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  1. No doubt. He went several times when he first bought it and was really into it but then they had a kid followed by another shortly after the first. I’m not sure when he’s had it out last.
  2. I’m posting for a friend. Give Eric a call if you are interested. 276-393-5121. Asking 12,500. Has less than 25-30 hours on engine. The boat is 17.7 ft long has a mercury 60hp four stroke engine. Two lowrance units. Hdi 5 at console and 7 up front. Just don’t get to use it.
  3. Hey fellas. I’ve got a 3 blade 25pitch tempest that I would like to trade for a 4 blade 25p Renegade. Anyone have one they are looking to get rid of? The tempest is to much prop for my boat.
  4. Our 6th stop and 1st night Tournament will be on Cherokee out of Church house/Quarryville ramp. Blast off will be at 7pm and weighing at 3. Look for Shannon in his white Tundra and Gray w/Orange stripe Skeeter. Sign up will be cut off at 6:45. Look forward to seeing everyone out there. 1. Mtcarmelvolbug 2. TNsmallmouth and HDhoppy 3. Hatfield75 and Buckeye83 4. Astro180 & JDV 5. Trackertxw175 & Spinflip 6. Triton196 & StratosRocket 7.
  5. I glad you caught a few. That place is a gem. It’s fun to fish for sure. I’ll go there and throw a frog all day knowing a might only get 5 bites but damn if they aren’t exciting bites.
  6. I want to bad but have to move my M-I-L and tomorrow is the only day to do it. Dam! It. I love Douglas this time of year.
  7. Won’t make this one either. Good luck fellas and be safe!!
  8. Marked Location https://maps.apple.com/?ll=35.957838,-83.534929&q=Marked Location&_ext=EiQp51uJcZr6QUAxCqe1RjziVMA551uJcZr6QUBBCqe1RjziVMA%3D&t=h this should get you there.
  9. Congratulations to the winners. Those were some impressive smallmouth.
  10. What’s it going to take fellas. Fish are moving up and I’ve seen several pictures of some giants being caught!! I’m guessing 19.04 with a 6lb lm.
  11. That’s a nice boat! Congratulations again!
  12. +1. It’s a lot better than it used to be. I haven’t heard a break in a couple years. The ramp is a big mess though. When we got got all that rain it flooded both ramps and it’s a muddy mess.
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