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  1. Hey Andy. Had a guy ask about a Jersey he saw someone wearing on Boone this weekend. Do we still need a minimum of 10 to get price mentioned above? Steve- have you ordered yours yet? @Ranger482 is looking to order one
  2. Ready for tournament #2 in the morning!! Look for Shannon in his White Tundra pulling a Skeeter. He will be there around 5:30 to sign everyone up. We plan to be as responsible as we can tomorrow, keeping everyone’s health in mind Shannon’s son Austin will draw boat numbers for everyone that fishes and we will do our best at weigh-ins to keep our distance from everyone. Registration ends at 6:30am and we plan to blast off around 6:50. Set your alarms fellas and we will see you tomorrow.
  3. You should be able to plug that address into google maps and it will get you there Steve.
  4. Welcome to the site!! There are a bunch of good folks on this site. Lots of good information passed along here and I’ve enjoyed fishing with these guys for the passed 5ish years. If you have a boat, come on out to Boone and fish with us!
  5. Let’s get the 2nd tournament of the year started and not let this virus ruin a good day on the lake! We will be launching at TVA ramp on March 28th at safe light and you must be off plane at the ramp by 4pm. All TNBF rules apply. If you didn’t fish with us on Cherokee, please bring a printed release filled out when you sign up. Looking forward to seeing everyone again! 1. Hatfield75 and Buckeye83 2. Chief66 & Jaycub65 3. BANG & Jamie De Vera 4. MountCarmelBugMan & Andy’sFan 5. Alumacraft09 & JayR 6. Alight445 & guest 7. JustinTR and BBH 8. CHorne & jreagan 9. GlitterRocket & Mountainman 10. coltonchambers & guest 11. Rodknocker & triton173 12. SmallieWhisperer & guest 13. Ranger23 & guest 14. TritonRookie & joshdave 15. Codypond & Brandon Stanley 16. 97 Astro & Mcdaniel3332 17. Jtmorgan & guest 18. Xpressjet 19. Norris78 @ Btip 20. Ranger482 and Bassfisher89 21. FlickAndDip and guest 22. Jwilliams and guest 23. Tnsmallmouth / hdhoppy
  6. Congratulations on the great catch fellas!! Good job!!
  7. It’s across from Hamblen County ramp. You have to turn at Weigel’s. If you put Boat Launch Rd, Morristown TN into google maps it will get you there.
  8. Haha. Well good! All I know is I’m ready to fish!! We haven’t been on the water since around New Year’s.
  9. I didn’t know that but we tried to avoid as many big tournaments as possible. There are so many different tournaments any more it’s almost impossible to avoid them all. Thanks for the heads up. Where are they putting in?
  10. Buckeye83

    Line age

    @Whopper @31Airborne @SteveHTN thank you for the info. I’ll give the Uni-uni a YouTube look!!
  11. Buckeye83

    Line age

    Very nice. I watched a fishing show the other day and KVD was talking about that. Good idea but I’m not sure what knot to use. I’ve never used/tied a leader. What’s a good knot to use? Sorry Steve, not trying to change your subject but this thread opened itself for some questions I’ve had but have never asked or googled.
  12. Buckeye83

    Line age

    Airborne- what do you mean by solid backing?
  13. I’m ready to get on the water and fish with everyone!!! Tell everyone you know!! There are a great bunch of guys on this trail and we always could use a few more!!! Hopefully we will see everyone on Cherokee March 7th!!!!!
  14. I think it’s east of Bean station. It is right off 11W though.
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