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  1. TNBF #9 Watauga Night

    I’m in with a guest. Rusty
  2. Back to The Creek 9-22

    Love that place. Glad you got out and caught a few. Thanks for the report.
  3. First Trip to Beech Creek

    Heck yeah. Sounds like fun. Thank for the report.
  4. Fished the Creek 6/26/2017

    Thanks for the report. Nice fish.
  5. TNBF #6 Douglas Results

    Father and son team win again. Congratulations on the win.
  6. TNBF Event #6 Douglas Night

    Good luck fellas. Be safe and I hope you all weigh over 20 pound bags.
  7. Welcome BuckeyeAl

    There sure is Whooper. Welcome to the site. There is a wealth of knowledge on here in the fishing department. Nice boat!!
  8. 99 GIII Pro 175G `130 Yamaha 2 stroke For Sale

    Dang. That's a sweet ride. Congrats.
  9. Ft Pat May 28 tourney

    Lol. Were you fishing for carp?
  10. TNBF #5 South Holston Results

    Dang fella's. Most everyone was one them. Congrats on the win and big fish.
  11. Nitro Z18 - Finally home!

    Great looking ride Wes. Congratulations!!!!
  12. My first Bass boat

    Congrats on the ride. Good looking boat. I hope you've loaded full of fish since you've had it.
  13. TNBF #4 Official Results

    Congrats on a nice bag of fish and the win fellas.
  14. TNBF Event #4 Watauga

    Doesn't little Milligan have a launch fee?
  15. Tourney #4 weight predictions

    Even with the water up as high as it is, I still think someone will catch a sack of fish. 21.4 with a 6.7 kicker. Good luck out there fellas and be safe.