ Hatfield up on facebook for any custom bait paint jobs!! He does an amazing job!! Watson's Marine Texas Road House Hatfield Custom Baits Also want to thank everyone that came out and fished with us this year! We had 47 total boats fish different tournaments with us this year, averaging 8.2 boats per tournament, which is down from years past. We want to keep this trail alive but we need your help folks. Hope to see you all and more in 2022!! Hope everyone has a great finish to 2021!!!!
  5. Hey Phil. I will post results in the morning. Sorry for the delay!!
  6. We wish you could have made it Ross. See you guys in the morning!!!
  7. We have tallied the votes and the 2021 Classic will take place on Douglas Lake from the Dandridge ramp on Saturday, December 4th. Qualified anglers are listed below as well as location votes. We had 13 folks eligible to fish the classic with Peck and Todd buy-in eligible. Registration will cut off at 6:40 and we will blast at safe light and fish until 4pm. Blast order will be by AOY points finish. Look forward to seeing you all in a couple days!! 1. Team Hopson 2. Team Doughball 3. Trackertwx175 4. Jigflipper and Basskicker 5. 6. 7. BUCKEYE 83 Douglas POPS TNSMALLMOUTH Basskicker Douglas Jigflipper Douglas HATFIELD 75 Douglas Bullet14 Boone JKC67 Boone Tracker175 Douglas Express Jet SoHo Thilton SoHo 294 Stratos Boone Peck Douglas
  8. We were greeted with 12 MPH winds and 38 degree air temperate and 54 degree water temps at the ramp. We had 7 boats make the trip out after Turkey Day and 6 limits weighted in. Hearing folks talk at the ramp, it sounded like bites were plentiful and several big smallmouth where weighed in in the 3 to 3-1/2 pound range. Our annual Black Friday tournaments allows folks to jump on the opportunity to win the trash fish pot! The winner this year was Peck, weighing in a 7.7.7lb stripe. The big fish of the tournament honors went to JVD with a very nice 4.0.1 Smallmouth! Nice fish Jamie!! 1st and 2nd where neck and neck, with only a couple ounces separating them. Here is how things shook out. TEAM MEMEBERS # OF FISH WEIGHT LB BIG FISH Buckeye83 & JVD 5 16.14.1 4.0.1 TR196 and Guest 5 16.13.0 Bullet 14 & Bubbadark 5 13.5.1 294Stratos and Guest 5 13.1.8 Expressjet & Thilton 5 10.7.6 Peck 5 9.4.3 Dconkin & Guest DNW
  9. We will see you all in the morning!!! Get there early if you can. Sounds like it will be crowded. We will blast as close to safe light as possible. Should be around 6:50.
  10. Update Classic qualifiers list. Black Friday is the last chance for some folks!! Lets fish!!
  11. TNBF will be hosting our Annual Black Friday Tournament the day after Thanksgiving on Cherokee Lake at 25E ramp! Come on out and let’s catch some fish. Look for a Brown Tundra pulling a Blue Stratos. I’ll be under one of the lights in the parking area. We will blast off around 7am and fish until 4pm. Registration will cut off at 6:40. We will blast off from the pump station across from the ramp. Entry fee is $40 with an optional $5 trash fish pot. The trash fish has to be alive at weigh-in. If no one weighs in a trash fish, the trash fish pot will go toward the Classic pot. Will post any changes/updates on Thanksgiving! 1. Buckeye83 2. Trackertrx175 and guest 3. TR196 and guest 4. 294stratos and guest 5. Peck 6. Rodknocker an triton173 7. Bullet14 and bubba dark 8. Phoenix719 and guest 9. D Conkin and guest 10. Express jet and THILTON 11. 12.
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